Are you obsessed with your business?

He slammed the door and the last words that escaped his mouth were “You’ll never be in love, you’re too obsessed with your business! That’s the person you’re in a relationship with”.

** Silence **

As I look back on this moment in my life a few years ago now, It could have been out of a movie. It was emotional, dramatic, some parts hurtful yet a lot of truth was spoken that afternoon.

In that moment I felt extremely lucky. Not because he walked out of my life but because yes… I was in love with my business. I got up each and every day and couldn’t wait to get to work (a few footsteps from my bedroom to the study).

Yes, I worked late into the night, yes I worked some weekends but 80% of the time I was loving each moment. My work along with my small group of friends is what kept me full, happy, inspired and excited to live another day.

I was reminded of this yesterday when I was speaking with a studio owner who said “My husband tells me daily that I’m married to my studio”. And I had a giggle as did she and I told her about the above story.

I’m not sure why we are ashamed of being obsessed with what we do and who we serve. Sure, if you’re sleeping 2 hours a night, have burned out because you have not systemised your studio and don’t have staff to support your dream business and going crazy … That’s another story.

But when you are growing a studio right, I say work as much as you like and be in love with your studio, the students, your teachers and staff and the parents (well… some of the parents).

Work life balance is a myth. It’s called LIFE and I encourage you to fill your life with what makes you happy! Running your studio, cooking dinner (certainly not what I would be doing), doing a dance class yourself, planning your recital/concert, Watching Netflix all day on a Sunday. Do it all!

I want 2017 to be the year you SHINE as a studio owner. The year you create a dance studio by design and a life by design.

How you can get on this Studio By Design journey…

Over the last two weeks I’ve done a number of short training videos around a number of topics I thought you might like to watch. None of them are very long yet over 1,200 studio owners have viewed them so wanted to share with you in case you missed them!

  1. Your FIRST steps for making 2017 your best year in business (plus some life lessons for all studio owners). Watch the video here.
  1. Lesson I learned creating and selling 3 businesses including my dance studio. Watch the video here. 
  2. The productivity habits that turned my life around and they helped me get 50% more done each day. Watch the video here.
  1. I answer 10 of the most burning questions on how to growth a dance studio from dance studio owners. Watch the video here.

Enjoy these videos and I hope you hear something that inspires or motivates you to make 2017 the best year of your life!

Clint Salter




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