The Definitive Guide to Preschool Dance Profits

6 Pillars to a Profitable & Playful Preschool Dance Program


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Six Critical Pillars To A Profitable & Playful Preschool Dance Program


You’ll learn how to create a curriculum that emphasizes consistency, progress and creativity. We’ll teach you a flexible framework that is super easy to teach and train others. 


You’ll learn where and how to find music that’s current, fresh and stands out from the masses. And yes, we will cover the legalities as well -- no one wants to get sued! 


Discover how to attract top teachers and set up a hiring funnel to weed out any who aren’t going to be a great fit. We’ll also show you how to put in place a training system that works. 


Attract students all year round with our proven marketing techniques for this age group. We’ll also go over retention strategies to keep your students progressing. 


The good news about this age group is, someone wants to try dance everyday. The hard part is getting busy toddler parents’ attention! That’s where stellar, recognizable branding comes into play. 

Revenue Streams 

Whether it’s props, uniforms or costumes, there are so many fun ways to enhance your preschoolers’ experience in your program and introduce additional revenue streams in the process.  

Preschool is the #1 untapped gold mine of the dance studio industry

When I see studios neglecting their preschool program, or worse -- not having one at all -- it’s such a shame. Preschool programs are one of the strongest lifelines a dance studio can have. 

If you’re able to KEEP even a small fraction of your preschool program students through graduation (let’s say 3%) that’s an INCREDIBLE lifetime value. 

Both in terms of your own ROI, but also in terms of the role your studio and your teachers are able to play in that student’s life!

We all know that our studios become like 2nd homes to some of these kids. 

There’s nothing more rewarding -- spiritually or financially -- than meeting a cute, bumbling toddler at age 3 and watching them grow into talented, graceful dancer over the years.  

Dialing in your preschool program is the smartest investment you can make for the long term health of your studio and your personal fulfillment as a studio owner. 

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I’m Clint Salter, the Founder and CEO of the Dance Studio Owners Association. My team and I have helped over 35,000 dance studio owners grow their businesses, meaningfully impact their local communities and cultivate a work-life balance.

Many of the studios we have helped are in the top 20% of dance studio owners across the globe! 

I’ve combined everything I’ve learned over the past 20 years in this industry to make sure you’re empowered, inspired and equipped to build a profitable preschool dance program that sets you up for long term success down the line.  

That’s why we created this guide and that’s why we’re giving it away for free, but only for a limited time. So if you want to take advantage of this comprehensive FREE guide, I highly suggest you snag it NOW! 

The Definitive Guide to Preschool Dance Profits

6 Pillars to a Profitable & Playful Preschool Dance Program

*No credit card required

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