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july 18-25 | POWERED BY THE DSOA

JULY 18-25

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Learn How to Enroll 30-50 New Students Every Month

Don't miss this 6-day free workshop exclusively for Dance Studio Owners! 

Free 6-Day workshop for Dance Studio Owners! 

DURING our 6-day FREE TRAINING, you’ll…

  • Make MONTHLY new student enrollment your new normal
  • Learn how to easily enroll 30 - 50 new students each month to boost your profits
  • Get proven tools & resources that are easy to understand & even easier to implement (no technology experience needed) 
  • Create year-round marketing systems to implement once and get back your life
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It’s happening July 18 - 25th, 2022 (Live and Virtual)

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Expert trainings by Clint Salter 9am PT / 12pm ET each weekday

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Fast Action sessions at 12pm PT / 3pm ET to ask questions and make progress in real time 

*It's totally free

Daily Rundown

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Map out your route to massive studio growth

On Day 1 you will: 

  • Map out your BIG Student Attraction Goals for the next 12 months   
  • Discover your most profitable next steps with our Growth Pillar Pathway
  • Dial in the Core 4 Elements of any successful studio 
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How to get record new students from start to finish

On Day 2 you will: 

  • Plan your entire Lead Generation Flow from seeing an ad to booking a trial
  • Use our Found You Formula to rock trial bookings & leave no student behind 
  • Learn the 5 Stand Out Ingredients you need to rise above the competition
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“We were at 120 students in June 2021 and as of yesterday (March 2022) we reached 300 students which is bonkers and literally making me sick and excited. Thank you for making this little studio stand out and believe we can dream big.”

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Done-for-you tactics and proven strategies to fill your classes to capacity

On Day 3 you will: 

  • Use our Fill Your Class Formula to fill every class you offer to capacity 
  • Take advantage of our proven Offers That Go the Distance System to demonstrate your value & easily score enrollments
  • Leverage our Branding Principles & Promise Building Blocks to position your studio offer as a no-brainer

“60 new leads from the beginning of July. Scheduled 20 trials in early August! So far 5 have completed their 3 trials and registered. 16 are currently in the process of having trials. My goal for September is to register 40 new students who enroll in our 3 class package — feeling excited.” 

Proven, up-to-date strategies to get ahead and stand out from the pack

On Day 4 you will: 

  • Learn the 9 distribution channels every studio owner needs to reach your ideal parents & students 
  • Generate headlines that turn heads & inspire inquiries with our Copy Crash Course
  • Write your benefit-driven I Believe Statement & use it to get way ahead of the competition
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“So normally at my open house I’ll have between 50-60 possible new students and get about 11 to sign up. So far, 8 have signed up and 2 are waiting for the program to start. AND  I have 9 trials scheduled for next week. All in the last 7 days!!! 🙏🙏🙏” 

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Win back any students who have left over the years and re-enroll fence-sitters for this season

On Day 5 you will: 

  • Map out an Onboarding Blueprint for your new students’ first 7 days
  • Use our Commitment Campaign to create raving fans who refer your studio to anyone who will listen 
  • Get plug and play retention tools to boost your re-enrollment numbers & your in-studio customer experience

“​​Today was a wonderful day as we managed to re-enroll 29 students that we lost previously.”


On Day 6 you will: 

  • Learn the 9 pillars to understanding who you are and what makes you truly stand out from the competition.
  • Discover how to take your studio from surviving to thriving
  • Get the blueprint to turn followers into fanatics
  • Chart the path to future proof your studio 
  • Meet some exciting surprise guests & get a chance to win an amazing prize (worth over $499!)
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“I've had 94 students sign up for summer class.... And I've converted 63 of them for fall students. It's double what I expected for my first year.” 

*It's totally free

This sprint is for you if you are...

  • New studio owners who want to fill their studio quickly & easily 
  • Veteran studio owners who want to keep up with the changes in the world
  • Studios in big cities who want to stand out from the competition
  • Studios in small towns with limited reach but lots of spots to fill  

This Sprint is NOT for you if you…

  • Are not willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work 
  • Are not committed to your own success 
  • Have no intention of implementing the strategies you learn 
  • Are not willing to show up and participate to generate these results
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Hi! I'm Clint Salter

I’m an award winning entrepreneur (their words, not mine) and best-selling author of two books. By the time I was 28, I founded and sold 3 companies and was named the youngest Senior Celebrity Agent in Australia. 

Today, I’m the Founder and CEO of the Dance Studio Owners Association: the largest community of Dance Studio Owners in the world with 13,000+ members. My team and I have helped over 34,000 dance studio owners (many of whom are in the top 20% of dance studio owners across the globe) grow their businesses, meaningfully impact their local communities and cultivate that elusive work-life balance studio owners so often strive for.

Here’s how it all works…

Everyday at 9am PT / 12pm ET from July 18th to July 25th, I’m going to go LIVE in our private New Season, New Students Sprint Facebook community with an easy-to-follow, proven and powerful training designed to get 30-50 new students enrolled every month.

After you’ve had time to digest that training, you’ll be invited to join our Fast Action sessions at 12pm PT / 3pm ET. This is your opportunity to ask me questions about the day’s training, make progress in real time and stay on track with your new student attraction goals!

After our 6 days together you'll have all the tools, resources & support you need to:

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Fill your studio with fresh new faces for the Fall & parents excited to bring their kids to class

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Win back any students who have left over the years with reliable re-enrollment & retention strategies

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Leave empowered and equipped to prevail over any economic changes that come our way

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Stand out from the competition with trusty, time-tested student attraction tools & resources

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You’ll leave with a complete step-by-step plan that’s proven to work for every type of studio: new, old, big, small and everything in between.

Don't believe me?

This level of expert training usually goes for $3,000 and is implemented over 8-weeks

But we’ve condensed the most critical pieces of the puzzle into a 6-day virtual event that you can attend, totally free of charge.

Why are you giving it away for free?

Great question! The past 2 years have brought new challenges to our industry and caused lasting changes. Some experts are predicting even more economic challenges on the horizon, so now is NOT the time for studio owners to slow down or rest on their laurels. 

Here at the DSOA our mission is to inspire studio owners to be the BEST they can be and provide the tools and resources needed to be successful, now and in the future. 

We understand that finances might be tight right now, but the best way to get ahead and ensure long-term studio success is to hit your enrollment numbers out of the park this season. 

These Sprint strategies are a sure-fire pathway to making profits now and seeing long-term studio success, no matter what the future brings. 

And we just couldn’t imagine putting these game-changing and studio-saving strategies behind a paywall. 

That’s why we’re offering these proven, rinse and repeat marketing trainings - absolutely free.

* This virtual event is 100% free to attend

Last Chance to Register

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Learn How to Enroll 30-50 New Students Every Month

*Sign up for FREE before it’s too late

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