Student Attraction Training Program Proven to Get Record Results in Just 8 Weeks

The most comprehensive, dance studio-specific training program anywhere in the world, the Student Attraction Intensive is a combination of expert education and hands-on studio guidance from some of the most knowledgeable and successful people in the industry. 

* Limited Seats Available

We’re known for helping studio owners

max out their classes

(virtual classes included)


Helping you create a student attraction strategy that leads a record number of new in-studio and virtual students to check out your studio.


You’ll learn our “secret sauce” to converting the vast majority of the potential new students coming through your physical or virtual doors into happily enrolled students.


Once you have record numbers of new students enrolling, you’ll learn the best engagement strategies to both hold on to these students for the long haul AND turn them into your raving fans!

We’ve fashioned the entire program around these core principles, with good reason! We find that the unique combination of done-FOR-you and done-WITH-you systems in these core areas lead to massive (and rapid!) studio growth.

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When you join The


You get...

  • 9 training videos proven to get results 
  • 9 workbooks to get powerful wins right away
  • Updated Done-for-you templates and scripts making implementation a breeze
  • Access to all of our most requested masterclasses
  • Access to our Next Best Move Workshop & Studio Scorecard
  • Lifetime access to the new & improved Members Training Portal from any device
  • In-depth training and Q&A's with our BEST studio growth experts
  • Access for team members of your choice at NO cost to join you in the Intensive
  • The most up-to-date Facebook Ads Trainings plus recordings of Q&A’s with studio growth ads expert Tracy Morgan

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As a studio owner...

we understand that there are a lot of challenges -- especially these days!

But we want to take you through tackling these in a way that creates the greatest long term success no matter what the future brings. 

For now, the best step you can take towards a confident future is to fill your in-studio, virtual classes, or a combination of the two! This will immediately boost your student numbers and in and return, your available revenue.

how exactly are you going to max out your classes

over the next 8 weeks?


At the beginning of the Student Attraction Intensive, we will set your personal student attraction goals for the 3 months. Each week, my team and I will be checking in to make sure you’re on track towards those goals. 


Each week we’ll release a new video training designed to help you start getting more in-studio and virtual students right away. I’ll be there to coach you every step of the way and we’ll have lots of expert bonus trainings to accelerate your results.


This year in SAI, you’ll have your very own Studio Captain who’s been through the program before and can help you through any challenges that come up as you implement these systems. They’ll also hold you accountable to reaching those goals you set earlier 😉

The result?

Over the next 8 weeks, day by day, brick by brick, you’ll build an in-studio and virtual Student Attraction, Enrollment and Retention system that stands the test of time.  

Here’s what our in-depth training looks like

Module One

The Customer Journey is the most crucial element of a successful student attraction plan. It’s the journey you lead your students and parents through, from the moment they first learn about you, to the moment they enroll and even beyond. There is an art and a science to this process and even the smallest misstep could throw your customer off course, sending them down the path to another studio. During Module 1, I’ll show you how to map out your Customer Journey, from start to finish, so that by the time your ideal parent reaches that final step, saying “Yes!” is a no-brainer. You’ll also get access to our bonus Pain Point Journey Mapping training as well.

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Module Two

How many people who express interest in your studio actually sign up? If that number, your enrollment rate, is less than 95% we’ve got some work to do. During Module 2, you're going to learn my complete Enrollment Process and implement it into your studio. This proven process leaves no room for gaps, guesswork or inconsistencies. You and your team will all be on the exact same page on how to deal with new inquiries efficiently and effectively. You’ll also be fully prepared to consistently close anyone who walks through your studio doors. Bonuses include our 11-Step Enrollment Process Scripts.

Module Three

By this time, your studio should already be well on its way to increase enrollment numbers and profitability. Now it’s time to keep that momentum going with a rock-solid Marketing Plan. We’ll help you craft a complete student attraction marketing plan -- with zero guesswork involved. No more throwing your marketing budget down the drain or randomly boosting posts just to “see what sticks." Instead, you'll have a step-by-step plan that leverages all 3 pillars of marketing proven to make your studio more profitable. ALL of these techniques have been tried and tested so that you'll know that the number of new students you get will more than cover the investment of your marketing. You’ll also get access to our 100 Headlines bonus PDF.

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Module Four

Content is crucial because it’s how you attract new students into your studio, rather than the other studio down the road. It can be difficult to figure out what to post and when. During this module, I’m going to teach you my 30-day Content Plan that can easily be replicated on a monthly basis. Wouldn't it be great to know exactly what you're going to say online for the next year, in advance? I’m going to share exactly what to do and say on Facebook and Instagram daily to ensure you’re always at the top of your customers’ minds. Your Content Calendar is what will help you RETAIN your students for the long term and we’ve got some exciting bonus experts lined up for you!

Module Five

If you've tried your luck with paid ads, you know what a money pit they can be. That is if they're done incorrectly! Becoming a master Facebook and Instagram marketer is actually much easier than you think, but only under the guidance of the right teacher. During this module, you’ll get access to in-depth trainings from our Facebook Ads guru Tracy Morgan! She’ll share the exact strategy you need to execute successful and profitable Facebook ad campaigns. No guesswork here, it’s all laid out for you. In addition to the trainings, you’re also getting Q&A recordings with Tracy to get ALL of your questions answered. We’ve never offered THIS much Facebook ads training material in SAI before.

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Module Six

Want to knockout your competitors? Then you'll need a "knockout brand!" We'll help you create a new level of branding that will set you apart from all the others. You'll no longer look and sound the same as the other studios. You're going to have a brand that is authentic to you, telling your story, building your studio and your expertise. You'll be the "go to dance studio" in your market!

Module Seven

What if you had a way to learn from some of the biggest and fastest growing dance studios in the world? Over the years, I've been helping these studios grow through their marketing and I'm going to share some of the "outside the box" marketing methods that will get your studio in front of your prospects. And the best part is - some of these marketing tools are FREE! And ALL of these techniques have been tried and tested so that you'll know that the number of new students you get will more than cover the investment of your marketing.

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Module Eight

It's one thing to get a new student, it's another to keep them month after month and year after year. After all, who wants to have a studio where you're always scrambling to replace outgoing students with new students in an endless cycle while you just barely stay afloat? As your studio grows you need to ensure the customers don’t feel like they are just a number. We are going to tackle this and I’ll give you 3 of my systems for increasing your retention by 20% across the year.

Bonus Training!

Let's face it. When it comes to running a dance studio, you have the students and you have the parents. They're both your customers. This training will teach you how to provide an experience that they both can’t get anywhere else. You're going to be able to make them feel like they are the only person at your studio. This training alone will blow your mind (and theirs!).


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Your SAI membership comes with more than just expert training specifically designed for studio owners. 

When you join The Student Attraction Intensive, you'll also get:

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When you join SAI, you'll also get:

  • Up to date trainings with Inner Circle Facebook Ads Coach Tracy Morgan! 
  • Complete Paid Advertising Workbook 
  • End-To-End Ad Set Up Checklist

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2DSOA – SAI Sales Build (Intensive)-04

* You’ll be notified as soon as the doors officially OPEN!

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