Your record-breaking Fall season starts NOW! Create a Class Schedule your Students can't resist.

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Monday, March 25th @ 12pm-2pm ET
Tuesday, March 26th @ 3pm-5pm ET
Wednesday, March 27th @ 10am-12pm ET

The Planning Intensive Begins In…


Dance Studio Owners...

You may not realize this, but your studio's schedule can make or break next season's profitability.

You may think it's just about organizing teachers' availability, but with that approach you can kiss your revenue goodbye!

You need to plan and optimize your fall schedule NOW.

Otherwise, you risk total chaos.

Classes that won’t fill. Valuable studio space is going to waste. Feeling lost and unprepared for showcases and competitions.

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But you have the power to create a class schedule custom-tailored to the exact needs and desires of your DREAM students and increase your bottom line.

This is why we created the New Season Planning Intensive, a 3-part, brand-new virtual workshop designed to teach you everything you need to know about creating a class schedule that your ideal dancers can’t resist.

There will be no replay or recording available for this event, so don't miss out!

Part 1

Attraction Blueprint:

Craft your Student Magnet Strategy

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Before you create a class schedule that will attract your best-fit dance students…

You have to know who your best-fit dance students ARE. 

Because you deserve a loyal fanbase of students who absolutely LOVE your studio and are ready to dive into your classes. 

In the first session, you’ll learn exactly how to hook your ideal student avatar and create a schedule specifically suited to their unique needs. 

Plus, you’ll learn marketing techniques that will help you spread the word far and wide, so you’re never left with empty classes.

Meet Annie

Your Part 1 Coach

Annie Leese is a seasoned studio owner and Inner Circle coach who has built an exceptional reputation in the dance industry. 

As the CEO and artistic director of Performing Arts Academy of Marin (PAM) in Mill Valley, California, she has turned her passion for dance and the performing arts into a thriving business that attracts students from all over the region.  

Through her work as an Inner Circle coach, Annie has helped hundreds of studio owners achieve their goals and reach new heights of success.

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Have you ever been BLINDSIDED by one of your dance families leaving without warning?

Losing students you thought would stay with you for years can be shocking and painful.

But you might be missing subtle warning signs that your dancers are about to leave. 

New student outreach and great marketing is VITAL to keeping your studio community healthy, but you NEED a strong re-enrollment rate to thrive– a fact that often gets overlooked.

And re-enrolling your students BEFORE they get distracted by Summer vacations and a fresh set of other Fall extracurriculars is key. 

Nailing your re-enrollment goals in April ensures that you’ll sail into your Fall season without last-minute panic.

Part 2

Loyalty Unleashed:

Unlock the Top 3 Re-enrollment Secrets

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In the second session of the New Season Planning Intensive, you’ll learn how to re-enroll the students you already have. 

Plus: we’ll teach you how to keep kids in your studio instead of on the soccer field. 

Session 2 is a deep-dive into re-enrollment that covers:

Exciting, community-building end-of-year classes and events designed to reignite your students’ passion for dance

How to recognize the warning signs of a family departure and recapture attention before it’s too late

Setting yourself apart as the BEST after-school activity so that re-enrolling in dance will be the #1 choice

Remember, re-enrollment saves you money, time, and effort– and an early start in April could make or break your studio this Fall!

Register for the new season planning intensive NOW

Meet Olivia

Your Part 2 Coach

Olivia Mode-Cater is the Director of the Dance Studio Owners Association, and she leverages a lifetime of firsthand experience in the dance world to help you hit your most outrageous business goals. 

She has successfully helped scale three of the biggest international brands in the dance industry, and she has also helped studio owners just like you generate millions of dollars in revenue through paid and organic marketing channels. 

During the New Season Planning Intensive, she will be sharing valuable insights on student retention and re-enrollment strategy to help you build a strong studio community full of dedicated dancers that are eager to enroll in multiple classes.

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Your class schedule should be an asset, not a liability. 

The third session of the New Season Planning Intensive will streamline your schedule so that you’ll never again waste time, money, and space on classes that don’t fill. 

See, there are 5 major pitfalls that affect studio owners when they’re setting up for a new season, and they could be killing your profits. 

Not only will you learn what they are and how to avoid them, you’ll discover which specific classes need to be trimmed down.

We’ll also discuss how to get the most out of the space you have, no matter what your square footage is. Understanding how to use your location to your advantage can be game-changing when it comes to optimizing your schedule for profit.

Part 3

Scheduling Smarts:

Avoiding Common Traps that affect your Profitability

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You get to choose whether you REDUCE or INCREASE your studio’s revenue, and during Session 3, you’ll discover exactly which levers to pull to hit your goals. 

Plus, you’ll discover how to increase your profits even during slow times of the day – and how to make multiple-class enrollment an obvious choice for each of your students. 

Protect your studio, create financial breathing room for your business, and reach Go-To Status in your community by taking command over your space.

Don’t miss out on this vital information!

Meet Hillary

Your Part 3 Coach

Hillary Parnell has been the owner of the Academy for the Performing Arts and Preschool for the Arts in Apex, NC for the past two decades. 

Recently, she founded two more dance-adjacent companies (Dance Photo Pro and Dancers In Balance). 

Over the past few years, she has shifted her focus from teaching children to helping other small business owners find a healthy life balance, while growing their revenue and increasing profit. 

She has taught over 10,000 children, grown her revenue to over two million dollars, and coached hundreds of small business owners. 

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Her passion is helping the next generation of entrepreneurs create thriving businesses through leadership and mentorship– while avoiding making as many mistakes as she has.

Check out what our past clients have said!

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The New Season Planning Intensive was designed for you IF:

1. You're too OVERWHELMED to plan your next season with confidence.

You might be new to the world of studio ownership. Or maybe your studio has been open for years, but season planning is still a major stressor.

We designed the New Season Planning Intensive to help you conquer overwhelm and start your new season strong so that you can stop stressing about your schedule and spend more time focusing on building the dance community of your dreams.

2. you've already started planning your next season, but want to save more time and energy.

If you want to set your season up for ease and efficiency but aren’t sure if you’re on the right track, the New Season Planning Intensive is for you. 

You’ll learn best practices to get your time back and streamline your schedule so you can put an end to draining days, awkward gaps between classes, and wasted studio space. 

3. you're already a season-planning pro, but you want to refine your process and increase your revenue.

Even if you’ve mastered season-planning and you know what works for your studio, there might be a few sneaky gaps in your system that are taking a toll on your finances.

The New Season Planning Intensive will teach you exactly how to find these gaps and then seal them up so that you’re not leaving money on the table. 

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The New Season Planning Intensive is Free of charge.

We’re also offering 3 different days and times – that way, you can easily fit the live sessions into your schedule without missing any crucial information. 

Click below to choose your preferred day for the New Student Planning Intensive and set yourself up for the record-breaking Fall season you deserve!

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