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Clint Salter has cracked the code on how to get more in-studio and virtual students in 2021


For Dance Studio Owners

The quickest & least expensive way to get a TON of new students whether your dance studio is open or closed

It’s all happening 

January 11th - 15th, 2020

New trainings hosted by Clint at 12 pm EST / 9 am PST


Accountability & followup on your goals in our private Bootcamp community


FREE 5-day LIVE virtual training program + access to recordings for registrants

Get-it-done Sessions hosted by Clint at  4pm EST / 1 pm PST

Win prizes that boost your results, just for participating!

* It’s 100% free


Limited operating hours, looming lockdowns & marketing

virtual classes

These are all challenges Dance Studio Owners have never faced before. But there IS good news! 

Here at DSOA we’ve spent the better part of this year preparing for this EXACT scenario.  

We’ve cracked the code on how to increase the number of students in your dance studio, whether they are in-person, online, or a combination of both. 

That’s why I’m hosting a FREE 5-day virtual training bootcamp designed to do one thing & one thing only: help YOU quickly & inexpensively enroll a TON of new in-studio & virtual students.

Join the


* It’s totally free

5-Days of FREE Student Attraction Trainings + Get-it-done Sessions & Awesome Prizes to Boost Your Results

Every morning at 12 pm EST / 9 am PST from January 11th - 15th, I’m going to go LIVE in our private New Student Bootcamp Facebook Community with an easy-to-follow, proven and powerful training designed to get you more students, ASAP! We’ll go through the training for that day, the homework from the day before and you’ll get the chance to win awesome prizes live on the line! 

After you’ve had time to digest our bite-sized training, you’ll be invited to join our Get-it-done Sessions at 4pm EST / 1 pm PST. This is your time to ask me questions about the daily training, get help with your homework and stay accountable and on track with your student attraction goals!

In just 5 days...

you’ll build the structures and systems you need to...


The right students and parents into your dance studio with authentic messaging and irresistible in-studio & virtual offerings.


Create an enrollment experience that inspires your dancers to stay for the long haul, leading to more reliable long term revenue.


Keep those new students for the long-haul and re-enroll any of your on-the-fence existing students for the season.

* It’s totally free


By the end of the 5-day New Student Bootcamp

you’ll have...
  • A proven, rinse and repeat marketing plan that works all year round to attract, enroll and retain more in-studio and virtual students. 
  • A crystal clear strategic vision for the future of your dance studio, despite all the uncertainty in the world. 
  • Several chances to win amazing prizes (some worth over $2,000!) to skyrocket your results.  
  • Daily expert trainings specifically tailored to dance studio owners and implementation sessions to make sure you’re taking consistent, meaningful action towards your goals. 
  • A supportive community of fellow Student Attraction Aficionados to keep you engaged and motivated to reach the finish line!
How do I know?

Hi! I’m Clint Salter.

I’m an award winning entrepreneur (their words, not mine) and best-selling author of two books. By the time I was 28, I founded and sold 3 companies and was named the youngest Senior Celebrity Agent in Australia. 

Today, I’m the Founder and CEO of the Dance Studio Owners Association: the largest community of Dance Studio Owners in the world with 10,000+ members. My team and I have helped over 34,000 dance studio owners (many of whom are in the top 20% of dance studio owners across the globe) grow their businesses, meaningfully impact their local communities and cultivate that elusive work-life balance dance studio owners so often strive for. And we’re determined to continue that mission, especially during these unpredictable times.



“After implementing Clint’s student attraction trainings, I converted 6 free trials into paying clients straight after class today. We’ve NEVER done that before in the history of our business!”

Amybeth Owen


“This time last year, pre-covid I was getting 4-5 new inquiries per week. In the last 11 weeks we have had new inquiries EVERY SINGLE DAY -- often more than 1 per day! I now have more students than I have EVER had. This stuff works you guys!” 

Kelly Jepson


“My send ballet class is now FULL! I was so worried about not being able to fill it, but it only took 3 weeks! Our dance studio is healthier now than it has ever been, and that’s during COVID.”

Christy Waunch 

* It’s totally free



Monday, January 11th

Draw Up Your Battle Plans
  • Training: 12 pm EST / 9 am PST 
  • Implementation: 4pm EST / 1 pm PST 

Every good military mission starts with a clearly defined end goal. So during Day 1 of New Student Bootcamp, we will map out your specific goals for 2021 to give you clarity and a roadmap to follow and beyond. Maybe you’d like to DOUBLE your enrollment from the 2019/2020 season? Maybe you’d like to get your retention rate up to 90% or higher? Set your sights high!

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Tuesday, January 12th

Enrollment Drills 
  • Training: 12 pm EST / 9 am PST 
  • Implementation: 4pm EST / 1 pm PST 

No matter the goals you set on Day 1, you’re going to need some basic training to prepare you for the 2021 battlefield. This year is going to present new challenges we’ve never faced before. Some parents are scared to let their children come back to dance. Some have little to no confidence in the virtual class experience, or they are sick of the virtual learning experience all together. On Day 2 we’ll work on some specific training exercises to create an enrollment experience that inspires your dancers to stay for the long haul, whether that’s in-studio OR virtually.

Wednesday, January 13th

Secret Weapon Student Attraction
  • Training: 12 pm EST / 9 am PST
  • Implementation: 4pm EST / 1 pm PST

If you thought the new student enrollment landscape has changed since 2019, buckle up because new student attraction has become equally as challenging. The terrain has become rockier than ever and very, VERY crowded on the virtual side of things. That’s why on Day 3 we’re going to do some New Student Attraction drills on how to effectively and inexpensively attract the RIGHT in-studio and virtual students in 2021. You’ll discover your dance studio’s “secret weapon” and how to leverage it so your ideal students and parents couldn’t ignore you if they tried.

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Join Us for 5-Days of Student Attraction Training + Implementation Sessions & Amazing Prizes to Skyrocket Your Results!

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Thursday, January 14th

Predictable Profit Plan
  • Training: 12 pm EST / 9 am PST
  • Implementation: 4pm EST / 1 pm PST

On Day 1 of New Student Bootcamp you drew up your battle plans. On Days 2 & 3, you got the training you need to carry out those battle plans. Now on Day 4, it’s time to execute and conquer! Today you will conduct your very own Incoming Invitation Together, we will determine your Profit Centers and how to maximize them to create consistent, reliable profit in your dance studio.

Friday, January 15th

Mission for Retention
  • Training: 12 pm EST / 9 am PST 
  • Implementation: 4pm EST / 1 pm PST

An army is only as good as it’s soldiers. And an army of deserters is no good at all. On Day 5 we’re going to talk about how to prevent your students and parents from going MIA. Retention has NEVER been more important for stable dance studio success!! BOTTOM LINE: Better retention = More reliable long term revenue -- which is what Day 5 is all about! 

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Tuesday, January 19th

JOIN THE Mission Accomplished Party!

12 pm EST / 9 am PST 

  • Join me for a celebration of everything we’ve accomplished together! (Bring your BIG WINS -- you’ll have many!) 
  • This is the final piece of the puzzle where we’ll synthesize all 5-days worth of trainings and craft your rock solid Student Attraction Plan for the future. 
  • I’ll show you how everything we’ve learned works together so you can continue achieving your Student Attraction goals, even in this challenging environment. 
  • We’ll have some exciting surprise guests and you’ll get the chance to win some amazing prizes (some worth over $2,000!). 

* It’s totally free


Dance Studio Owners

“Wow! I set a goal of bringing in 100 new kids and we reached that goal. I am so excited for this season!”  

Paige Sayegh


“We opened today, and I had over 100 student sign up -- today alone! Almost all of them had pre-registered either for the semester or for a free trial. This has NEVER happened in the 12 years I’ve had my dance studio.” 

Rivka Nahari


I have enrolled 15 new students, have 5 trials lined up, 2 inquiries in my inbox and a Facebook Ad going out in a few hours.” 

Sam Nicholson

* It’s totally free

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5-Days of Student Attraction Training + Implementation Sessions hosted by Sergeant Clint

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