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Attention Dance Studio Owners

who are looking to rapidly grow
their dance studio:


“Discover How You Can Quickly And Easily

Double Your New Student Numbers

And Multiply Your Revenue Without Increasing the Number of Hours You’re Working in Your Studio!”

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From the Desk of Clint Salter
New York, NY


Dear Studio Owner,

If you’ve ever wanted to attract more students without sounding like a salesperson then this will be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Because I am personally going to show you how to increase your new student numbers allowing you to impact more lives. And I'll show you how to increase your retention without having to deal with students leaving through the back door of your studio.

But before I do that, let me tell you the story of how I was able to overcome the guesswork of attracting, enrolling and retaining more students

You love dance. You love teaching. You love your students. But nobody taught you how to actually make a living out of it and how to make sure that you have enough students consistently walking through your studio doors.

You deserve to do what you love… what drives you… what fills your soul. More than that — your students and your community deserve what you have to give. 


When I owned my own studio, my number one concern was ensuring that I was getting enough new students coming through the door, getting those students enrolled, and retaining as many as I could for as long as I could.  I knew if I solved these issues, I would be able to not only keep the doors open, but I could actually fall in love with dance all over again! Afterall, my DREAM was to be able to make money, while doing something I absolutely LOVE. 

After Experiencing

The Uncertainty Of Not Knowing The BEST Way To Attract New Students

I Decided To Do Something About It!!!

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And here’s the thing...after working tirelessly, I was able to grow my studio from 30 students in a community hall to a thriving studio with hundreds of students, classes at capacity and multiple revenue streams in the business.


I ended up selling my half of the studio after 5 years and for the last seven years I’ve been working with dance studio owners just like you to help them grow their business without the growth consuming their life!


Today my team and I impact the lives of over 33,000+ dance studio owners globally each week through our programs, podcasts, newsletters, trainings, live events and resources and we’d love to help you go to the next level in your business to transform your studio!


So after I was able to solve the problem of attracting and enrolling students with consistency, I decided…

Why Not Make The Ability To

Attract Students In Droves

Available To Everyone!!!

I combined all the research…all the hours I spent researching increasing student numbers into a single solution that’ll make attracting, enrolling, and retaining students as easy as a simple on/off switch.


You’ll get all the tips and techniques that will allow you to CONSISTENTLY attract new students, enroll those students in your studio, and turn them into raving students that stay for years when you invest in: 


The name says it all!

We’ve created a brand new program based on what our members want the most...

This program is completely unique and is something that we have never offered before. EVER.

You and other dance studio owners have been telling us you want to "Grow." And we've been making this happen for thousands of dance studios across the US, Canada, UK, Australia and beyond.

But recently, we challenged ourselves to see how we can help you GROW...

...More students
...More money
...More marketing
...More quickly than ever before!

The results? We’ve created the most comprehensive program anywhere for continually getting record numbers of students (and revenue) flowing into your studio.

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So what exactly IS The Student Attraction Intensive?

It’s On-Demand Student Attraction Curriculum and coaching

Think of our Student Attraction Curriculum as a university for Dance Studio Owners. At the heart of the curriculum are three core subjects completely mapped out for you. The Growth Level will give you the foundation you need and will cover the 3 core pillars:


We’ll help you create a student attraction strategy that brings a record number of new students coming to check out your studio.


You’ll learn our “secret sauce” to converting the vast majority of the potential students coming through your doors into enrolled students.


Once you have record numbers coming through your doors, you’ll learn the best engagement strategies that will both hold on to these students AND turn them into your raving fans!

For each of the core principles, you're going to get done-FOR-you and done-WITH-you (yes we'll be coaching you along the way) resources so you'll know exactly what needs to be accomplished in your dance studio to GROW. These will be your "plug and play" systems that you will use over and over again to get more students.

When you join The Student Attraction Intensive, you'll get:

  • Weekly training videos on the topic of the week where we walk you through PROVEN strategies that are working NOW!
  • Weekly workbooks that outline each week's implementation so you'll know exactly what steps to follow to get powerful attraction, enrollment, and retention results
  • Done-For-You templates and scripts
  • Access to our Private DSOA Facebook group where we'll share new strategies, wins from our members, and hold you accountable
  • Facebook ads crash course from our studio growth ads expert Tracy Morgan
  • Two additional seats at NO cost for anyone on your staff to join you in the Intensive
  • And much more!

How we got here:

I’m sure you know that in the DSOA, we have a couple of different programs.
Our Inner Circle Program is for studio owners who want to grow and
optimize each of the core pillars of a dance studio:

1. Offering

programs and product

2. Marketing

student attraction and retention

3. Finances

more revenue and higher profits

4. Operations

systems and processes

5. Leadership

your team

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Being a part of the Inner Circle requires a 5-figure investment and, while most of our members make back 3-12 times their investment in the first 12 months, I know that laying out that amount of cash upfront is a challenge for most studio owners.

We also have our Dance Studio Owners Association (DSOA) membership. It’s our entry level program for dance studio owners and covers the basics of running a studio. But the DSOA will only get you so far, and there’s no accountability or coaching provided at this level. 

Due to popular demand, we created a BRAND NEW program that is a module based course for those studio owners who want to focus on the marketing piece of the puzzle. 

By that I mean new student attraction and retention strategies that can get you in a great place financially so you can start dramatically scaling your business. 

We want to work with studio owners who are hungry and committed to enrolling more students and building their Empire.

So, how does all this work exactly?


The Curriculum:

As a studio owner, we understand that there are a lot of challenges.  But we want to take you through tackling these in a way that creates the greatest long term success. That means we’re starting with your student numbers and revenue.  Once we sort these, we can move forward with the rest. But for now, you need to fill those classes and bring in the $$$.

That’s my ‘special sauce’ and what I’m known for - maximizing the space in your studio by helping you max out your classes. 

That’s exactly what we are going to be doing with this intensive.

The program is a mix of training and coaching. 

Each week we’ll release a video training where I’ll be coaching you through the process and also help you through any challenges that come up as you implement my systems. 

The focus will be on holding you accountable and implementing what I teach. Yes, you will need to do the work but I’ll be there to help you every step of the way. 

So here is what we are going to cover across the 12 weeks.


The Customer Journey

I’ve never spoken about this outside of the Inner Circle. It’s the most crucial element of a successful student attraction plan. During week 1, I’m going to teach you about mapping out the steps your customers take - starting with when they learn about you, all the way to enrolling in your studio. I’m going to lay out my plan for how it should be done. Make no mistake, if you don’t get this right then anything else you do won’t be as effective.

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The Enrollment Process

Do you have an enrollment process that consistently gets 95+% to sign up? Probably not. During week 2, you're going to have a complete enrollment process implemented into your studio. No gaps, no inconsistencies. None of this "we've never been asked that before" guessing and making stuff up as you go. You and your team will all be on the same page dealing with new inquiries efficiently, effectively and consistently closing those who walk through your studio doors.

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Creating Your Student Attraction Marketing Plan

Imagine having a complete student attraction marketing plan..one where the guesswork was completely removed. No more throwing your marketing out there and "just see what sticks." Instead, you'll have a step-by-step plan that you will follow which leverages all three pillars of marketing.

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Implementation Week

There will be no new content delivered this week. Instead, we will be focusing on IMPLEMENTATION for the entire week. This is a good time for you to catch up, having me by your side, helping you move through your student attraction plan.

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Content Calendar

Wouldn't it be great to know exactly what you're going to provide your students over the course of an entire year? 

How about we create a Content Calendar for you for the next 30 days. Then you can take that plan and repeat it month after month. I’m going to share with you exactly what to do on Facebook and Instagram daily to ensure you’re always top of mind. Your Content Calendar is what will help you RETAIN your students and keep them from going to another studio down the road.

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Paid Advertising

If you've tried paid ads, you know what a money pit they can be... when they're done wrong! You can be a master Facebook and Instagram marketer. In week 6, you'll get FIVE masterclasses from our Facebook Ads Guru Tracy Morgan during this week. You'll get the exact strategy you need when it comes to executing your Facebook ads. You'll be shown step-by-step (I’m literally going to show you my screen) how to run your ads, but even more, how to make your marketing pay you (with new students.) No guesswork here, it’s all laid out for you.

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Building a Knockout brand

Want to knockout your competitors? Then you'll need to a "knockout brand!" We'll help you create a new level of branding that will set you apart from all the others. You'll no longer look and sound the same as the other studios. You're going to have a brand that is authentic to you, telling your story, building your studio and your expertise. You'll be the "go to dance studio" in your market!

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Outside The Box Marketing

What if you had a way to learn from some of the biggest and fastest growing dance studios in the world? Over the years, I've been helping these studios grow through their marketing and I'm going to share some of the "outside the box" marketing methods that will get your studio in front of your prospects. And the best part is - some of these marketing tools are FREE (costing you nothing!). And all of the techniques, have been tried and tested again and again so that you'll know that the number of new students you get will more than cover the investment of your marketing.

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Implementation Week

There will be no new content delivered this week. Instead, we will be focusing on IMPLEMENTATION for the entire week. This is a good time for you to catch up, having me by your side, helping you move through your student attraction plan.


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Keeping Students All Year Round

It's one thing to get a new student, it's another to keep them month after month and year after year. After all, who wants to have a studio where you're always scrambling to replace outgoing students with new students in an endless cycle while you just barely stay afloat? As your studio grows you need to ensure the customers don’t feel like they are just a number. We are going to tackle this and I’ll give you 3 of my systems for increasing your retention by 20% across the year.

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The Customer Experience

Let's face it! When it comes to running a dance studio, you have the students and you have the parents. They're both your customers. You're going to be able to provide an experience that they both can’t get anywhere else. You're going to be able to make them feel like they are the only person at your studio. This will blow your mind (and theirs)!




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Wrap Up Week

This is your chance to ask any final questions about what you are implementing from the Intensive. I’ll be running calls during this week to support and transition you to do what I taught on your own (or with your team, if you have one!). By this stage you will have achieved the new student goals we set at the beginning of your Intensive and you’ll be on your way to achieving your big 12 month goal.

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Everything you see listed above is what you need to succeed when it comes to "attracting" new students every week, getting them "enrolled" in your studio and "retaining" them month after month. You're going to get the foundation in just 12 weeks.

Like I said - this is a training and coaching experience unlike any online courses you’ve ever been a part of or researched.

At the beginning of the intensive, we will set your student attraction goals for the 3 months and each week I’ll be checking in to see where you’re at. 

And best of all, you get two FREE seats to add two of your studio staff members to join the Student Attraction Intensive with you!

Our Team will be alongside you every step of the way.

Yes, you may feel uncomfortable during our time working together. But just like you do with your students, you take that discomfort and help them grow and dance like they never could before. And that's what we're going to help you do together. You're going to have me with you the entire way, training and coaching you to help push you and your dance studio to the next level.

I will be your #1 cheerleader and together we will get you to your goal number of new students that we set. 


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Here’s what you get in a nutshell:

Intensive weekly training & coaching with me

No coaches or other people, just me. Clint showing up every week with a training video guiding you through an immersive training on our topic for the week.


Our Facebook Group

12 months membership to the Dance Studio Owners Association (DSOA) will help you maintain your progress. With the DSOA, you'll have a network of 900+ fellow studio owners who you can turn to for advice along with me and my team.


Team Access

You will be able to bring along up to two of your team members for the journey. They will be able to jump into the Facebook group and onto the training and coaching calls. If you have team members, then this in itself is going to be worth the investment. 


This has been absolutely life changing for me with both business growth and personal growth. And the results came incredibly fast! I was able to get 220 new student trials in just one week!

Rebecca Liu-Brennan

Paws Studio

This has been absolutely life changing for me with both business growth and personal growth. And the results came incredibly fast! I was able to get 220 new student trials in just one week!

Rebecca Liu-Brennan

Paws Studio

I don’t think I need to remind you that our Inner Circle members pay 4 times more than this, but I will because you need to see the value of the intensive.

My best stuff on marketing your dance studio for only $1,499!

But we still know that with a studio that’s growing, $1,499 all at once can be a lot. This is such helpful information that will transform your studio, we’re actually going to act as your “bank” with this payment offer!

You can choose to take advantage of our monthly payment plan of $249 per month. The payment can feel like less of a burden...and the improvements you will gain over the year will be WELL worth the investment in your own studio!

So, let’s talk about that investment and do a little math. I know, I’m sorry...but it’s good math!

Let’s say you get just 50 new students in our 12 weeks together. Just 50.

Let’s assume they pay $12 a class and do only 1 class a week. We know you’ll work to get them into more classes, but let’s be conservative and say 1 per week. (Most will do more as I’m going to teach you how to get more students in more classes.)

So that’s…

50 students x $12 x 40 weeks = $24,000. 

That’s the bare minimum you will get if you follow the steps I give you in the Intensive.

But let’s say after the 12 weeks you keep following the systems.

Let’s say you have some low months so you only get 150 new students in the next 12 months…

150 students x $12 x 40 weeks = $72,000. 
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So, wouldn’t you say investing $1,499 to make at least 12 times that amount back makes sense?


I do. But hey, it’s up to you. 


Only you can make the decision to get the help you need to hit your student goals.


I hope we get to work together, but in the end if you don’t want to take me up on the invitation, no worries! 

This training has been absolutely invaluable! With the marketing strategies I learned, I was able to increase new student enrollment from 150 to 260 in just a couple of months.

Darby Pack

The Maryland Academy of Dance

This training has been absolutely invaluable! With the marketing strategies I learned, I was able to increase new student enrollment from 150 to 260 in just a couple of months.

Darby Pack

The Maryland Academy of Dance

So...what do you need to do to join the Intensive? Just click one of the links below and decide whether you want to pay in full or select the payment plan.

Then, we'll send through our intake questionnaire to get to know your studio, and get started with a student attraction plan!

Like I said before, I’m super passionate about the new curriculum.

Of course, if you have any questions, message them to me at [email protected] and or message me on Facebook and I'll get right back to you. I’m here to help and I want you to make the best decision for you and your business… which I know is going to be the Intensive.

Let’s do this!

Clint 🙂
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P.S.  Would you like me to sweeten the deal? How about “NO RISK!”

I am SO confident in this program - especially based on past experience - that I will refund your program fee in full if you do not earn back the amount you paid for the program within 6 months.

This guarantee is valid provided you stay in the program for the minimum period (12 weeks), view all of the modules and implement 100% of what I teach in the curriculum. If you do, you WILL have success - so join us!!

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The investment for you is only $1,499 For the lifetime access to the complete Student Attraction Intensive


1 payment of $1,499


7 payments of $249

The content and support has been amazing and I was able to surpass all of my student goals. With the material in the program I was able to add 150 new enrolled students into my studio!

Michelle Hopper Doyle

LAUNCH Performing Arts Centre

The content and support has been amazing and I was able to surpass all of my student goals. With the material in the program I was able to add 150 new enrolled students into my studio!

Michelle Hopper Doyle

LAUNCH Performing Arts Centre

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