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Build your high-value dream team

and stop sacrificing your genius to rescue everyone

January 22, 2024 | 12pm - 2pm ET

Advanced leadership methods to right-size your team
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THE Mastery EVENT Begins In…


What have you been DYING to accomplish? What keeps getting pushed to the back burner because you "never have time"?

And when was the last time you were able to complete your entire high-level CEO task list without interruption? The strategic, creative, visionary tasks that only you can do. 


  • Answering enrollment or scheduling questions that are CLEARLY listed on the studio website
  • Cleaning toddler fingerprints off the mirrors yet again…
  • Or re-explaining the quirks of your sound system to an instructor who should know better by now. 

Your ability to focus on deep work and create a living, breathing studio out of NOTHING is the only reason your business exists. And here’s a hard truth:

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It takes TWENTY-THREE minutes to refocus after a distraction.

So if those distractions are frequent, you could be losing out on hours of work that would propel your studio to the next level. 

You’re not going to become (or remain) THE go-to studio in your area if you can’t stay in your zone of genius without someone interrupting you with a problem that they should be able to solve on their own.

But there’s more to building your dream team than encouraging accountability and removing distractions from your schedule.

The SIZE of your team also needs to be perfectly scaled to your studio’s needs.

When your team is too small, your staff can’t keep up with their workload without crashing and burning. This results in:

  • Instructor injuries and illnesses with no coverage during peak rehearsal weeks
  • Frequent class cancellations that result in lost revenue and disappointed families
  • And a “revolving door” of staff members that won’t fully commit.

But having a team that’s too large can also set you back. Oversized teams: 

  • Are wildly expensive
  • Tend to be chaotic and inefficient
  • Discourage ownership over work because “someone else can pick up the slack.”

You’ve worked too hard for too long to lose momentum because an improperly-sized team is draining your time, money, and energy.

Your first step to calming the chaos and ending the overwhelm?

Sign up for Studio CEO Mastery: Advanced Leadership Methods to Right-Size Your Team by clicking below.

Still not sure if this exclusive, expert-led masterclass is right for you?

Answer the following questions honestly:

  1. Is your skeleton crew struggling to keep up with the amount of work that needs to be done? Would you hire someone else if you felt like you had the budget for it? 
  2. Despite the number of people running around, does it feel impossible for your team to accomplish anything beyond the bare minimum? Are you always putting out fires even though things SHOULD BE under control?
  3. Do you feel like no matter what you do or say, your staff isn’t taking ownership of their work? Does it feel like getting people to show up strong is like pulling teeth?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, click below immediately. Studio CEO Mastery: Advanced Leadership Methods to Right-Size Your Team was created with you in mind.

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Join Olivia Mode-Cater, Dance Industry CEO and DSOA Director, to learn:

  • How to calculate the TRUE value each staff member brings to your studio
  • The secret to leveraging a lean team without overwhelm
  • What to do when you can't afford to hire the team you need 
  • Key negotiation strategies to make sure your team is boosting your studio’s revenue
  • And exactly which words and phrases will inspire your team to return your investment in their careers.

This is a LIVE event hosted on Zoom. And unlike other team-building seminars, Studio CEO Mastery: Advanced Leadership Methods to Right-Size Your Team is custom-tailored to the unique demands you face as a dance studio CEO. 

Olivia leverages an entire lifetime in the dance world (along with firsthand entrepreneurial experience) to bring you the advanced techniques you need to manage your team like a powerhouse Studio CEO. 

If you’re ready to: 

  • Sail through all your high-level creative tasks without having to worry about mundane details
  • Feel like you’ve made a great investment when paychecks go out
  • Experience a studio community that feels like family
  • And never have to question your staff’s dedication…

You can’t miss
this opportunity!

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