Maximize your studio’s potential

The Clintensive is an exclusive, intimate group of our most bold, committed studio owners who want more direct, individualized 1:1 support from me throughout the 8 weeks of your Student Attraction Intensive journey.

When you join the Clintensive you'll get 8 additional small group coaching calls with me, plus two 1:1 calls with me AND our Make-it-happen Marketing Bundle.

That’s a $11,500 Value that you can get for just $2,000 right now.

We make sure every member inside the Clintensive feels extremely supported, so we’re keeping the group small. That’s why we’re taking no more than 30 Clintensive members this time around. If you want in, I highly suggest you sign up NOW, while there are still spots available!



340 new students in 3 months!

I was looking for a hardcore sprint, and that's exactly what I got. In 3 months, from March to May I introduced a new revenue stream that brought in $8,000 and gained 340 brand new students. 

There's nothing like sharing your accomplishments with Clint week to week.  He gives you the biggest smile, and in his amazing Aussie accent, congratulates you and truly shares in the joy of each win. He's exactly the kind of person you want to have in your corner.

Jodi Shilling, Artistic Director/Owner of Relevé Studios in California, USA



I have regained my enthusiasm from 40 years ago!!

Before joining the Clintensive, I had become complacent about everything in my business.  I would come in each day and just go through the motions of running my studio. With Clint's guidance, I have regained my enthusiasm from 40 years ago!! I've hired an office manager, who is fantastic and is implementing the 7-step enrollment process.  I'm having regular staff meetings which have gotten everyone on the same page. Clint’s guidance is helping me to create the most successful version of my studio possible. 

If you have any doubts about your studio or yourself as the CEO, whether you have been in business for 1 year or 40 years, join the Clintensive!

Ainsley Thompson, Co-owner of Dance Unlimited Inc in Kentucky, USA 


The Clintensive is well worth the investment. 

My biggest challenge was finding an office/front desk person and possible virtual assistant. Clint gave me tips on hiring, including his amazing Hiring Funnel as soon as I joined the Clintensive! 

The Clintensive is well worth the investment. The 1:1 time with Clint is amazing. Being able to brainstorm with him and the other members on the calls was so helpful!

Victoria Szeplaki, Artistic Director at River Ballet Company in New Jersey, USA


= a super profitable studio

When you join the Clintensive, you’ll get 8 additional group coaching calls with Clint and your fellow Clintensive members (remember, there won’t be more than 30 at a time). You’ll be able to present your ideas, get feedback and ask Clint questions about your business directly. 

You’ll also get our Annual Make-it-happen Marketing Bundle including a full year’s worth of content and concepts including Facebook Live ideas, Canva templates, story ideas and engagement posts (this bonus alone is worth $2,500).

You’ll also get Two 20-minute 1:1 calls with Clint to discuss… well, anything you want, really! We cannot understate the value of having Clint’s undivided attention on your progress and your studio. These calls can add literal 0’s to your bottom line.


what you get

  • 8 additional small group coaching calls with Clint ($8,000 Value)
  • Two 1:1 calls with Clint ($1,000 Value)
  • Annual  Make-it-happen Marketing Bundle ($2,500 Value)

$11,500 value

But like I said...

In order to keep this group tight-knit and make sure everyone gets the support they need, we're only taking a maximum of 30 students. So if you're interested I highly encourage you to sign up TODAY! (While there are still spots available.)


Jessica tripled her gross income since December 2020

Back in December 2020 in the aftermath of COVID-19, our studio was down to 28 students. I was struggling to pay our rent and teachers, let alone myself. Then I joined SAI and made the decision to upgrade to the Clintensive. 

The Clintensive paid for itself by week 3!  By the end of the 8 weeks, our studio had grown to 70 students. April marked the 4th month in a row that we have beat our own personal best and set NEW revenue records. I have been able to take a salary for the past 4 months as well. 

As of today (May 2021), we have 80 students enrolled in the current term with 40 brand new students signed up for our summer session. Our gross income has tripled since December. 

We are now in the process of purchasing a building with 2 dance studios instead of renting our current building. Our goal is to move in September!

I could not have done ANY of this without the personalized support, coaching and guidance I received in the Clintensive. I want to give a huge thanks to Clint, all the coaches, guest speakers and the DSOA team for helping me turn my studio and my life around.

Jessica Magnall 

Owner, McPherson Classical Coaching Academy

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