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free student attraction workshop for dance studio owners | powered by dsoa


Double your student base in 6 days

July 15th-19th and 22nd | 12 pm ET

When you join us we'll gift you done-for-you tactics for 50 students in 5 minutes!

Dance studio owners...

You’ve dedicated your life to dance.

You see the opportunity to create a meaningful space for dancers to grow into their full potential.

You KNOW what quality training looks like, and you’re proud to provide it.

You dream of turning your studio into a major community dance hub.

So why does hitting your enrollment goals feel like you’re fighting a losing battle?

The good news?

It’s not personal, and there’s nothing wrong with you or your studio! So if you’ve been sitting with shame or self-blame, wondering why “nothing seems to be working…”

You can leave all of that behind now. (Isn’t that a relief?)

The better news?

You’re closer than you think to blowing the roof off your enrollment goals! All you need to do is shift your mindset, tweak your systems, and fully commit to your vision.

Yes, even though it feels like the industry as a whole is struggling lately and it’s “harder than it used to be.”

The best news?

Over the course of just 6 days, you can learn how to pack your classes, fill up your waitlist, and raise your revenue!

You just need some gentle guidance, a clear set of actionable steps, and some caring support from a community that gets you!


Introducing: enrollment explosion

The most successful dance studios don’t leave their enrollment up to chance.

You have more control than you think over whether you thrive… or barely survive.

Unfortunately, it usually takes studio owners YEARS of trial and error to figure out which strategies work best on their own.

(Which is one reason why so many studios are downsizing or closing these days.)

So we condensed years of expertise, research, and hands-on experience into a 6-day training that’s unlike any other resource in the dance industry right now.

Join Enrollment Explosion to:

  • Stop chasing new students one by one and start attracting dozens of them at a time
  • Stabilize your income and end the cycle of “feast and famine”
  • Keep students in YOUR studio instead of losing them to your competition
  • Stop feeling invisible on social media
  • Start getting the traction you deserve

...and more.


Who is Enrollment Explosion for?

Enrollment Explosion is only for studio owners who are ready to take action.

It is a CHALLENGE, not a passive learning opportunity.

Instead of just focusing on theory, you’ll implement each step immediately so you can start seeing results FAST.

So if you’re not in the right space to dive in, do the work, and confront what’s holding you back from the success you deserve…

You might want to sit this one out. (No judgment! The timing won’t be right for everyone).

But if you’re DYING for change and you’re ready to see the kind of growth you’ve been longing for…

Click below to save your spot right now.

Meet your enrollment explosion leader


Olivia Mode-Cater

Hi! I’m Olivia Mode-Cater, Director of the Dance Studio Owners Association, and I leverage a lifetime of firsthand experience in the dance world to help you hit your most ambitious enrollment goals.

You don’t need to pile on more hours, run your budget dry, or get a business degree to grow your dance studio– you just need a guide who understands the industry.

I’m here to help you identify the root cause of your enrollment issues and build better systems so you can stop worrying about how you’re going to survive each season and start thriving instead.

My work has been showcased in Dance Teacher Magazine, Dance Business Weekly, Dance Studio Life Magazine, the Business of Dance Podcast, and the Transform My Dance Studio Podcast.

I’ve helped thousands of dance entrepreneurs achieve their full potential, and now it’s your turn.

Join me for Enrollment Explosion to attack what’s holding you back and break through to the next level.


Price: $0

No need to pull out your credit card this time – Enrollment Explosion is FREE OF CHARGE.

Olivia has NEVER taught this material outside of The Inner Circle, our exclusive membership program, so be sure not to miss out on learning it for free while you can!

Mark Your Calendar:

Enrollment Explosion will run from July 15th – July 19th for an hour and a half each day.

We will close out with Dance Studio Detox, a two-hour masterclass on July 22nd.

In the same amount of time it takes to watch an episode and a half of your favorite show, you could be solving your enrollment issues for good and setting your studio up for years of future success.


- Sneak Peek -


Day 1: Monday
Charting your Course

Is your vision for the future crystal-clear? Or are your goals looking blurry and out-of-focus?

You can’t level up when you’re not sure where you’re going. On Day 1, you’ll learn how to accurately assess where you are. Then, you’ll create a roadmap full of fun and easy strategies to move your studio forward.


Day 2: Tuesday
Enrollment Autopilot

Struggling with enrollment is nothing to be ashamed of– but it’s a problem you can confront with the right tools.

Day 2 is dedicated to teaching you all the skills you need to master in order to stand out from local competition, consistently reach new students with effective marketing, and start thriving instead of barely surviving.


Day 3: Wednesday
Student Attraction Engine

Is your marketing accidentally pushing potential students away instead of drawing them in?

Many studios struggle with low social media engagement and find it difficult to get prospective students from “interested” to “enrolled.” On Day 3, you’ll learn how to create an effective funnel specifically designed to invite new students through your door– no pitching, hustling, or begging required.


Day 4: Thursday
Revenue Rocket

If you’re working your derriére off but your finances still feel unstable, don’t worry– you can create more revenue for your studio without adding on more hours.

By the end of Day 4, you’ll know exactly how to create multiple, low-touch revenue streams for your studio. (You’ll even be able to take a vacation without losing money). Plus, you’ll learn how to turn discounts into upsells and start paying yourself the salary you deserve.


Day 5: Friday
Locked-In Loyalty

Losing dance families to your competition can hurt… but it’s not personal. You can fix a lower-than-ideal retention rate with a few simple strategic shifts.

On Day 5, you’ll learn how to secure loyalty and prevent drop-outs. With the right plan in place, you can make re-enrollment a no-brainer and build rock-solid relationships with students that will stay strong for years.


Day 6: Monday
Dance Studio Detox

CEO's guide to overcoming discounts, drama and doubt!

You, your staff, your students, and their families all want the same thing: healthy, happy, thriving dancers who consistently kill it on stage.

But sometimes things can get tense in the studio, which makes it harder for EVERYONE to get what they want.

For the first time in an open DSOA training, Olivia is getting raw and real about why drama happens, how to stop it, and how to keep your studio running smoothly when chaos arises.

Plus, each day of Enrollment Explosion will include an exclusive tool for how to gain 50 Students In 5 Minutes– but in order to receive it, you HAVE to show up live.

Still thinking it over?

Here's what clients from past DSOA programs have to say:

Desirae Sees Major Growth:

“I’ve got leads pouring in right now (over 75 in 2 weeks). Even at 50% trials and 50% enrolled, that is major growth for my small studio. I’m seeing our studio’s impact growing and our ability to reach more dancers taking off.”

Desirae Graham

Lacey solved her enrollment issues with better systems:

“I have gained so much– before I had NO systems or processes, my ads were everywhere, lowest enrollment in my 11 years owning a studio… ALL OF IT. I now have an enrollment process, THANK GOODNESS! I was finally able to hire a front desk person, and without that training I think that would have been a NIGHTMARE. THANK YOU! My FB ads are much more effective, and my mindset is so much more business-oriented. I truly cannot thank you enough, and I am hard at work putting everything else I have learned into play!!! So excited for the future!”

Lacey Smith

Aimee Is "Blown Away":

“I’ve been watching replays and I am blown away. I thought we were doing ‘good’ but I’m realizing we have so many small mistakes that are adding up. THANK YOU for this seminar! I’m on fire to take this back to the owner and get a game plan in place for growth, profitability, and freedom! Also, thank you to all of the studio owners that have been vulnerable in asking questions!!”


Lindsey Got Leads in 2 Hours:

“Have to shout-out to this training! I spent time this week creating a landing page specific to generating leads and created an ad based on the verbiage from [the training]. Launched it today – about 2 hours ago – and 3 leads in my inbox already!!”

Lindsey Ansola-Crowley

Are you ready to build the stable, loyal, and growing student base of your dreams?

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