Buy Back Your Time – The 20 Hour Work Week Payoff For Studio Owners

Have you ever wondered how you can work less and make more money as a dance studio owner?

It’s the FINAL week of our ‘Work Less, Make More’ series with the incredible dance studio owner and Inner Circle member Annie Leese Thistle!

During this week’s podcast, Annie shares the impact that working less has had on her life at the studio and in her personal life.

In this heartfelt and value-packed episode, Annie shares:

  • Tips for building relationships with colleges and why this has been a game-changer for buying back her time.
  • Practical strategies for telling your unique story, and using it to attract the right people into your world who truly “get” it.
  • The importance of listening to the whispers in your life.
Annie believes wholeheartedly that you are worth the investment in yourself and your business. This episode is guaranteed to motivate you into finally prioritizing your own needs and goals.

“The sweet payoff comes with time, and in waves.”

Listen to this week’s episode of the Transform My Dance Studio podcast at

About “Work Less, Make More” with Annie Leese Thistle

In this six part podcast series, discover how a dance studio owner can work less & make more money! Introducing guest host: workaholic studio owner Annie Lesse Thistle.

Come along for the ride as Annie discovers her values and transforms her life. In doing so, you’ll see her achieve a balance of work, family, and self that she never thought possible.

Annie will be your guide to achieving more freedom and balance in your studio. Join Annie as she walks you through her six secrets to achieving the highly profitable 20 hour work week.

About Your Host: Annie Leese Thistle is an extraordinary studio owner and Inner Circle member who will be leading a six-part series on working less and making more as the leader of your dance studio.

Annie is the CEO and artistic director of Performing Arts Academy of Marin (PAM) in Mill Valley, California. She established Pam in 2009. Since then it has grown into a thriving community with state-of-the-art facilities and premier training in dance and the performing arts.

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