Thanks for joining SAI!

Before you get all set up, I want to make sure you’ve heard about our

If you pay the gap...

Meaning you go ahead and pay the full $1,999 for the program (minus the payment you just made, of course) -- you’ll get a FREE 1:1 support and feedback call with our Facebook Ads Fairy Godmother Tracy Morgan! 

So not only will you save $588 by Paying the Gap right now (a decent amount to throw towards your new, optimized, Tracy-approved Facebook Ads), you’re also likely to make money in the long run as a result of this one call. 


In addition to your 1:1 call with Tracy...

You’ll also get access to our brand new Behind The Scenes of 10 Successful Studio Marketing Strategies: A sneak peak of exactly how 10 of our TOP performing studio owners crafted paid advertisements that not only worked, but have stood the test of time (even in 2020)! 

You’ll see, first hand what a good target audience looks like, examples of realistic ad leads and sooo much more! 

But remember, I like to reward my most bold and committed action takers, so you have to dive in head first and pay in full to get these incredible studio accelerating bonuses!

Think about it...

If you enrolled just 10 new students from something Tracy saw or suggested for one of your ads (which is totally possible and honestly, probable -- check out the case study below), how much more revenue would you make next month, let alone next year? 

Is that number more or less than the investment to Pay the Gap now?

Like I said, 10 new students as a direct result of having Tracy’s expertise on YOUR ads is not far fetched at all.

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