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Why THIS group?


I help Dance Studio Owners like you every day and I can honestly say that I don’t believe there is any other group out there that can help you the way our Association can through our tribe of like-minded Studio Owners plus the resources, online masterclasses, live events and of course my support and guidance (see below for all the resources you’ll have access to when you join).


Our Association is a community. It’s a community of Dance Studio Owners who have seen what I’ve not only produced with my own studio but my Studio Owner clients and members over 7 years. They’ve seen the results and they want to be a part of the action!


We’re also a tribe of people who like to have fun. We’re a very interactive and supportive bunch that will celebrate your wins and help you push through the challenges that arise from taking your studio to new levels.

How Dance Studio Owner Association Works

How Dance Studio Owner Association Works

Our Association is a monthly membership program. Each and every month you’ll receive:

  • 24/7 access to me and the 300+ Association members from across the globe. Whatever problem you’re up against, someone in the Association has been there.
  • Answers within 24 hours to your specific question. No more digging through useless articles online. No more endless worrying or stewing in overwhelm. No more trial and error. Get the answer you need. Solve your problem. Move forward (How freeing is that?)
  • Expert business masterclasses with our hand-picked business experts to accelerate the growth of your studio. These are experts from every facet of business: marketing, finance, growth, and dance and they’ll give you industry-specific actionable strategies you can use immediately to grow. Go from dance teacher to CEO with the tools you need to run your studio.
  • Plus, don’t worry if you can’t make the online events as they are all recorded and added to our exclusive online member’s only library so you can watch them at any time.
  • Live Q&A call with me. This is where the rubber meets the road and we can really dig into those burning questions that need a more in-depth response. We’ll go into detail about the strategies and tactics needed to get to the heart of the problem. You’ll leave the call with a step-by-step action plan.
  • Access to exclusive Member Makeovers — a 20-minute power coaching call where I answer members toughest challenges. Past calls have been on topics such as: how to hire and keep staff, how to find a new venue (shopping for the best deals, negotiating a lease, evaluating space), how to increase numbers in a new season, or how to determine if a new class idea is viable.
  • 50% discounts to our live events around the world. You’ll be the first notified when I put on a live event. These sold-out events completely transform studios during in-person workshops, seminars, and speaking events.
  • Discounts to the products and services offered by our association partners. My goal is to give you enough discounts on what you’re already buying to cover the cost of the program. We’re talking about retailers, competition fees, conventions, programs, software, and more.


Dana, Ignite Dance Studios Inc, Canada

I love the group because I feel like I have a team now. It’s great to have a group of people that understand the challenges Dance Studio Owners face in a unique business environment. I also have so many ideas of what I want to do to build my studio – and the group is helping me map that out, along with a wealth of other information.”


Your Business Boost Bonuses

When you join the Association today, you’ll also receive access to past month’s Q&A coaching calls PLUS you’ll gain instant access to business mastery video trainings including:

  • Creating a Facebook advertising campaign to increase new student leads.
  • How to recruit a Virtual Assistant for your dance studio.
  • Goal Setting – My process for achieving your goals in life and business.
  • 90 day marketing plan – the step by step systems to market your studio over 90 days to not only enroll new students but retain existing ones.
  • How to plan, promote and profit from summer camps and workshops at your studio.


When you commit to making a shift in your business today and join the Association you’ll receive the video recordings from my live event Dance Studio Make Over LIVE.

This revolutionary event is worth the cost of the program alone. The 6+ hours of content include:

  • The 10 minute process for creating efficient and effective administration systems in your studio so it can run without you.
  • What technology you you need to be using in your studio to get more done in less time (there’s only 3 things you need).
  • The 3 biggest mistakes studio owners are making when it comes to hiring staff and teachers and how it’s sending studios downhill.
  • The 4 key roles you need to recruit for in your studio if you want to create a business that doesn’t need you 24/7.
  • Why students leave and the one thing you can do tomorrow to decrease drop outs by up to 50%
  • How to enroll a student in 7 days – from enquiry to signing the enrollment form. (We’ll give you the roadmap!)
  • Effective ways to use Facebook and Instagram advertising to target your ideal students and parents and, more importantly, get them to make contact with you!
  • How to increase your productivity and become more effective and efficient on a daily basis. It’s time for you to get your life back!
  • Why studio owners burn out and the fail-proof plan to avoid this in your business.
I sell this recording for $197 alone and this will be yours free today when you join us in the association.


It’s so simple! You can sign up as an Association member today by clicking the button below. Straight away you will receive access to the past member Q&A calls, business mastery video trainings plus for today only the video recordings from my live event Dance Studio Make Over LIVE.

Remember – this is all about your decision to TAKE ACTION! Get the guidance you need from myself, our experts and our studio owner community.


Betsy, Agoura Hills Dance and Performing Arts Center, USA

The community is supportive, non competitive and full of ideas. The members are others who truly understand the challenges we deal with every day.

$5 for 5 Weeks

$97 per month
Then just $47 per month




What our other members are saying…

“It’s like a roadmap to peace of mind. When I’m not sure what step to take next, all I need to do is ask a question in the forum and the correct path is laid out in front of me. It is the difference between a good night’s sleep and a life of endless worry that my studio will fail.”
Natalie, BDC Dance Studios, Australia

“I am so enjoying learning more about how to improve my dance studio in a community of others that have the same aspirations.”
Holly, The Dance Connection, United States of America

“It gives you the tools, guidance and support to better your dance studio, and has reignited my passion for owning a dance studio. It actually has me excited about the business side of being a studio owner!”
Allyson, DanceVibe, United States of America

“Ideas, ideas, ideas! It’s great to virtually brainstorm with other people facing the same challenges.”
Elly, Ballet North West Academy, United States of America

“I love the help I am getting to become organised and the contact with other studio owners that you can ask questions of. I love the fact the Clint is always prompting me to stay on top of my game, with all his straightforward advice.”
Michelle, M.A.A.D.A.Z Dance Studio, Australia

“Great information that is so relevant to running a successful dance studio!”
Wanda, Epic Dance Complex, Canada

“It’s great to have advice from people actually doing it, not just general business advice, but strategies specific to dance studios.”
Amanda, Arts in Motion, United States of America

“Truly tailored, specific advice and support. Nota general business community that needs to be adapted to Dance – the one stop shop for sustainability and success.”
Lisa, Ardlair School of Dancing, Australia

$5 for 5 Weeks

$97 per month
Then just $47 per month




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