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Attend Our January In-Person Retreat for Unforgettable Clarity and Inspiration for Your Studio!

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January 23 – 25, 2024

(RSVP'ing is REQUIRED regardless of whether you are attending or not.)

With world-class speakers and incredible member experiences, our January In-Person Retreat will encourage and motivate you to make 2024 your best year yet!

We are inviting you and your Office Manager to our January Orlando Retreat!

We know how important your Office Manager is to you and your business, so bring them along to Orlando!

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What can you expect?

Our Inner Circle In-Person Retreats are world-class! During our 2.5 days together you will:


Learn from renowned business experts who will share their knowledge and expertise


Workshop concepts to see how you can implement cutting-edge best practices in your studio


Share and absorb ideas from fellow studio owners from around the world

You are NOT going to want to miss this incredible opportunity to connect with the leaders of the dance studio industry!

The January Retreat is taking place at the beautiful, ROSEN CENTRE HOTEL, where you'll be staying!

9840 International Drive, Orlando, Florida, United States, 32819

(RSVP'ing is REQUIRED regardless of whether you are attending or not.)

Discounted rooms starting at $219.

The booking link will be in your info pack (which will be emailed after RSVP'ing "YES")!

Look back on our keynote speakers!

Other amazing moments you can look forward to:

  • Meeting our Studio Growth Coaches in person!
  • Gathering your squad and taking a must-have squad selfie!
  • Connecting with other like-minded studio owners who will become your IC besties!

The friendships and connections you make at our In-Person Retreats will last you a lifetime, but don't just take our word for it!

Here's What Our IC Members Said About Our July 2023 Retreat:

"There were lots of tangible takeaways that we could implement right away."

"Can I rate these a 20/10?! This was epic."

"You don't have to be ready!!! Why am I waiting? Loved the honesty & the presentation was exactly what I needed to hear."

(RSVP'ing is REQUIRED regardless of whether you are attending or not.)

Top 5 Reasons You NEED To Come To Our January In-Person Retreat:

  1. Face-to-Face Networking:

    Enjoy the opportunity to connect with fellow IC Members, speakers, and industry experts in a real-life setting. Our In-person Retreats lead to more meaningful connections and collaborations with your IC besties.

  2. Immersive Learning:

    Experience a more immersive learning environment where you can engage in live demonstration and interactive activities that are going to leave you 100% motivated.

  3. Break from Routine:

    A retreat offers a break from your daily routine, allowing you to step away from the studio and gain fresh perspectives and insights.

  4. Collaboration Opportunities:

    Explore collaboration possibilities with other IC Members, speakers, industry experts fostering potential partnerships and projects.

  5. Inspiring Environment:

    Being physically present at our retreats can be inspiring and conducive to creativity, making it easier to generate new ideas and solutions.

The In-Person Retreat is one of our favorite parts of the Inner Circle!


Director of the DSOA, Olivia Mode-Cater

My favorite part is to see studio owners get unstuck! As entrepreneurs, it can be hard to solve some of the bigger problems in our business because we are too close to it. When our members come to the retreats, they’re able to get some distance from the issue, insights from our speakers, and perspective from their fellow IC members. Seeing that “a-ha” moment come across their faces at various points in the retreat brings me so much joy! It makes all the planning and hard work worth it!


Program Manager of the Inner Circle, Lisa DeMaio

Our community is magic....truly, and when we all get together in the same room to learn and grow together that magic becomes palpable. Not only that, but the speakers will hit each of us in the exact way we need it. That is what makes these events so incredible! Each of us takes exactly what we need for where we are in our journeys, and grows from it. Every single person in that room walks away from these 3 days with new perspective and motivation not only in their business journey, but in their personal journey as well. Sharing in that experience with all of you, watching you all be empowered in those moments, and getting to love and laugh with you in person is what it’s all about!

After our 2.5 days together, you'll have all the inspiration and motivation you need to make actionable plans that will drastically improve:

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Your enrollment and retention rates

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Your time-management and delegation habits


Your creativity with
new programs and studio activities


Your marketing

You'll leave with all the GOLD from our lineup of amazing speakers, Studio Growth Coaches, the IC Team, and EACH OTHER!

It's 2.5 days surrounded by people who are as passionate and determined for success as YOU!

Don't Believe it?

Here's why our captains want to see YOU in Orlando:

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