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Grow Your Studio.
Reclaim Your Life.

Take your dance studio to the next level with the collective knowledge of industry and business professionals, our signature studio growth curriculum and resources, and support from a highly successful studio owner community.

Running A Dance Studio Can Be A Lonely Business

Do you ever wish you had someone to talk to?

Someone who doesn’t just nod and smile, but who truly understands what you’re going through as a Dance Studio Owner?

Someone you can actually get together with in real life — to hold each other accountable, brainstorm, or tackle stumbling blocks?

There are hundreds of committed, intelligent, and FUN Studio Owners just like you facing (and conquering) the same obstacles, climbing the same mountains, and eager for support and cooperation.

Which is why today you’re invited to apply for the Dance Studio Owners Inner Circle. It’s a proven and accelerated way to take your studio to the next level through our carefully created member experience, systems and processes, expert access and learning from the collective genius of your fellow Dance Studio Owners.


Hi, I’m Clint!

My name is Clint Salter and I’m the industry’s leading expert in dance studio growth (their words, not mine). I’m probably not too different from you. I started my dance studio because I was a passionate dance teacher and I loved children (still do). But…I had no idea, really, how to run a business.

I was wearing so many hats and most days I would just hope that everything would work out. Do you ever feel like that? I never had a plan or strategy in place on how I would grow the business those first few years.  It wasn’t until I met my first business mentor that things started to change.

Over those next 12 months working with my mentor who successfully ran and sold a dance studio I was able to grow the business. Using what worked for her, my business partner and I were able to move into our own premise, operate 6 days per week with a teaching faculty and office staff and I was having two days off. From 30 students in a community hall to a thriving studio with hundreds of students, classes at capacity and multiple revenue streams in the business.

I ended up selling my half of the studio after 5 years and for the last seven years I’ve been working with dance studio owners just like you to help them grow their business without the growth consuming their life!

Today my team and I impact the lives of over 29,000+ dance studio owners globally each week through our programs, podcasts, newsletters, trainings, live events and resources and we’d love to be able to help you go to the next level in your business to transform your studio!

Here's the problem: So many dance studio owners would love customized coaching (without the $20k price tag) coupled with a more intense, more intimate, more individualized masterminding than what our association membership currently provides.

The “Inner Circle” was built by first modeling the best mastermind programs in the world, even masterminds in other industries, and injecting the unique needs of the dance industry – an industry unlike any other!

The process has taken years and continues to evolve. We wanted this program to be like nothing else available to dance studio owners on the planet. I thought about MY dream group – what I wished I had while I was building my dance business. I know that there’s nothing out there that compares – because I searched for it for years.

This program won’t just change your business –

it will change your life!

For us, our Inner Circle members are really like family. We treat their business like it’s quite literally our own, and making their studios as successful as possible while giving LIFE back to our Inner Circle members becomes our obsession.


A Taste Of Your Inner Circle Experience… Imagine This

Armed with a notebook full of questions, you descend into one of the most exciting places in the world — New York, Las Vegas or Miami — you’re nervous but ready to take your studio (and your life) to a whole new level.

You jump in an Uber or Lyft and head to the heart of the city where you check into our amazing retreat hotel. As you arrive, you’re personally greeted by me — yes the actual guy from the videos. You can already feel that big things are coming.

You settle into your room and meet our team of coaches and the rest of the group in the lobby for a cocktail before we get to work. These are motivated, excited studio owners from around the globe. As the conversations flow, you are already getting new ideas and perspective on your studio — and the “real” event hasn’t even started yet!

Over dinner and drinks we get to know each other better. Stories are shared and the tone is set for the next 3 intense days and the entire 12 months to come.


This is the very beginning

And there’s no better way to start than with great food and great company.

Every single member of this group is personally invited to join. These are the hungriest, most prepared, and most highly effective studio owners in the world. They are ready and excited to work to grow their business beyond what they dreamed possible even a few short months ago!

But it doesn’t stop there…


Imagine having systems in place in your studio that literally take care of 75% of the “busy work” that you find yourself stuck in everyday.


Instead of being buried in work and worrying about the business, you have time to do what you love…to dance, to bring joy to your studio families, and to thrive in your new role as CEO!  Of course, you have time to enjoy yourself outside of the studio, too!

Your studio is growing. Your profits have never been better, and all the while you’re actually spending less time worrying about your business.

But during the times you experience difficulties, you have a community that knows EXACTLY how you feel.  You will have a seasoned coaching team who can not only get you out of any sticky situation with your studio but make sure that it never happens again!

What’s Included In Your Inner Circle?

This is how our Inner Circle members are generating big results year on year...


Your "Welcome To The Family" Call

Your Inner Circle journey starts with a Welcome Call with our Member Success Director to give you a virtual tour of your Inner Circle Membership. We will share how you can make the most of your time with us inside the Inner Circle along with answering any questions you might have. During this call we will book in your 1-on-1 Game Plan call where together we will map out your first 90 day plan.

A Personalized 1-on-1 Game Plan Session

The goal of your personalized game plan session with your mentor will be to map out your first 90 days with us. Our number one goal in your first 12 weeks is to have you achieving 3 big wins in your business. Working out the 3 wins you want for your studio will be the focus for this call.

Wins from our current members in their first 90 days of joining the Inner Circle have included:

  • Enrolling 100+ new students
  • Hiring and training a new office manager
  • Reducing teaching hours by 40-60%
  • Increasing their take home wage
  • Spending 1-2 additional nights at home with their family
  • Re-launching their preschool dance department with a stand out brand
  • Putting in place a sustainable financial model that increases the profit margin by 5-10%
  • Finding 5 additional hours a week by implementing our planning systems
  • Boosting student retention by 5-15% month over month

From this session, you will walk away with a plan that you focus on over the next 90 days along with the resources from the Inner Circle studio growth curriculum that will help you achieve these goals.


On-Demand Studio Growth Curriculum

Think of our Studio Growth Curriculum as a university for Dance Studio Owners. Inside the Inner Circle we have nine core subjects that we have completely mapped out for you. Each of our subjects are taught through videos and templates. Our members call them “plug and play” systems because all the work is done for you.

Access the curriculum anytime through our Inner Circle membership portal. The curriculum is also available to your team members so they can assist and work alongside you during your Inner Circle journey. Our members greatly appreciate being able to involve their team! Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

Our core subjects include:

  • The Customer Journey
  • The Enrollment Process
  • Your Student Attraction Marketing Plan
  • Copywriting Crash Course
  • Content Calendar
  • Paid Advertising
  • Building A Knockout Brand
  • Outside The Box Marketing
  • 12 Month Marketing Calendar
  • Keeping Students All Year Round
  • The Customer Experience
  • Numbers 101
  • Financial Model
  • Class Capacity
  • Pricing Structure
  • Budgeting
  • Revenue Streams
  • Systems Playbook
  • Handbooks
  • Project Planning
  • Goal Setting/Vision Casting
  • Productivity
  • Org Chart & Team Growth Planning
  • Team Meetings
  • KPIS
  • Performance Reviews
  • Hiring Funnel
  • Team Onboarding
  • Position Descriptions
  • Communication
  • Wages & Pay
  • Team Retreats & Training
  • Personality Tests
  • Seven Figure Studio Mindset

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Our group calls are where the rubber meets the road.

And If you’re stuck during implementation … we are there for you. Our ‘Hot Seat’ sessions are where we tackle immediate issues like:

  • Your new student enrollment campaign bombs
  • You lose your best teacher
  • You have a parent causing havoc in the studio

We also celebrate your wins and highlight your successes to inspire and empower the group.


At Least once a week, we host group coaching calls exclusively for Inner Circle members to deliver exclusive training sessions and help you with whatever questions or issues you might need help with that week.

You not only get access to our coaching staff on these calls, you also get to connect with other Inner Circle members who may have faced your exact challenge and have come out the other side a winner.

And, one of the most important aspects of the call is… ACCOUNTABILITY.

The group (including our coaches) will keep you on track to make sure you hit your targets.

Think of it like a “booster shot” for your quarterly plans. We are there to support you!

All calls will be recorded and placed in our Inner Circle member website so no need to worry if you miss one.

Our current coaches include:


Tracy Morgan

Facebook Ads Coach


Kim McSwain

Classroom & Teacher Coach


Kristy Ellis

Studio Growth Coach


Justin Krane

Finance Coach

expert-Kody Thompson

Kody Thompson

Technology and Website Coach


Life Changing Retreats

As an Inner Circle Member, you get the rare opportunity to attend mastermind events we host throughout the year in the USA & Australia.

Four times each year, we host exclusive mastermind retreats (two are live retreats in the USA and two are virtual retreats held online) because nothing beats a live event for jumpstarting your growth and making connections. These events are designed to accelerate growth, and we’ve created them to be genuinely life-changing.

The structure combines expert presentations on specific topics, live member “hot seats” where you’ll receive detailed feedback on your business, plus guest speakers that you won’t get access to anywhere else.

The reason why our members will be so open, honest and giving is these retreats are not shared anywhere. The magic we create in the room is just for us! In fact, each Inner Circle member will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. This is a safe space for you to get your biggest challenges, issues and opportunities out on the table.

We put together the industry’s BEST coaches who will share the secret sauce that we really don’t share anywhere else. It’s “next level” information that you won’t find in any other program videos, podcasts, webinars or community.

Ask Clint Anything Calls

A few times per month you’ll have direct access to ask Clint anything you like during his Ask Clint Anything sessions. Nothing is off limits and Clint won’t leave the call until he has you unstuck, through your challenge, or equipped with the resources you need to tackle your next big goal.



Jim Rohn said in his famous quote: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  Well look out, because you’re about to become a world class CEO. Within your first six weeks you will be placed into one of our squads (between 8-10 studio owners). Our Squad program gives you the ability to tap into a group of 8-10 fellow Inner Circle members who can offer you direction based on their experiences. Your Squad is designed to meet your unique needs and help you reach new levels of success both personally and professionally. Held monthly online, Squad sessions allow you to dig deep and get the answers you need in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Our ‘All You Need’ Directory

Our community of members inside the Inner Circle is one that shares openly with each other. As part of the Inner Circle you will get access to our All You Need Directory. This includes a directory of our members including their superpowers, a list of over 100 suppliers our members use for everything from merchandise, costumes, flooring, and uniforms, plus you’ll get access to a list of amazing business brains that can help you execute including Facebook ads agencies, graphic designers, website developers and more. You’ll never need to Google again with this game changing directory of proven suppliers. No need to guess anymore!


Round The Clock Support

Inside the Inner Circle you’re always supported and have access to answers quickly when challenges arise. Our team will ensure that you stay on the right track and are knocking your goals out of the park.

To do that, you need checkpoints. You need to be accountable.  You need answers when times get tough. That’s why you’ll have access to an Inner Circle members-only private online group where you will receive round the clock support and feedback from our Studio Growth Coaching Team and the Inner Circle family.

The information that will be shared in this group won’t be available anywhere else. It’s nothing like the DSOA Facebook Group. It’s really next level thinking and strategies.

All Access Pass To Everything DSOA

Our entire membership site is completely unlocked for the Inner Circle family, which means all members receive unfettered access to:

  • The Dance Studio Owners Association
  • Dance Studio Owners Handbooks
  • Dance Teachers Unite (30+ Expert Masterclasses)
  • Dance Studio Ignite and Makeover Live Event Footage
  • All Q&A and Coaching Call Recordings
  • Free access to entire Dance Studio Domination event recordings

Monthly Pro Classes With World Class Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Each month our Inner Circle members are invited to an exclusive Pro Class with icons of business and dance.

And when I say icons, I truly mean the best of the best.

Our live streamed interactive Pro Classes are where you are going to get insights and personal strategies from our hand-picked team of experts from around the world who can share their systems, their expertise and their feedback on a specific element of your business.

Whether the topic is finance, public relations, project management, social media, marketing, our exclusive Inner Circle Pro Classes will expand your business knowledge and confidence to new levels you never thought possible with guests including:


Mike Michalowicz

Profit First


Mandy Moore

Programs & Curriculum


Chris Smith



Matthew Kimberley

Sales & Conversion


Karen Sergeant

Project Management


Peter Moriarty



The Digital Picnic



Lise’ Kuecker

Scaling Your Studio


Sabina Hitchen

Public Relations

Priority Customer Support

Our Inner Circle members are our priority and to ensure we reply to any questions or enquiries, we have a dedicated email address for you. You won’t have to wait at the end of an email queue. Your emails go to the top of our list and will be answered quickly by our Member Success Team.


SOS Calls

While there is an abundance of support to help you achieve your results, there may be times when you need to have a one-on-one conversation with one of our mentors.

As an Inner Circle member you have four 15-minute SOS calls available to use during the year. Our members rarely need to use them due to the daily support we give our members, but they are always there if you need them.

90 Day Planning Sessions

People often ask us how our Inner Circle members are achieving big results through our mentoring. Part of that secret sauce is our 90 day planning sessions.

Each quarter we work through our signature 90 day plan with our members. These happen live and each member is required to send in their plans so the mentoring team can track your progress during the following months. These sessions throughout the year are powerful and give you the clarity, direction and focus you need to achieve your business growth goals.



This Isn’t For Everyone

The Inner Circle is only for the most dedicated, passionate, hard working and coachable Dance Studio Owners from around the globe. You need to be ready to get uncomfortable, take action, and be a top contributor to the group.

In order to qualify for our Inner Circle you need to be making at least six-figures in your dance studio (gross revenue). We may make exceptions for 1 or 2 extremely motivated Studio Owners, but this is very rare.

The Inner Circle mastermind group is for Studio Owners who have a growth mindset. You MUST be willing to learn, take action, implement and follow instructions as well as be what I like to call a super-contributor which means helping out other members. We have seen firsthand, those who give will receive back ten fold.

In your initial application call, we will be interviewing you and you will be interviewing us. You will decide if this is the right place for you, just as we will be deciding if you are a good fit for the group.


Of course...


You already recognize that a mastermind this comprehensive isn’t going to fit into everyone’s budget. Consider this…becoming a Dance Studio Owner Inner Circle Member provides you with:

  • In-Person Mastermind Retreats
  • Your Game Plan Strategy Session
  • Access To Our Dream Team Of Coaches And Experts
  • Studio Growth Curriculum
  • Weekly Group Mastermind Calls
  • Squads
  • Private Members-only Daily Group Discussions
  • All-Access Pass To Our Programs And Resources
  • Done For You Systems
  • Monthly Pro Classes

To be honest, if price is your first question — there’s a good chance the Inner Circle is not the best fit for you. Once your application is accepted, we’ll discuss the investment with you on our ‘right fit’ call.

That’s why this is an application only we can protect our culture inside of the Inner Circle and ensure that we are only working with passionate, driven and like minded studio owners.

So, if you’re interested in joining our Inner Circle family, then please apply today.

Here’s how to



Fill out your initial application.


From here, you will be able to book in a time to speak with us on the phone about your application. It’s important that we talk personally so we can see if the Inner Circle is the right fit.


My suggestion is to apply now to avoid missing out on the opportunity to join this world class mastermind group for Dance Studio Owners.

If your application is accepted, then we will have the opportunity to discuss all your questions in a personal setting. We will happily advise you on whether this program will be right for you. This isn’t a sales call as our goal is to only have those studio owners we know will be able to soar with our support join us in the Inner Circle.

Because space is extremely limited, we urge you to submit your application TODAY!

We are looking forward to receiving your application and, if successful, starting to work with you closely to build your dream studio!

To your success,



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