My Famous Enrollment Process Is Yours

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How can a Studio Owner stay on top of their new student inquiries, improve their follow up, and enroll MORE new students?


Studio Owners might feel like they’re getting messages EVERYWHERE from potential new students asking about their classes on…

 Instagram DMs
 Facebook Messages
 Phone Calls

And whenever a new inquiry comes in, maybe they scribble a reminder on a Post-It Note to reply later…

… but then forget to respond when life gets busy.

… Or wait TOO long to follow up because they never got a chance.


But over the last several years I’ve developed and refined an enrollment process.

And it’s helped HUNDREDS of Studio Owners consistently follow up with new student inquiries and turn them into enrollments!

This process helps Studio Owners respond FASTER to new student inquiries.

And most importantly, it helps Studio Owners show they CARE about the people interested in their classes.

(It’s MUCH easier to get someone excited to enroll at your studio when you’re quick to respond.. And show you care!)

I call it the “11-Step Enrollment Process”, and you can instantly access a FREE copy of the checklist here:

This video training walks you through how to take an inquiry from ANY channel (your website, social media, email, etc). And get them excited to enroll in your studio!


It shows you how to follow up with new enrollments in a way that makes them grateful to be a part of your studio family. (Using our “secret sauce” mix of emails, text messages, and phone calls)

If you’ve ever forgotten about an email or message from a potential student inquiring about your classes…
And if you want to fill up your classes with MORE students excited to enroll at your studio…

… Get your copy of the checklist today!

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Start filling your summercamp classes now!

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Build a team that’s comfortable sharing feedback, motivated to continually improve & 100% aligned with your studio’s values & mission

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maximize the lifetime value & enjoyment of every student in your studio