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Attend the IC November Virtual Planning Retreat for Strategic Success!

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RSVP to the 2023 November Virtual Planning Retreat!

The November Virtual Retreat is specifically geared towards helping you map out your ENTIRE 2024!

Mark your calendars and RSVP for November 7th & 8th for our November Virtual Planning Retreat for Premier members and...YOUR KEY PLAYERS!

What can you expect?

At the November Virtual Planning Retreat, we will be doing a detailed analysis of your key business pillars and mapping out 2024.

We are inviting you to bring your key team members who are actually in the day-to-day with you can help point out the blindspots and contribute to your vision!

Having them plan with you will open up new perspectives and solutions, too.

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Happening November 7 and 8, 2023 (Live and completely virtual)

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Trainings by Industry Experts from 12-5:15pm ET both days

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Workshop sessions for you and your key players to make real-time progress

Daily Rundown

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Day 1 - Reflecting on 2023: Strategic Insights for Success

Unpacking the Lessons of 2023 for a Thriving 2024

  1. Evaluate your Finances and Programming through the Matrix Framework to uncover key opportunities and untapped markets
  2. Explore the mysteries behind year-over-year marketing numbers and uncover the hidden gems within your customer base
  3. Immerse yourself in a series of trainings with captivating speakers designed to elevate your business prowess

Day 2 - Building the 2024 Roadmap: Your Path to Excellence

Navigating the Future with Purpose and Precision

  1. Gain a clear understanding of your team's roles, responsibilities, and potential areas for improvement
  2. Strategically map out your 2024 with a well-structured roadmap to excellence
  3. Establish which systems and processes you will implement for a smooth and successful year
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Hear from our IC Captains on why you need to be at this retreat!

what you'll walk away with:


A strong analysis of how
your business performed in 2023.


A solid understanding of where your business is performing well and where there are gaps.


A clear roadmap of 2024 to lean into your strengths, address your weaknesses, and leverage opportunities to generate more profit.

You are NOT going to want to miss this incredible opportunity to have clarity and direction for 2024!

The Top 5 Reasons The November Virtual Planning Retreat is FOR YOU...

  1. Strategic Planning:

    Gain insights and strategies to help your studio thrive in the coming year. This retreat offers a platform to discuss, brainstorm, and formulate plans for the future.

  2. Networking Opportunities:

    Connect with like-minded professionals and industry experts from around the world. Expand your professional network and build lasting relationships through the IC!

  3. Expert Speakers:

    Access to renowned keynote speakers and industry leaders who will share their knowledge and expertise, providing valuable insights and inspiration.

  4. Skill Development:

    Participate in workshops and breakout sessions focused on analyzing your key business pillars and building actionable plans to improve them in 2024.

  5. Idea Generation WITH YOUR KEY PLAYERS:

    Engage in creative thinking and idea generation with those who are actually in the day-to-day with you and can help point out the blindspots. Having them plan with you will open up new perspectives and solutions, too.

Here's How It All Works & Why This Retreat Matters!

Click the video for a detailed description with Director of the DSOA OLIVIA MODE-CATER AND Program Manager of the Inner Circle LISA DEMAIO

After our 2 days together, YOU'LL HAVE ALL THE TOOLS, RESOURCES, AND SUPPORT you need to drastically improve:


Your Marketing

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Your Programming

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Your Systems & processes

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Your Overall Growth as a ceo

You'll leave the November Virtual Planning Retreat with a complete step-by-step plan that's tailored specifically to your studio and your needs! No matter how big or small those needs may be!

don't believe it?

"His talk was so relevant to what we are needing right now in our businesses. He was relatable and gave us action items that we could take back right away."

"Great definitions, flags and ideas to get out of a funk."

"This one really hit home for me on a personal level. I loved the 'how we currently think about confidence is backwards' and 'readiness is not a state of being, but a feeling that comes after you take action'!"

In addition to the guided brainstorm sessions and workshops, we have incredible speakers lined up for you who are titans in the industry and are going to give away their best-kept secrets!

LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER for the November Virtual Planning Retreat For Strategic Success in 2024!!

*All of the specific Zoom credentials and information packs will be emailed to you after you RSVP 'I'm In!'