Increase Engagement & Retention With These Repeatable Strategies!

All too often in our journeys as Dance Studio Owners, the people we are spending the most time talking with, planning for, and reacting to are our Teachers and our Parents.

This week, guest hosts Heather and Patti have rolled in early with their coffees in hand, pumped up and energized to be chatting about some of their favourite people of all…their students! In this episode, our caffeinated CEOs discuss:

👉 Strategies for increasing engagement and retention in your preschool classes
👉 The importance of an entertainment / education balance for your younger dancers
👉 The importance of routine and consistency in the classroom at all ages
👉 The impact of creating a relationship with your students PLUS you’ll discover what Heather and Patti consider to be the MOST important classes in your studio.

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Heather and Patti will be sharing a deep insight into the important people in and around your business, and sharing the innovative strategies that they have implemented over the years to be among our industry’s most inspiring leaders.

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