Our Best Marketing & Branding Value Bombs Of 2021

I hope you’ve got your favorite hot drink on hand, because this week we are sharing some of the best branding and marketing strategies from 2021 on this week’s episode of the Transform My Dance Studio Podcast!

In this week’s piping-hot episode of our CEO Coffee Chat series, business-besties Heather and Patti are sharing their favorite ways to create and market your dance studio’s brand so that you are well-known in your community, and finding unique ways to showcase what your dance studio stands for.

Or coffee-loving CEOs take a deep dive into:

  • Why branding matters, and how it’s about a whole lot more than just your logo. “It all starts with how you are intentional about standing out. How are you getting your messaging across to the public, and are you being consistent in that messaging?”

  • Tips for introducing a thriving new revenue stream with irresistible merchandise that your students will fall in love with. “You want to be the first brand that comes to mind when people in the community think about dance. You want your potential customers thinking: ‘I know you’re a dance studio because I see you everywhere.’ That right there’s your marketing and your merchandise dollars working for you.”

  • Budgeting and pricing tips to ensure your branded merchandise is turning a profit for your studio. 

And so much more!

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