5 Keys To Building An Irresistible Preschool Program

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In today’s episode, special guest Angela Mannella-Hoffman (CEO of Moore Than Dance, Minnesota USA) 
joins me for a not-to-be-missed interview where we dive into the 5 things that have helped to establish her studio as the ‘go-to’ venue for all under 6’s in her area.

In just 20 powerful minutes, Angela shares her magic preschool formula that every studio owner should hear, including:

  • Finding and hiring the perfect preschool dance faculty who will ensure every student is begging to come back to the studio week after week. “You need to have a preschool teacher who absolutely adores this age. You don’t ever want a preschool dance teacher who doesn’t love what they’re doing.

  • Creating an environment and atmosphere that will keep your dancers engaged from the moment they walk through your studio doors. “As teachers, we’re setting the stage as soon as the dancers are coming in, even before the class starts. We always start the very same in our classes, and we always end the very same so that even the youngest dancers know exactly what to expect.” 

  • Bringing new enrollments into your preschool classes all-year round – without spending a fortune in advertising. “You have to be intentional. You have to really plan out the journey of a preschooler and look at your studio through a preschooler’s eyes”

PLUS Angela shares the #1 strategy for studio growth that she thinks every dance studio owner needs to know – and it all begins with her preschool program! 

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