Create An Incredible Culture, An Unbeatable Curriculum, And A Studio That Stands Above The Rest! In The FREE Training You'll Discover...

  • How to unleash a wave of motivation in that courses through everyone at your studio 
  • The secret to creating a culture that turns your staff, students, and parents into raving fans
  • Why your curriculum is vital to attracting the right type of students and how to dial it in!
  • And MUCH more!
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Here's What We're Going To Cover During The Two-Week Free LIVE Training Starting Monday, November 11th:

Monday, November 11th: Igniting Motivation How to unleash a wave of motivation in that courses through everyone at your studio  

Tuesday, November 12th: Building A Cohesive Studio Communication is key across everyone involved in your studio! You’ll learn exactly how to create amazing chemistry in your studio.

Wednesday, November 13th: Creating Unbreakable Confidence The key to creating a studio that is a leader in your area, is for you to lead confidently! Learn exactly how to do it here.

Thursday, November 14th: Crafting Culture From Your Roots Creating a culture of family that makes your studio function as a single, loving unit that really comes from your own authentic roots.

Monday, November 18th, In-Demand Dance Studio LIVE Masterclass This will be a 60 minute training with Q&A where we really put together a game plan for creating a studio that stands alone above the rest!


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