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6 systems to fill your classes, increase profits and make 2023 your best year ever!

Don't miss this FREE 6-Day training exclusively for Dance Studio Owners!

This EXCLUSIVE STUDIO OWNER TRAINING Will give you the tools to...

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Increase enrollments, decrease drop-outs and CREATE RAVING FANS who refer your studio

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Get in the green, give yourself a raise and CHARGE WHAT YOUR CLASSES ARE WORTH  

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Feel COMPLETELY IN CONTROL of your studio’s future and finances – instead of them controlling you.

the FASTTRACK to full classes gives you:

  • The Proven Profit System that’s going to increase the paycheck of your most valuable employee: YOU! 
  • Your Best Year Roadmap to turn all of your 2023 studio dreams into a reality 
  • Our plug-and-play Student Retention Method to improve your students’ in-studio experience & boost re-enrollments  
  • A Studio Marketing Playbook & Q&A session with Clint to skyrocket the results of all your marketing efforts 
  • Our 4-Pillar Winning Content Formula to fill your pipeline with potential new customers 
  • The Perfect Enrollment Process used by the world’s highest-performing dance studios to continuously attract new students year-round  

What it doesn't include:

None of the strategies you'll learn with the FastTrack to Full Classes will require you to...

  • Hire more people or fire your existing team  
  • Spend MORE time running your studio (In fact, it’s the opposite!)  
  • Compromise your personal goals or existing in-studio experience  
  • Second guess yourself or constantly reinvent the wheel 
  • Pay a dime to start seeing results  
Speaking of Results...

What kind of results might you expect after this six-day expert training?


“I got a little over excited and send out the first email 4 hours ago instead of waiting for tomorrow, and I already have 11 NEW kids signed up to come check it out! I'm seriously SHOCKED!


10 New Students for My Fall Season!

“I began my Fall Season last week and had 7 new 3 year olds come for my Intro Program on Thursday. I have 3 more coming in next week as well! I took Clint's advice about following up with students (I can't remember which day… there was too much great advice!). 

Here is what I just got in return: “(Dancer) really enjoyed herself and I loved everything about it. We will definitely be there on Thursday and will enroll her for the year.” Thank you!”

Kellye P.
North Carolina USA

6 Enrollments, 12 In Person Trials, 3 Online Trials, 5 Referrals… The Results Keep Coming!

“My takeaway from today's session was to create a customer journey where they have nothing to say but 'yes this is the place for us' and something I saw someone posted 'the fortune is in the follow up!’ Follow up I did and the results were 6 confirmed new enrollments, 12 would still like to come in for trial and 3 booked an online trial session instead. What's more amazing is that we even had 5 referrals from parents who have not even started class with us and inquiries are still coming in. Never lose hope… where there is a will, there is a way! Thank you Clint Salter for being such a generous and inspiring leader; and for showing us that there is a way ❤ — feeling hopeful.”

Dina N.


“After doing Clint's 90-day planning session...

I had 29 new students enroll (my awesome goal). I've increased my retention rate to 83% (my good goal). I also created a handbook for my class assistants with our values, vision, their responsibilities and perks. But, most importantly - I feel like I'm in charge and in control of my studio having my quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals set out in advance. Thank you team DSOA. I look forward to the next quarter already!”

Olya P.
 united kindgom

13 registrations in 24 hours!

“Sent 1 internal marketing email to lead file. Send 1 email to Spring term/Showcase parents congratulating parents on students on a great showcase. Stated to them our vision and how the love that they showing their students was reflected back on them and that the celebration of our joy resounded in our theatre... Stated that they are powerful and together we are a loving community and that that can help inspire powerful human beings and transform the world through dance which is part of our mission.
I made sure to let them know 'I hope they'll take action and share what we are building in our community out into their communities of friends and neighbors.' Guess it worked.




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Fasttrack to full classes is at 12 pm ET jan. 23-30


If you are… 

  • Ready to fill up your classes the quick and easy way... 
  • Willing to roll up your sleeves and try new things to attract the right students into your studio and keep them for years to come… 
  • Committed to delivering value that sets your studio apart from the competition -- whether you’re one of two studios in your town or there seems to be one on every block...

Then FastTrack to full classes is the best thing you can do for the long-term success of your studio

The strategies we're sharing during this FREE 6-day training are the culmination of a decade’s worth of studio-specific attraction, enrollment, retention lessons gained through trial, error, blood, sweat, tears and triumph.  

We’re pulling back the curtain on some of the best-kept secrets of elite studio ownership that are proven to boost your bottom line and grow your studio. 

The content you’ll have access to typically sells for more than $3,000 and takes up to 10 weeks or more to learn.  

But with the talk of a recession on the horizon and inflation through the roof, we know there’s no time to waste.  

We’ve condensed everything so you can implement these techniques in just 6 days.  

We’ve done the hard part for you.

All you have to do is register

Here is how it works:

  • Everyday January 23rd - 27th, you’ll join DSOA Studio Growth Expert Clint Salter LIVE on Zoom starting at 12pm ET for a 60-minute training packed with the strategies, tools, and proven resources you need to boost your bottom line and eliminate overwhelm.
  • Immediately following the daily training there will be a 30-minute fast action Q&A session so you can ask questions and workshop your plan in real time.
  • You'll be invited to join the private Facebook Group where you'll find the recordings and additional tools and resources to fast track your results. Plus you’ll have to opportunity to get feedback from fellow growth-oriented studio owners, and work with dedicated studio captains who have successfully implemented these trainings and systems in their own studios!



Every great show needs a knock-your-socks-off finale, right?

Well the FastTrack to Full Classes is no exception!  

On Monday, January 30th you’re invited to an exclusive 2-hour masterclass finale with Clint Salter at 12 pm ET to establish your recession-resilient marketing strategy for a stand-out, profitable studio! 


So if you’re ready to focus on your studio growth and actually start generating the results you want…  

If you want repeatable processes that don’t require you to spend more hours in the studio... 

Then this training was made for you.

your fasttrack to Full Classes schedule

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Day 1: Your Best year roadmap

January 23 at 12pm ET

Ensure that 2023 is your best year in business without compromising your personal goals, burning out, or feeling like your whole plan will fall apart because of unexpected circumstances!

In this training, you will... 

  • See how successful studio owners create annual goals that plan for pivots, rather than being debilitated by them 
  • Reverse-engineer your goals to create bite-sized, actionable steps that you can tick off each quarter, minimize overwhelm and make your December 2023 picture a reality 
  • Prioritize the critical studio systems you need to implement to streamline student attraction, enrollment, and retention goals 
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Day 2: Perfect Enrollment Process

January 24 at 12pm ET

Get more out of the time and money you put into attracting new students and ensure your staff knows who should be doing what without increasing your own workload! 

In this training, you will... 

  • Discover the 6 key steps in your New Student Funnel to prevent potential students from falling through the cracks once and for all 
  • Unpack our proven Lead Generation Flow that will consistently bring more students into your studio, 365 days of the year (but see why this is especially important in January!) 
  • Learn the project planning must-haves that the world’s highest-performing dance studios are using in 2023 to grow and scale their business while minimizing stress 
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Day 3: The Winning Content Formula

January 25 at 12pm ET

Finally, feel confident in content marketing without the guesswork and without breaking the bank! 

In this training, you will... 

  • Uncover the 4 pillars of your studio’s organic growth strategy that will increase your reach and engagement with potential new customers 
  • Demystify paid advertising strategy and start seeing a return on your investment 
  • Learn the Facebook Ad fundamentals that the world’s leading dance studios are currently using to increase leads and enrollments 
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Day 4: Proven Profit System

January 26 at 12pm ET

Gain control of your finances without compromising your customer experience or cutting back on staff! 

In this training, you will... 

  • Uncover the most common pricing mistakes that could be hurting your profits and discover pricing that works for your studio 
  • Understand the top 6 profit drivers and develop a roadmap to get your studio in the green 
  • Learn how you can increase the size of the paycheck going to your most important team member: YOU! 
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Day 5: Student Retention Method

January 27 at 12pm ET

Retain more students without hiring additional team members or spending more hours in the studio!

In this training, you will... 

  • Map out the Onboarding Blueprint for your new students’ first 7 days 
  • Leverage the Commitment Campaign to create raving fans who refer your studio to anyone who will listen 
  • Get plug-and-play retention tools to boost your re-enrollment numbers & in-studio customer experience 
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day 6: Studio Marketing Playbook

January 30 at 12pm ET

In this 2-hour finale, you'll see how winning at marketing is possible without working overtime, nights, and weekends or spending a fortune on professional marketing help! 

In this masterclass, you will discover... 

  • The Full-Class Formula to achieve maximum impact from your marketing and fast-track your growth 
  • The Look At Me Method to make your studio locally famous, get more recommendations and attract the right dancers 
  • The Futureproof Studio Roadmap that will set you up for success for years to come, regardless of economic curveballs 
  • The expert Copywriting Crash Course that promises to make your studio stand out from the pack 
  • The Student Attraction Secrets that our top-performing studios in the DSOA Inner Circle are implementing right now to achieve unprecedented results 

PLUS You’ll Get Dedicated Q&A Time immediately following each training!

So you’re not just learning. You’re overcoming your real studio obstacles with industry masterminds

But only if you register now

meet the masterminds


The DSOA's Inner Circle is proud to unite the highest caliber of dance-studio-specific expert training, personalized support, and strategic coaching in the world. Our world-class coaching team — featuring Clint Salter, Shannon Westveer, Hillary Parnell, Cara Poppitt and Jodi Shilling — works closely with members to define strategic visions and crystal-clear roadmaps tailored to their studio goals and measurements of success.

The FastTrack to Full Classes training series will be hosted by Studio Growth Coach Clint Salter. Clint has been with the Inner Circle coaching team for more than eight years. He is an award-winning entrepreneur and business development strategist on a mission to revolutionize the dance industry!


What Clint is sharing in this 6-Day exclusive training will pull back the curtain on some of the most critical elements taught inside the Inner Circle that are proven to boost your bottom line and grow your studio

And all you have to do is register for your seat and show up, ready to put in the work. 

Together, we can help you not only start this season strong… but set the stage for your studio's success for years to come.

You didn’t open your studio to hide behind a desk all day... and night... and on weekends.

Let's get your studio profitable and recession-resilient so you can go on enjoying your life outside the studio.

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If You’re Ready to STOP Wondering Where Your Next Students Will Come From…

Then it’s time to join the FREE Fasttrack to full classes event. 6 days, 6 systems to fill your classes, increase profits and make 2023 your best year ever!


Bring in the right students and parents into your studio with authentic messaging and irresistable offerings…


Convert those new student & parent leads into happily enrolled & engaged customers for life… 


Keep your new students for the long-haul and re-enroll anyone on-the-fence from previous seasons.

Don't miss this 6-day free training exclusively for Dance Studio Owners!

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