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Hi, I’m Clint Salter, the founder of the Dance Studio Owners Association (DSOA), and I’ve been waiting for YOU!

Our ‘Start Here’ page is for any dance studio owner (new and experienced) that is unfamiliar with DSOA.

My team and I created this resource so you easily find what you need in just minutes to help you get out of (and move through) any challenges you’re currently facing as the CEO of your studio.

I know that you love dance. You love teaching. You love your students. But nobody taught you how to actually make a living out of it -- how to be an accountant, a salesperson, a negotiator, a collection agency, a manager, a tenant, a marketer, an operations manager, and a mentor.

That’s why we created DSOA… to give you the business growth resources you need so you can focus on what you love, what drives you and what fills your soul.

When it comes to growing your dance studio and creating a business that thrives both from an impact and income level and not simply survives, we need to look at the 5 P’s. When you tick the boxes in these five categories… that’s when the magic happens.


So often when Dance Studio Owners join our association one of the things we identify right away is the lack of systems in their business. Most of what they do from a process perspective is all in their head which generally means they are recreating the wheel over and over again. By creating and implementing processes in your studio you will be able to:
a) Effectively delegate tasks
b) Spend more time working on the business not in it
c) Grow your studio faster by automating your marketing
d) Spend more time with your family and loved ones (you don’t need to be working 24/7!)

A great place to start is by creating your enrollment process. What are the exact steps you and your staff follow to take a new student prospect from enquiry to enrolled student? If you want to skip the hassle in creating your own process, then have ours. Click here to download your free 11 step checklist for enrolling more students into your studio.

Systemizing each part of your studio is crucial if you want to grow and scale your business which mean you’ll end up impacting the lives of more dance families while generating greater income for you and your loved ones.


“The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel.” – Sybil F. Stershic

From your receptionist to your ballet teacher, everyone within your team makes up the heartbeat of your studio. One bad apple and your studio ship could sink. But don't worry! We’re here to help you navigate through any staffing challenges that come your way.

Ever since I started my dance studio and sold it till now, I’m always looking around and trying to work out why one studio has more students, better retention, happy and hard working competitive teams, full to the brim recreational classes while the studio up the road is struggling to keep their doors open. A big piece of the success pie lies in the building, nurturing and training of their team.

Over and over again I hear studio owners saying “But Clint, I can’t afford to hire anyone, I have to do it all myself.” My answer is always “You can’t afford not to.” But, in saying that you don’t need to put on a whole bunch of full time staff today… you simply need a team growth plan.

A receptionist should always be the first hire you make followed by an office manager. You can check out our training on saving 10 hours a week by streamlining your administration process here. You need to make sure you watch this training before you hire any admin staff and make those common mistakes which will cost you time and money.


When it comes to the products you offer in your studio I put this category in the anything you sell basket from group class to merchandise, birthday parties to hiring out your venue to external supplies. You need to have an exceptional product if you want to grow your business (increase profits), bring in more students and most importantly have them doing more with you (cross selling and upselling) and staying longer with you (increasing lifetime customer value).

The programs that you offer in your studio, I believe, is a place you need to invest in (energy, time and money). So often studio owners are asking me why their retention is low or why they can’t get more people to come to more than that first class and, while the teacher is crucial, so is the content they are teaching. This is your product - and the quality of your product (if you want to be the go to studio in your area) needs to be exceptional.

So when you’re looking at your product, break it down into all the different offerings you have and do an audit on each. Essentially you want to look at each of the revenue streams inside your business and evaluate them. If you’d like more information on revenue streams, check out my free training here on the 11 revenue streams that could be generating more revenue without enrolling ANY new students.


Marketing is to your dance studio what oxygen is to human beings. If you don’t have it, you’ll die. Promotion of your dance studio is a huge subject and one that we really dissect inside the association. However, when it comes to marketing your business you want to think of it in three parts.

- Increase the number of new students
- Increase the number of transactions per student
- Increase the lifetime value of the students

Let’s break these 3 down.

Increase the number of new students

Gone are the days of newspaper advertising. Say hello to online advertising! When it comes to generating new enquiries for your dance studio, you need to be up to date with what’s working today. With over 50 ways you could market your studio, it’s important that you’re only focusing on the few things that will get you a positive return on your investment.

Facebook advertising, email marketing, referral programs and strategic partners are highly effective ways to grow your student base. Download our free guide now - 7 Ways To Attract Students In 7 Days - if you want an easy to follow plan that will have you attracting new students in the next 7 days.

Increase the number of transactions per student

Growing new enrollments is important, but what many studio owners forget is that you already have a group of current students and dance families that already love being part of your tribe and a certain percent of those people would do more with you if you asked them.

I’m talking about increasing the amount of classes your current students do. If they are taking jazz, why not offer them to try the lyrical or tap class. There are many ways to promote all the different offerings you have in your studio to your current students. If you want to fill your classes in the next 30 days, check out these free video masterclasses with Instagram expert Sue B. Zimmerman, Copywriting king Ray Edwards and Customer attraction expert Amanda Bracks here.

Increase the lifetime value of the students
Retention of students is an important aspect of your business that you need to focus on because it’s always one of those things that can continually be improved.

Most studio owners report low retention when preschool aged students start school or when teen students find shopping, boys/girls and school exam pressures. These big drops in student numbers can be avoided by putting plans in place to ensure you continue growing the business while delivering the best classes in the area.

Before selling my dance studio, one thing I figured out early is that people lie and make excuses when it comes to why they are not coming back to dance, so it’s your job to ensure you get to the truth and then have a strategy in place to keep more of your students.

Working with thousands of studio owners over the past 7 years I know that retention is directly linked to teachers, programs and progression. Your job is to work out the formula for your studio so your student churn (students that leave you) stays low.

I’m very passionate about retention and it’s something we speak about continually in our online community of studio owners within DSOA.

There are the 3 things you need to be checking in on at least once a week when it comes to the marketing outside and within your dance studio. Don’t forget to grab your copy of our free guide 7 Ways To Attract Students In 7 Days here.


“If you don’t work, nothing does.” This is something I say over and over again and the reason you may have heard me say this time and time again is because there is no other sentence when it comes to being a studio owner that is truer.

Having created and sold three businesses, I know that during those times when I’m not looking after myself, taking time out each week, spending time with my friends and family, going on long weekends, eating and drinking foods that my body loves, keeping active and practicing my morning routine (including meditation) that my business suffers and so does everyone else that’s part of the business... including my customers.

One thing that we focus on in DSOA is supporting you and giving you the tools and resources so you can live an extraordinary life as a studio owner but also as a mother, father, partner and best friend.

Our association members have been lucky enough to learn from some mindset experts through our “members only” masterclasses including best selling Author of the Miracle Morning Hal Elrod, Marci Lock, Mia Michaels and Peter Sage (who worked with Tony Robbins) just to name a few.

Not only is learning from those who practice a success mindset daily crucial, but being able to surround yourself with other studio owners from around the world who share the same dream to build and grow their business, well that’s priceless.

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7 Ways To Attract Students In 7 Days

With so many options out there for studio owners when it comes to marketing your business it can become very overwhelming very quickly. Download our guide that shows you exactly how you can attract new students in just 7 days by implementing our marketing system.


Increase Profits Through Introducing
Additional Revenue Streams

Group classes is just one way dance studios generating revenue in their business and often they miss out when it comes to the other 10 ways you could be making more money in your business. Check out our
free training here
on the additional revenue streams that you could have up and running in your business today.


11 Step Enrollment Checklist To
Double New Student Enrollments

You want more new student enrollments but do you have a proven process from taking a new student enquiry through to being an enrolled student? Download our 11 step checklist for streamlining your enrollment process today so that you can start enrolling more new students tomorrow.


Streamline Your Administration
Systems (Save 10 Hours A Week)

Too often studio owners get caught up day after day doing admin work (working in the business instead of on the business). I want to help you get out of that rut and give you back 10 hours a week so that you can focus on the high value tasks that will grow your business.

Watch our free training here on how to get back your life and get your head out of admin!


Fill Your Dance Classes In 30 Days

Studio owners wait years and years to fill up their group classes but it certainly doesn’t need to be the case! Watch these free video masterclasses from Instagram expert Sue B Zimmerman, Copywriting kind Ray Edwards and Customer attraction queen Amanda Bracks for proven tactics on how to get your classes pumping this month. Get access to the video masterclasses here.


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Fill Your Dance Classes in 30 Days!

After opting in, we’ll send you occasional high-value content and access to certain DSOA promotions. You can opt-out at any time


Increase Profits
Through Introducing
Additional Revenue Streams