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Plug & Play Preschool Dance Program for 3-6 year olds

* No upfront fees & you can cancel anytime.

Preschool programs are one of the strongest lifelines a dance studio can have

It's THE smartest investment you can make for the long term health of your dance studio. 

Why? Think about it… 

If you're able to KEEP even a small fraction of your preschool program students through graduation (let's say 50-75%) that's an INCREDIBLE lifetime value. 

However, there IS a reason more studios don't just start with preschool programs right out of the gate…


Starting a preschool program is no walk in the park

Especially if you want it to be profitable right away. How do we know? 

Dancely was created by Clint Salter and his team. If you don't know Clint, he's the founder of the Dance Studio Owners Association: a group of over 11,000 studio owners who are committed to growing their businesses and making a meaningful impact in their communities and in their students' lives. 

Clint has helped thousands of studio owners grow their preschool programs from a handful of students, to hundreds. 

Clint and the DSOA team understand the unique challenges presented by this age group, but MUCH more importantly -- we know the solutions.

Dancely was made by
dance studio owners...

for dance studio owners

We're a group of passionate dance industry professionals who want to share the JOY of running a Preschool Dance Program, without any of the hassle.

That's why we created Dancely! We envisioned a one-stop-shop where studio owners from around the world could get access to everything they need to run a successful preschool dance program -- with one click!  

We're proud to say that's exactly what we've created. 

Dancely comes with all the class lesson plans, choreography and AMAZING music you need to run a fun and profitable preschool dance program. 

It's ALSO got all the marketing tools and branding resources you need to attract, enroll and retain your new students.

Dancely is essentially a readymade preschool dance department

...wrapped up in a box.

There's nothing else like this in the industry right now, and you could be among the FIRST to offer this polished and professional preschool dance program in your area!  

Remember, you have to sign up by Friday if you want to be locked in at our Founder's Price AND get access to all of our Early Adopter bonuses.

* No upfront fees & you can cancel anytime.

Original Music

from the award winning songwriters at Disney, Netflix & Marvel


Here's what other studio owners had to say about Dancely!

* No upfront fees & you can cancel anytime.


monthly membership with

everything you need

to run a profitable preschool dance program

Your monthly membership includes: 

  • Lesson plans and blueprints for as many 20-45 minute classes as you can fill! 
  • Song choreography designed specifically for each age group 
  • Original music written by award-winning entertainment titans that kids love 
  • Live Member Shares once a month in our private Dancely Facebook community 
  • Full rights to use our Dancely branding
  • Quarterly new song releases (up to 15 new songs per drop!)

Join by THIS FRIDAY and you'll not only lock in our Founder's Price but you'll also receive the following early adopter bonuses:

  • Our complete Step-by-step Marketing Guide to promote your program 
  • Done-for-you Marketing Resources & templates 
  • Graphic Design Bundle including web page banners and logos 
  • Hiring Blueprint and Handbook to make recruiting and training teachers a breeze
  • Done-for-you classroom resources, like color sheets &  games


You can get access to everything listed above for


It's super simple. Dancely requires no upfront fee and you can cancel at any time.

We're kicking off on July 12th, so go ahead and sign up NOW if you want to be among the first to experience this NEW kind of Preschool Dance Program.



“We have had wonderful results in such a short time from this program. The children come in SO excited to do these dances. Our teachers equally love the Dancely program. It was so easy to implement even during recital time when things are busy.”

- Suzanne Baker, North Reading School of Ballet, Massachusetts, USA


“We promoted Dancely for a couple of weeks and we had 26 kids come yesterday! It was so fun and the kids had a great time. I’m excited about it which translates right back to the kids and the parents. If I’m excited, they’re excited.”

- Brandy Christianson, Starstruck Studios Dance & Tumbling, Utah, USA


“Dancely has been one of the best investments we’ve made in our studio. One of the things I love about Dancely as a studio owner is that many of the songs kind of tell you what to do. So I’ve been able to pop in a Dancely song, have my assistant in the room and then run and grab a sip of water or coffee! The assistants know what to do with the song, even without any real training, because the songs tell the story and the dance steps to do.”  

- Angela Hoffman, Owner of Moore Than Dance Studio in Minnesota, USA


“The kids look forward to it! We mostly cater to older dancers and the thought of putting together a FULL curriculum for the little guys just seemed really daunting. So when I heard about Dancely I had to jump on it. The results have been amazing! We put this together during recital season. My teachers thought I was crazy to implement a new program when we’re so busy but now we all love Dancely.  The choreography is really simple and easy to follow.” 

- Joanne Senior, En Face Studios, Colorado, USA


“Dancely is doing all of the work FOR ME. All of my teachers have loved learning these dances, printing out the lyric sheets and teaching the FUN! The kids have been asking for certain songs week after week and parents are loving it. At this time of year, with a recital coming up, Dancely has allowed my instructors to continue teaching our youngsters and getting them excited about dance week after week, withOUT having to create their own lesson plans.” 

- Mary Giattino, Owner, Stage Door School of Dance, New York, USA

* No upfront fees & you can cancel anytime.

Here's everything you get if you join

by Friday

Music that ignites

It can be challenging to find songs that are fun and engaging, but also appropriate for this age group.

You don't have to worry about any of that when you join Dancely. We've commissioned original music from the award winning songwriters at Disney, Netflix and Marvel -- Powerhouses among preschoolers in their own right! 😉

We've included songs for all styles that kids love dancing to and parents love listening to. 

We really splurged here partly because fun and fresh songs are the cornerstone of any good dance program, but also because… well, we can! 

We paid the big bucks to bring in the big guns. All you have to do is sit back and reap the rewards! 

Plus, you'll get a fresh batch of up to 15 brand new songs every 3 months.

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Curriculum that shines

We're proud of the flexible curriculum we've created. In fact, there are several ways you can incorporate Dancely into your studio. You can offer these classes exclusively or mix Dancely songs into your existing preschool framework to spice things up! 

You also have the choice of letting your teachers learn the choreography and teach it themselves, or you can simply play the instructional video and have an assistant monitor the children. 

The Dancely songs and accompanying video instructions are SO easy to follow that many teachers are able to pop on the video, sit back and monitor from a distance.  

Whichever option you choose, Dancely is super easy to teach, train others to use and great for make-up classes. 

Teachers that care

When your curriculum is the star of the show (which it will be if you join Dancely), you don't have to worry about teachers coming and going. We're not too worried about that either though.

Everyone loves working with the little bitties! SO teachers won’t be hard to recruit for Dancely. 

Finding the RIGHT teachers, however, may prove difficult. Our bonuses provide everything you need to attract top teachers, hire and train them to teach the Dancely curriculum. 

Your Dancely teachers will also be invited to join our private Dancely Facebook community which will keep them engaged and excited. Engaged teachers lead to high retention rates so it's really a win-win for everyone. 

Branding that wows

One of the great things about this age group is that someone new wants to try dance every day! As soon as they start to look, you'll be ready and waiting with our highly recognized global branding.

Plus, with our bonus Graphic Design Bundle in your backpocket you'll have all the logos, headers and design elements you need to look like a million bucks online. 

As long as you're a Dancely member, you'll also be listed on our website and app!

Marketing that works

You'll have access to all of our bonus marketing materials, resources and templates. We provide everything you need to get preschoolers through the door. 

But getting them through the door isn't quite good enough for us. We'll also provide strategies to keep your students progressing inside your studio.

Imagine enrolling these little ones at age 3 and watching them graduate at age 18!  

That is the real magic of preschool programs for the dance industry. Our bonus Lifetime Value Calculator will help you quantify that and set high but attainable goals for your studio long term.

Revenue that's relentless

We'll show you how to leverage add ons like props, uniforms and costumes to enhance your preschoolers' experience and introduce additional revenue streams into your studio.  

Dialing in these additional revenue streams allows you to increase the Lifetime Value of your preschool program dramatically.


Founder's Price:


What's Included:

  • Lesson plans, song choreography and original music by entertainment titans 
  • Done-for-you classroom resources, like color sheets, games and certificates
  • New songs released every 3 months (up to 15 new songs per drop!) 
  • Live Member shares in our private Dancely Facebook community 
  • Full rights to use our Dancely branding

Sign up by Friday to get these Early Adopter bonuses: 

  • Our Step-by-step Marketing Guide 
  • Done-for-you Marketing & Classroom Resources 
  • Hiring Blueprint & Teacher Handbook
  • Graphic Design Bundle

Lock in our Founder's Price & Early Adopter bonuses when you sign up by Friday at midnight.

Our guarantee

No long term commitment. Cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Dancely is a pay-as-you-go monthly subscription service. There are no upfront or hidden fees. If you decide you no longer want to offer the program in your studio, simply let us know and we'll cancel your membership then and there, no questions asked. 

Here's what other studio owners had to say about Dancely!

Kayleigh Crocetto, Dance Central

Connecticut, USA

Carolyn Wells, Dance by Design Studios

Texas, USA

Amanda Hunsley, Prestige Dance Academy

Alberta, Canada

Lynn Hadden-Quinn, LHQ Dance Force

Massachusetts, USA

Haley Priest, Dance Unlimited

Mudgee, Australia

Stacey Richins, Children’s Ballet Theater

Utah, USA

* No upfront fees & you can cancel anytime.

The Dancely program officially kicks off on July 12th

That's why this incredible opportunity has a curtain call. 

If you join Dancely by Friday at midnight, you'll not only lock in the Founder's Price, but you'll also get access to our exclusive Early Adopter Bonuses:

  • Our Step-by-step Marketing Guide 
  • Done-for-you Marketing Resources 
  • Hiring Blueprint & Teacher Handbook
  • Graphic Design Bundle 
Questions about Dancely?

Of course, if you have any questions, email and we'll get right back to you. 

I sincerely hope you'll join us in Dancely. We can't wait to help you create a playful and profitable preschool program in your studio!


last chance to join!

If you want to be among the FIRST to bring this polished and professional new revenue stream into your studio, you need to sign up before the timer at the bottom of this page runs out.


After that, we can't guarantee you'll have access to the Founder's Price OR our incredible Early Adopter Bonuses!

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Plug & Play Preschool Dance Program for 3-6 year olds

* No upfront fees & you can cancel anytime

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