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4 Things You Need To Boost Your Student Numbers This Season

When we talk about enrolling more students into your dance studio, it may seem like the most overhwleming and unpredictable parts of running your business – bt did you know that there are just three core pieces to the puzzle that you need in order to nail in your studio growth strategy?

That’s right…just three core aspects!


This one seems obvious, but it’s also extremely vital to your studio’s growth and success…so don’t take this lightly! This is how you are going to get potential students and their parents to discover your studio AND how you will build your studio’s overall brand awareness (which we will dive into a little bit later, don’t worry!).

The ‘attract’ component is also the piece of the puzzle that is going to get your potential dancers to take action and join you at your studio instead of the studio down the road.

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Surely ‘Attract’ all you need, right?

Oh no…not by a long shot!


This is actually the easiest part – getting them sign on the dotted line and saying, “Yes, I want to come to your studio and enroll my child in your program!” If you have delivered a great attraction and engagement experience, then the enrollment will ultimately take care of itself.


Student Retention ultimately hinges on your customer service and the processes and systems that you have in place to take your potential customer from their first point of contact all the way through to being a lifetime student who refers their family and friends.

These three core elements are the first things that we need to look at for you to grow your studio – not only to the size and revenue you want, but also to scale it to a place where you don’t need to spend every moment working in your business.

With the right strategies and processes in place (check out New Student Blitz for your step-by-step plan) you will ultimately find that you will spend less and less time working on the things that cause you stress and more time enjoying your life outside the studio walls.

‘Nailed It’ or ‘Failed It’ – Your Marketing Plan

One huge glaring habit that dance studio owners often fall into is failing to plan their marketing effectively. Rarely do dance studio owners really spend time working on their marketing strategy and get a fail-proof student attraction marketing plan in place to get students through the door for their new season.

Typically, dance studio owners are reactive in marketing. “Oh no. We need more students. Let’s boost a post for $5 on Facebook.” Does this sound familiar?

But here is where the problem lies – that’s not a marketing plan. It may seem like it works because it is cheap, quick and easy and you can see how it is performing at the click of a button.

And yes, sometimes you get more students.

But this shallow marketing strategy is a short-term Band-Aid approach when compared with your ‘nailed it’ marketing plan below.
Setting Your Goal

The first thing to set in your marketing strategy is to focus on which classes you want to fill. If there are 3 classes you want to fill, then that means you’ll have 3, distinct marketing plans to set up.

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