Featuring Inner Circle Facebook Ads Coach Tracy Morgan

Facebook Ads For Student Attraction Training Series

In the training series, you'll learn:

  • How to leverage Facebook and Instagram to get new students coming through your doors...without spending a lot of $$$!
  • How to create an online engagement funnel that gets new dance families excited about your studio!
  • The secrets to creating an offer that stands out amongst the studios in your area.
  • How to target your perfect customers online.
  • And much more!
Get The Entire Training Series For Just $499!

Are You Ready To Finally Master Facebook Ads, Resulting In A LOT More New Students Coming To Your Studio?

If you're anything like most studio owners, when it comes to Facbook Ads, you might feel:

  • Overwhelmed not knowing where to start
  • Like there's entirely too much to learn
  • That Facebook Ads "don't work for me or my studio"
  • You've tried it before and ended up spending a lot of money with barely any results
  • You don't need online marketing and can grow your studio the "old fashioned" way  

Here's the truth. If you want to grow your studio to 6 and 7 figures, online marketing is NOT just an option...

To Grow Your Studio To 6 And 7 Figures, Facebook Ads Is A Requirement!

Fortunately, we've got you covered!

In this video training series, Inner Circle Facebook Ads Coach Tracy Morgan is breaking down EVERY single aspect to creating WINNING Facebook Ad campaigns, and taking you by the hand to show you exactly how to set up and implement your online marketing campaigns to get a LOT more new students coming through you doors.

Why Facebook Ads?

Well for starters, because of the sheer amount of users on the platform. There are so many users on Facebook that, for most dance studios, you barely need to look for any other traffic sources because the ability to find your ideal customers using Facebook is amazing. Just imagine: 1.71 billion users online monthly and we’ll be able to select the ones that are perfect for your studio.  

It is also worth noting that Facebook’s advertising platform is very robust, so it is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the different things you can do - and that is what we are here to combat. When it comes to FB ads, it’s not about all the things you can do. It’s about knowing what your best option is and particularly what you DON’T need to worry about.

In this training series, Tracy will show you how to set things up smoothly and everything you’ll need to knock it out of the park with Facebook ads. We’ll also give you some tips on how you can manage your Facebook ads in less than an hour a week.

Here's What You Get!

  • In-depth trainings with Inner Circle Facebook Ads Coach Tracy Morgan! She'll walk you through every aspect of creating WINNING Facebook Ad campaigns from the VERY beginning (you don't need to have any prior experience with paid ads) and give you expert hacks that most online advertisers don't even know about!
  • Complete Paid Advertising Workbook
  • End-To-End Ad Set Up Checklist
  • Recordings for all trainings that you can access for life!

And don't forget, you'll get access to all training recordings for life! So if you can't make one or more of the trainings, no sweat!