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Experts are predicting a recession on the horizon.

Parents may have to choose only 1 activity to continue for their kids.

Make sure Dancing at your studio is that activity

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Experts are predicting a recession on the horizon.

Parents may have to choose only 1 activity to continue for their kids.

Make sure Dancing at your studio is that activity

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*This virtual event is 100% free to attend

4 recession-resilient marketing strategies for a stand out, profitable studio

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It’s happening July 25th, 2022 at 9am PT / 12pm ET.

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2-hour live marketing training hosted by Clint Salter & the DSOA

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100% Virtual & FREE to attend. Watch from the comfort of your home or studio. 

*This virtual event is 100% free to attend



In just 2 hours you’ll learn how to:

  • Fulfill your true potential with actionable trainings from the industry’s top Studio Growth Expert
  • Reconnect with your passion for running your studio & reclaim your free time
  • Identify & leverage your secret weapon to crush the competition 
  • Carve out a pathway to financial freedom, no matter what the future brings
  • Increase your retention rates, create raving fans & referrals galore

What you’ll get:

  • Four LIVE masterclasses from world-renowned Studio Growth Expert, Clint Salter ($1,250 value, absolutely FREE)
  • Bonus Cheat Sheet to make implementing these strategies quick & easy
  • Proven marketing tools & resources tailored to studio owners (no technology experience needed)
  • A chance to win our up-to-date Facebook (Meta) Ads training course ($499 Value)
  • Our exclusive crystal-clear One Page Business Plan

There will not be a recording, so be sure to join LIVE!

What you'll learn

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Studio Impact Matrix

Connect what lights you up to what draws parents and students through your doors. You’ll discover the 9 pillars to understanding who you are and what makes you truly stand out from the competition.

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Thrive Model

Take your studio from surviving to thriving! Follow our 8 easy steps to operate at your highest capacity, fulfill your true potential and enjoy ultimate studio owner satisfaction.

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Follower to fanatic blueprint

Learn the process to not only retain new students, but turn them into raving fans who refer your studio to anyone who will listen!

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Future proof roadmap

Chart the path to your ideal outcome, no matter what the future brings. You’ll also get the opportunity to assess and address the cost of inaction.

These Methods Have Helped Over 35,000 Dance Studio Owners All Over the World.

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Will you be next?

No credit card required.

Meet your host

Clint Salter is an award-winning entrepreneur, business development strategist, and the Founder and CEO of the Dance Studio Owners Association: the largest community of Dance Studio Owners in the world.

Clint has helped dance studio owners grow their businesses, impact their local communities and improve the lives of over 800,000 children through the programs and services he has created in the DSOA.

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Ready to Build Proven Marketing Systems that Allow You to Pay Yourself Well & Enjoy Life?

*This virtual event is 100% free to attend

Why are you giving this away for free?

That’s a great question because if you were to attend one of our in-person events of this caliber, it's about $1,250 per person (or an annual investment to join our Inner Circle and attend 4 exclusive events).

It’s no secret that the past 2 years have brought never-before-seen challenges to our industry and some things have flat out changed forever. Experts are predicting even more economic uncertainty on the horizon, so now is NOT the time for studio owners to slow down or rest on their laurels.

Here at the DSOA our mission is to inspire you to be the BEST studio owner you can be and provide the tools and resources you need to be successful, even in the face of a recession.

The best way to get ahead and ensure long-term studio success:

Hit your enrollment & retention numbers out of the park

this season

Sometimes it’s tempting to think, “I’m barely keeping my head above water as is. Let me just keep everything as is this season, then I’ll be able to make big changes next year.”

But that is extremely dangerous thinking, especially in light of everything that’s happened the past 2 years and the predicted economic outlook for the future.

NOW is the time to take action.

Not next month… Not next quarter… And definitely not next year.

That’s why we wanted to make this event virtual and free so that it’s SUPER easy for anyone to attend. This is how you hedge your bets and set yourself up for long-term studio success, no matter what the future brings.

You don’t have to choose between business success and personal fulfillment.


The strategies you’re going to learn are a proven path to a profitable studio that pays you well AND allows you to enjoy a thriving personal life with tons of free time.

There really is no catch. Join for free (before it’s too late!)

*This virtual event is 100% free to attend

Last Chance to Register

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Recession-resilient marketing strategies allowing you to pay yourself well & spend more time with your loved ones

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