Want to run a smooth recital that is the talk-of-the-town?

10 Tips for Your BEST Recital Yet!

Free access to 10 proven recital strategies from elite studio owners.


* It’s totally FREE

10 Tips for Your BEST Recital Yet!

Free access to 10 proven recital strategies from elite studio owners.

* It’s totally FREE

In this guide, you’ll find simple but effective ideas for creating fun, stress-free and profitable recitals including: 

  • How to remove friction & stress 
  • Getting visual with your planning sessions
  • Leveraging photography for marketing materials 
  • Making it fun for parents to get all the information they need 
  • Leaning on your tribe when you feel stuck 
  • Explore adding new revenue opportunities  
  • Creating memories that last a lifetime

Dance Recitals Should Be

Fun, Stress-Free and Profitable

With recital season just around the corner, I have an important question: Are you prepared?

Dance recitals are one of the top ways to showcase your students’ hard work, create a sense of community and establish your studio as a go-to spot for serious dancers and parents. 

Unfortunately, many studio owners get stuck on recital preparation and miss out on opportunities for extra revenue, marketing their studio and making it all FUN, when the time finally comes. 

Recitals Are Gold Mines For Studio Owners Who Know What They're Doing

See, recitals are the perfect opportunity to generate additional revenue, increase retention, gather testimonials and marketing footage, market other programs, and give your students a chance to shine and show off all their hard work! 

But knowing how to unlock all these benefits requires practice or insider tips from those who’ve done it before. 

That’s why I’ve compiled 10 of the top recital tips from my elite Inner Circle studio owners who enjoy smoother recitals and extra revenue streams come recital time. 

These clever studio owners have unlocked the full potential of a dance recital and these insights are yours today, totally free.

* It’s totally free


I’m Clint Salter, the Founder and CEO of the Dance Studio Owners Association. My team and I have helped over 35,000 dance studio owners grow their businesses, meaningfully impact their local communities and cultivate a work-life balance.

Many of the studios we have helped are in the top 20% of dance studio owners across the globe! 

I’ve combined everything I’ve learned over the past 20 years in this industry to make sure you’re empowered, inspired and equipped to reclaim your free time and create sustainable revenue.  

That’s why we created this 10 Recital Ideas guide and that’s why we’re giving it away for free, but only for a limited time. So if you want to take advantage of this comprehensive FREE 10 Recital Ideas guide , I highly suggest you snag it NOW!

Inside the Top 10 Recital Ideas, you’ll get access to proven recital strategies to help you:

  • Prepare killer recitals with ease
  • Get the word out there about your studio
  • Explore additional revenue streams
  • Make memories for your students as well as their friends and families

Plus much, much more.

Ready To Run a Stress-Free and Profitable Recital?

* It’s totally FREE

Check Out What Other Studio Owners Had To Say

“My staff pulled off a perfect Christmas recital while I was out with covid. Thank goodness for all the systems and new staff I’ve put in to place during 2021! Had this happened in previous years I would have had to postpone the show. We had our largest audience, most profitable show, and best communication to our parents ever. They loved our recital survival guide and our daily recital tips texts!”

Melissa Krieger, Sullivan Dance Studio

“Recital show sponsors went well so I decided to try it for our Christmas show (small & optional) and our new studio-wide Christmas festival/performance. One week later: I have our sponsor for the Christmas show and TWO sponsors for our Festival. Our venue, backdrops, and staffing are already paid for and we haven't even started selling tickets!”

Carolyn Simpson Wells, Dance by Design Studios

“We theme our whole year around our recital. This year is Our Story (aka Toy Story). Meet and Greet was $15 per kid (included in their package). We had over 50 families purchase. After the cost of cookies we made $500, but the social media love has been worth so much more!

Added bonus: This gave our staff a much needed morale boost 2 days before recital when they have been swamped with all of the questions and confused/lost parents who decided to check in to recital planning just yesterday. Happy parents and happy kids who are so grateful makes a heart happy and washes stress away.”

Meghan Wiest Retseck, Studio Five Dance Company


10 Tips for Your BEST Recital Yet!

Free access to 10 recital strategies from elite studio owners.

* Snag it for FREE before it’s too late!