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Encouraging Kids to
Get Up & Move

  • Immediate access to 100+ instructor led videos for children aged 2-6
  • Built-in exercise that reduces tantrums, deepens sleep & improves mood
  • Age-appropriate original music from the songwriters at Marvel, Netflix & Disney 
  • Screen time you don't have to feel guilty about
  • New, fresh songs released weekly in our safe & secure app

Available on multiple devices

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Pure Joy on Demand

Having the Dancely app on your phone means you have a dance party on-demand, in your pocket, ready to play anytime, anywhere for less than you'd pay for any streaming service.

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Age-appropriate and Educational Lyrics

Our Dancely songs were written by award winning songwriters and feature meaningful lessons about recycling, kindness, our solar system and so much more.

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Dancing is an expressive art form that's proven to reduce tantrums, increase motor skills, deepen sleep and improve mood.

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Safe, Secure &

Know exactly what your child is watching and rest assured they are in good hands with our professional instructors.

Guilt-free Screen Time

Pop on a Dancely song to start your day, wind down after school, take a much needed break or get out the wiggles on a rainy day.

* 14-day free trial then $7.99/month

Our 3E Approach


#1: Entertain

Dancely features over 100 pieces of original music in an engaging visual format that parents and kids love.

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#2: Educate

Many of our Dancely songs convey meaningful lessons about recycling, cleaning up after yourself, kindness, the days of the week, our solar system and so much more!

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#3: Exercise

Every Dancely song encourages your little one to get up and move! Our upbeat male and female instructors get kids excited to participate with their prompts and gestures.

Guilt-free Screen Time with a

Dancely is the perfect guilt-free activity to pop on when you need a free hand -- or a break. 

Maybe your crew is extra rambunctious when the older kids get home from school…

Maybe there's a certain time of day where your little one starts unexplainably bouncing off the walls…

No matter the case -- or the amount of chaos -- you can throw on one of our Dancely songs to dance, sing and shake out that extra energy!

Original Music

from the award winning songwriters at Disney, Netflix & Marvel


Ready to sign up?


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  • Tantrum-reducing & mood-improving exercise 
  • Safe, secure & ad-free app you can access anytime, anywhere
  • Guilt-free screen time when you need a break 
  • Strengthen motor skills, increase confidence & get out the wiggles 
  • Hours of original, educational songs kids & parents love

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Available on multiple devices

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* 14-day free trial then $6.99/month

Frequently Asked Questions

We're a group of passionate dance industry professionals who want to share the JOY of dance with as many kids as possible.

Dancely is the brainchild of Clint Salter, the founder of the Dance Studio Owners Association (DSOA). The DSOA is the world's leading organization for dance studio owners who are committed to making a meaningful impact in their communities and in their students' lives.

Clint has helped over 35,000 dance studio owners create and grow their wildly successful preschool programs that reach up to 800,000 children each and every week.

In fact, over 450 dance studios across the globe have already implemented the Dancely program into their studios. That means roughly 15,000 kids all over the world already know and love our Dancely songs.

The DSOA team has seen and experienced first hand the positive impacts dance can have on a child's life, especially when it's introduced at a young age. Our mission is to make sure children everywhere have access to this incredible form of art and exercise.

These songs are NOT like the infamous kids' songs that many parents dread listening to on loop. Our Dancely songs are more like what you would hear on the radio.

Kids light up when they hear their favorite Dancely song and request certain songs by name. Parents love them too!

In addition to being easy on the ears, we also offer a TON of Dancely content for you to rotate through. With over 100 pieces in our library and new songs added each week, you'll never run out of new and fresh Dancely songs to enjoy.

Inside the Dancely app, you have the ability to create your own library of songs. This makes it easy to navigate to your little one's favorite songs, without having to step in and "skip" any they don't know.

Every song and accompanying instructional video features fun, playful and colorful imagery that gets -- and keeps -- kids interested. 

Our upbeat instructors encourage boys and girls to participate with their prompts and gestures. In many cases, the lyrics of the song illustrate the dance moves, so it's super easy for your little one to follow along on their own. 

The choreography is challenging enough to keep kids' attention and strengthen their motor skills, while also keeping fun, joy, imagination and play at the center of each number. New dances are released every Saturday so you'll never run out of new Dancely songs to enjoy or circle back to! 

It's a completely immersive online experience that you can pop on and feel good about because every song encourages your little one to stand up, move and dance.  


Unlike ungated platforms where your child could come across unwanted or inappropriate content, Dancely is a controlled and safe environment that only exists inside our secure app. When you sign up for Dancely you know exactly what your child is watching and can rest assured they are being guided and encouraged by our vetted instructors. 

You can also create your own library of your preschooler's favorite songs to enjoy online or offline. With Dancely, you can finally get stuff done without interruptions or worrying about what your child is up to. 

Yes! Dancely is totally ad-free. That means you'll never have to stop what you're doing to skip or fast forward through an ad for your little one. There are also NO in-app purchases, so no surprise $900 purchases on your credit card from an ad-happy toddler. 

Nope! All you need is a device with an internet connection. That's it! There is 0 extra equipment required, no uniforms, no special shoes, nada. If your little one wakes up one day and decides they never want to dance again (which we both know is unlikely), you can cancel your Dancely subscription at any time, without losing any kind of initial investment or "buy in." 

Absolutely! All of our songs, lyrics and choreography were arranged with boys and girls in that 3-6 year old age group in mind. Our male and female instructors will guide your child through a variety of different dance styles, including hip-hop, tap and ballet! 

The choreography is challenging enough to keep kids' attention and strengthen their motor skills, while also keeping fun, joy, imagination and play at the center of each number. New dances are released every Saturday so you'll never run out of new Dancely songs to enjoy or circle back to! 

We've hired some of the most talented professionals in the industry to guide your child through each and every Dancely number. We've made sure to include male and female instructors of many different backgrounds, so that every Dancely child feels included and represented. 

The choreography for each song has been designed to be challenging, but not difficult for this age group. Our instructors are focused on getting your little one up and active, but MOST importantly it's all about having FUN! 

Active kids get better sleep, have better mental health, improved emotional regulation AND have more confidence than non-active children.

Predictability and consistency in routines create happy, well-adjusted kids. Make Dancely a staple of your little one's routine with our pre-themed daily activity songs, or create your own schedule! You could play the Wake Up Song and let your little one shake off their sleepiness while you make coffee or pack lunches. 

Another option is to play the Bathtime Song or Goodnight Giggles to signal it's time to wind down and start your bedtime routine.   

Inside Dancely, you'll also find songs specifically written to celebrate other members of the family, like Birthday Bash, My Dad is Rad, My Mom's the Bomb and many more. 

Active kids are less likely
to act out

Dancely is a fun and engaging way for the whole family to bond and get physical exercise at the same time. It's a guilt-free activity every parent needs in their toolbox for raising happy, well-adjusted and active kids. 

Dancely is a life saver during any circumstance that keeps your family away from activities like going to the park, pool or play dates. 

Just 5-10 minutes of a Dancely song is the perfect way to redirect your child's energy into a focused and productive outlet -- so you can be focused and productive in turn!

Kid-safe & Ad-free
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New Songs Released Weekly
Create Your Own Favorites Library
Accessible on Multiple Devices
Enjoy Online or Offline
100+ Dance Parties On-demand

Have questions about Dancely?

Of course, if you have any questions, email and we'll get right back to you.

We sincerely hope you'll join Dancely so we can provide your little one with exercise, education and entertainment through fun, original music and the art of dance.