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What is Dancely?

The Dancely™ Licensed Studio provides exercise, education and entertainment through original music, dance and movement for children under the age of 6! 

It is a program committed to instilling the love of dance and movement at an early age with music that kids will love.


Why we created Dancely

We're a group of passionate dance industry professionals who are excited to partner with dance studios all over the world to share the JOY of dance to as many children as possible. 

We understand how important it is to have preschool dance programming that not only helps develop the motor skills of a young dancer, but also instills a love of movement that will keep them dancing for years to come. From fun, original music, to professional choreography, the Dancely program is sure to deliver!!

Our Trademark 3E Approach


Dancely is committed to creating dance programming that will keep your preschooler engaged and entertained for the length of their class, and even begging for more! With new songs and dances being released regularly, your dancer will never get bored as they progress through their dance education, feeling proud and successful through every step!


Many of our Dancely songs convey meaningful lessons about recycling, cleaning up after yourself, kindness, the days of the week, our solar system and so much more to help expand your child’s knowledge of the world around them! Your child will also be learning critical movement patterns with each Dancely dance, strengthening their motor skills and progression even before they get to preschool!


Instilling a love of movement and physical activity at an early age can combat obesity and other health risks later on in life. Dancing exercises not only the body, but also nurtures children’s creativity and imagination. Dancely provides children with an expressive art form that’s scientifically proven to improve socialization skills, posture, flexibility and relieve anxiety.

A Variety of Dance Styles for Boys & Girls Ages 3-6

All of the Dancely songs, lyrics, and choreography were arranged specifically for boys and girls in the 3-6 year old age group. Dancely will guide your child through a variety of different dance styles, including hip-hop, tap, ballet, and creative movement! 

The choreography is created with the motor skills and movement progression of each age in mind so that your child can develop these skills while also keeping fun, joy, imagination and play at the center of their experience.

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Licensed Studios

Dancely is working with some of the best dance professionals in the industry to guide your child through the program, and we are thrilled to be offering Dancely at your local dance studio!

Our licensees employ engaging instructors who have been trained in the Dancely methodology, and the choreography for each song is designed to be challenging - but not too difficult - for this age group. We are focused on getting your little one up and dancing, but MOST importantly it’s all about having FUN!

Part of Your Routine - Healthy Habits

Healthy, happy kids have healthy, happy habits. Makes sense, right?

Make Dancely a part of your child’s weekly routine by registering today! 

Predictability and consistency in routines create happy, well-adjusted kids, and active kids are less likely to act out. That’s why we truly believe Dancely to be a great activity every parent will love for raising happy, well-adjusted and active kids.

Build Critical Motor Skills BEFORE Preschool Even Starts!

Has your pediatrician ever asked about your child’s motor skills progression? (ie. Can he or she balance on one leg or jump from two feet and land on two feet?) There’s a good reason for that! 

Many toddlers miss critical movement patterns early on in their development that can affect them later on in life. 

These movement patterns are made by creating new neural pathways in the brain. This process is absolutely essential to optimal early childhood brain development. 

Inside Dancely We focus on age-appropriate exercises that strengthen gross motor skills, like marching, jumping and skipping. The choreography is designed to require focus and emphasizes sequencing, patterning and repetition. 

These are some of the BEST developmental ingredients to keep those neural pathways growing strong and healthy. 

Kids who start dancing at a young age learn to be in control of their own body, increasing their confidence, grace, spatial intelligence, mental acuity and coordination.

Joining a Dancely Licensed studio allows your little one the opportunity to get a “leg up” on their motor skills progression even before they reach preschool!


Keep Kids Engaged

As parents ourselves, we know that in order to compete with today’s toddler and preschooler entertainment, we had to create an engaging program, and partner with extraordinary dance studios. That’s exactly what we’ve accomplished with Dancely. 

Every song and choreography features fun, playful and colorful imagery that gets -- and keeps -- kids interested while also building on their social skills and engagement. 

In many cases, the lyrics of the song illustrate the dance moves, so you don't need to worry about your child finding their first class too difficult or overwhelming.

Our professional team has ensured that it’s super easy for your little one to follow along right from their very first Dancely class!

contact your local dance studio today for Dancely offerings!

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