Are YOU Your Own Worst Enemy In Business?

By Studio Growth Coach, Kristy Ellis

Is overthinking costing your studio?

When you face a situation in your business, whether it be an event or a complaint it is easy to fall into a reactive mindset, which then becomes difficult to think about problem-solving unemotionally.

By rehashing and over-analyzing everything in your mind, it causes you to dwell on the problem rather than looking for a solution.

Have you ever received an email from a parent requesting a meeting, then before you even know the real reason, the situation has grown so big in your head that you are already an emotional wreck before the meeting – only to be pleasantly surprised that you were able to fix the problem quickly and everyone is happily moving on?

Meanwhile you have caused yourself so much stress from over thinking that you are still holding onto what you thought was a huge issue days after it has been resolved.


By overthinking the situation you have not only caused yourself a lot of stress and a lot of sleepless nights due to your mind not switching off, because overthinking impairs the quality of your sleep.

There have been many studies to show that it is human nature to think of the negative first and it takes a lot more to focus on the positives. We are programmed to be negatively biased, and your inner critic knows how to get your attention. This negativity can strongly impact on the culture of your studio and potentially be costing you a lot more – your time.

Realising you spend too much time making decisions or recounting a conversation with a customer will allow you to move forward and grow your business faster without the anxiety.

It is important to find the balance between too much and not enough and while we need to use past events and conversations as a learning tool, it is important to stop thinking about that particular situation and move on.

  • Big picture vs detail
  • Deliberation vs action
  • People’s feelings vs Company’s needs
  • Reasonable research vs Enough already

“You need to determine the right amount of thought, attention, time and action to give things. Stop overthinking (and underthinking) and consider how important each item that crosses your desk/inbox truely is.” Ken Kirsh

Likewise with customers, a small situation will seem huge after thinking about it for awhile. Consider this when you get that nasty email or text message. You are more critical of yourself and your business than others are. A mistake on stage or a timetable error could be huge to you but in reality, it will mean very little to someone else.

Sometimes we just need to be in the moment, catch our breath and realise it’s not as bad as we think.

“You’re brain is unable to find solutions when you’re focused on the problem. That’s because negativity leads to negative emotions. It’s a vicious cycle. It’s okay to acknowledge a problem. Instead of jumping to what went wrong and placing blame, start identifying ways to fix the problem. Focus on the things within your control to correct the problem. You possess control over your attitude and effort. The health of your business improves when you stop dwelling on the problems and start seeking solutions.” Loren Fogelman

It is also necessary to consider the bigger picture when receiving a complaint from a customer. Have they just had a really bad day? Maybe they are not well versed in communicating their concern over email?

While you are overthinking and stressing about their email, it can be a lot easier to pick up the phone the next day and talk about the actual problem. As a leader, it is impossible to prepare for every outcome.

Aim to be adaptable, not perfect.  Asking your customer “what would you like to see happen from here?” moves an awkward conversation forward to show your customer that you are more interested in a solution than the problem. It will help them to realise that rather than just complaining they will need to come to you with a solution, which in turn will assist you to move forward and possibly improve your services.

Put all the potential “what ifs” behind you. You’ll become more productive and find your work more enjoyable. Before something gets too overcomplicated, think like Elsa and “Let it Go”.

If you are looking for more insights, support and resources to help you grow your studio and reclaim your life, there is no better place than right here in the Dance Studio Owners Association. 



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