9 Copy Hacks To Nail Your Student Attraction Campaign

I know so many dance studio owners who lack confidence in writing great copy, whether it’s for their website, their social media, their newsletters – even email replies can be head-scratchers for the perfectionists inside us all.

So, to get you out of your copywriting funk, I wanted to share with you a handful of tips that will really help you get ‘unstuck’ and ready to move forward with your marketing blitz.

1/ Lose The Vocabulary And Jargon – The rules here are pretty simple: vocabulary at the 7th – 8th grade level gets read more than a university level vocabulary. Also try to keep your sentences to around 16 words or less. Industry buzzwords are also boring and make little sense to your potential customers, so just write to them as though you’re having a chat at the cafe.

2/ Keep It Simple And Clear Try not to do too much. You might be solving a problem or educating.  You’re the expert, so give advice, make suggestions or answer questions, but don’t do all three.

3/ Build Relationships And Trust – Show your human side by telling your story or simply post photos of you and your team in your marketing materials to give it that personal feel.

4/ Entertain Sometimes people are just bored – give them some fun! They’ll come back for more and think of you when they are looking for a dance studio (either for themselves or for a family member or friend).

5/ Make All Copy Scannable – Let’s face it – your ideal customers are typically impatient and in a hurry. They want to scan content quickly, so make use of sub-headings, bullets and numbered lists. You may think lists are old news, but research (and experience!) says they are still a huge drawcard.

6/ Break Up The Words With Media
– Photos are interesting and fun and in our very visual industry you have a great tool at your disposal in using fun, happy, or striking images. This also opens the doors for outside-the-box opportunities to showcase your studio in a unique way – can you use cute animals, for example? Videos and infographics are also a great accompaniment to your copy.

7/ Tell The Reader What to Do – People are lazy and, believe it or not, they do want to be led – but gently. What do you want the reader to do? Sign up for your free class pass? Buy recital tickets? Put a call to action (CTA) button in an obvious place and tell them to click it – nicely of course!

8/ Be Careful With Your Forms – People are suspicious and savvy around marketing, so don’t ask for too much information. Forms should ask for the bare minimum of personal information – first name and email address. There is plenty of time for more information later in the inquiry and enrollment process.

9/ Get Readers Involved – You know those quizzes you like to take on Facebook? Your readers are just like you. Have surveys, polls, quizzes and contests that readers want to take and then share with their friends – this will spread your brand. There’s a lot of new apps to design interactive stuff, so make the most of them.

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