How many potential new students did you miss out on this month?

You’re an Expert in Teaching Dance, Now Let's Make the Business Side of Your Studio Soar

Our DSOA Coaching Members are consistently get results like these

DSOA – Coaching Build V01-09

“I reached 307 students before classes even started this year. That's 80 more dancers than this time last year.”

Lindsey Hadley

Joy of Dance, NH

DSOA – Coaching Build V01-10

“We grew from 165 to 330 students in 2 years.”

Mary Beth Loewen

The Next Step Dance Kodiak, AK


“We increased our gross profit by $100,000 last year without increasing student numbers.”

Kath Newton

QLD, Australia

DSOA – Coaching Build V01-11

“I got my studio into the black and started paying myself for the first time in YEARS.”

Tanya Neary

Stars of Tomorrow, NY

Will you be next?



Running you?

If you’re in the latter category, don’t worry… You're not alone! Many dance studio owners struggle with the business side of running a successful studio. 

Which makes total sense, especially these days. There is no business degree specifically tailored towards dance studio owners…  But that’s where we come in!

Start Creating Consistent, Stable Revenue Whether Your Studio is Mostly In-person, Online or a Mix of Both

We offer several coaching programs packed with expert knowledge, personalized support and strategic planning for every stage of the Dance Studio Owner’s journey.  

These year-round coaching programs are designed to help studio owners take their studio to the next level, maximize their profitability and get continuous support from world-renown industry-specific coaches. 

We know that every studio is vastly different, with their own unique needs and concerns. That’s why we offer several different levels of support and financial investment options to make joining the tribe simple and affordable.



We’re very proud of the tight-knit community we’ve created in these programs. So we are definitely picky about who we let in. 

We are very protective of our members and their experience in these programs, so we never pressure anyone to join who isn’t ready.

  • You’re a growth-oriented studio owner who wants to generate an extra $15k-$40k per month from their studio. 
  • You’re ready and willing to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty working ON your business (not just IN it).   
  • You’re not afraid to raise your hand, offer meaningful contributions and cheer on other members in our tight-knit coaching community.
  • You are committed to learning, growing and continuing your own education by attending retreats and engaging in our member coaching experience. 
  • You are tired of scraping by month to month and want to create consistent, stable revenue in your in-person or virtual studio. 
  • You’re a studio owner who’s content and comfortable with your current student numbers and retention rates and has no intention of working to improve them.
  • You’re not ready or willing to devote a significant amount of time and effort to the program. That means doing your best to make it to our meetings, coaching calls and participating in the private community in a meaningful way.  
  • You’re a catty, non-collaborative or chronically shy type.
  • You are purely in it for the money and care more about your bottom line than the value you deliver to your students and community.

We work hard to make sure everyone who joins is a perfect fit

You’ll never be pressured to join if you’re not ready, so there’s nothing to lose!


Member Results

Studio success is STILL possible!

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Create Consistent, Stable Revenue with

Personalized Coaching & Support

From Business Experts who Specialize in Helping Dance Studios Succeed


“We’ve enrolled 500 kids, created new revenue streams and systems for organization and implementation.”

Kristen Stoller,

iheartcvda, OR

DSOA – Coaching Build V01-14

“I actually feel like I know what I'm doing now. I've grown into my role as CEO of my business and I'm really enjoying being an entrepreneur.”

Jodi Shilling

Relevé Studios, CA

DSOA – Coaching Build V01-12

“It makes me a better friend and a better mom because I know when to shut that off and focus on my friends and my children fully and completely.”

Shawna Kwan

Elan Dance Arts in London, Ontario, Canada


“I am now working 8 hours a day, Monday - Friday, no weekends. I'm able to spend evenings with my husband. I feel relaxed knowing that I have the freedom to do what I want.”

Michelle Fracchia West

Ignite Dance Works Inc., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

DSOA – Coaching Build V01-13

My studio is organized and running like a smooth ship that doesn't need me half the time so I've been able to delegate, step back and enjoy what I've created.”

Heather Buelow

Dancer's Edge Studio, Alberta, Canada

Want to generate an extra $15k-$40k per month from your studio?

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