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Banish Discounts,
Drama, & Doubt

Monday July 22 | 12 – 2 pm ET

If you’re tired of the trauma, done with the discounts, and fed up with feeling like a fraud... join the DSOA’s Olivia Mode-Cater, Alisa Finney, and Jodi Schilling for this Studio CEO masterclass.


Is it Time for a Detox?

Dance studio drama took the reality TV world by storm for a REASON.


Emotions run high.


Creative temperaments flare.


Competitive spirits rise.


People say outrageous things in the heat of the moment.

Everyone is stressed, half-dressed for their number with only a few seconds to spare, and one word away from a drama smackdown that would make even the toughest professional wrestler clutch his pearls. 

But when it’s happening in your own studio…

There’s nothing entertaining or theatrical about it.

Not only is dance drama heartbreaking, but it also commonly results in real, devastating damage to your studio that can take years to fix.  

Broken relationships. Lasting stress. Loss of community. Financial ruin. Kids that never want to dance again.

If your studio has ever been tainted by toxicity, you’ve probably felt overwhelmed and confused. Drama sweeps you away because it often feels like it came out of nowhere.  


Something small spirals into something bigger.

Then, before you know it, things escalate so quickly it can feel impossible to stay in control. Everything you do makes the situation worse.

All you can do is keep your head above water and try to survive.


Drama isn’t inevitable. It’s predictable and preventable…

And it’s usually a symptom of bigger, underlying issues.

Often, studio drama also thrives alongside “discount culture,” and experiencing imposter syndrome as a leader.



All you have to do is implement specific boundaries, set yourself up for success with better systems, and rebuild your confidence with the help of a positive, supportive community that wants to see you succeed.

And DSOA is here to help with a new, 2-hour masterclass: 


CEOs Guide To Overcoming Discounts, Drama, and Doubt

Drama-free dance studios have a few key things in common. The most important one?


Instead of allowing families and staff members to run the show, confident Studio CEOs have strong boundaries and solid systems that can’t be pushed over.  

Many studio owners are afraid that people will stop liking them or go somewhere else for classes if they stick up for themselves, charge their worth, and stop tolerating unproductive behavior.  

But the OPPOSITE is true. 

When you commit to detoxing your studio, your dance families and staff will feel safer, happier, and more comfortable. The more confident you become as a leader, the more cooperative people will get.  

They’ll be EXCITED to walk through your door instead of stressed, hostile, and looking for a fight.  


Join Dance Studio Detox to:

Build a studio that feels like a second home to your staff and students.

Inspire your dance families to pay what your classes are WORTH instead of hustling you for price cuts.

Crush drama before it happens with moment-to-moment conflict resolution skills.

Create kindness, empathy, and positivity instead of cutthroat competitiveness.

And ditch your imposter syndrome for good.


Who Is Dance Studio Detox For?

Any studio owner who has ever tried to keep their ship afloat in a disastrous storm of drama, discounts, and self-doubt.

But there are 3 groups of Studio Sea-EOs who will benefit most from this training.


1. The Soon To Be Shipwrecked:

You’re currently stuck in a drama spiral, you have no idea how much lost revenue discounts are costing you, and you aren’t sure if your studio will survive the chaos.

If this is you, drop everything and click HERE for an emergency rescue.

Even if you’re taking on water, your sails are in tatters, and there are jagged rocks ahead… you are not doomed, and you CAN regain control of your studio, recover financially, and get your crew to safety.

We’ll break down your next steps in a positive, non-judgmental environment where you’ll be surrounded by other studio owners who understand what you’re going through.

Just click below to finish registering and hang in there for just a little longer– the training is on July 22nd, so help is on the way!  


2. The Calm Before
the Storm:

Everything is okay right now, but incidents pop up sometimes and you're ready for an intentional plan to reel-in the discounts.

It takes a LOT of self-awareness to see the negative patterns your studio is stuck in, and you should be proud of yourself for choosing to break them NOW instead of later.

While Dance Studio Detox is great for emergency rescue, it’s also designed to strengthen your ship so you can weather any storm that comes your way. During the Calm is when you want to put a plan in place to get your fee structure where it should be. 

Sign up now to prepare for smooth sailing. 

With better boundaries and improved business structure, you’ll be able to sail into your Fall season worry-free.  


3. The Confident Captains:

You’re pretty good at dealing with drama already, but you’re dedicated to leveling up your leadership skills. Professional development is your passion, and you take pride in mediating conflict and mentoring others through tough times.

Good job, Captain– not only are you sailing smoothly, but you’re also looking out for others in need. You’re dedicated to making the seas safer for everyone (aka uplifting the dance industry, spreading positivity, and building community).  

Use Dance Studio Detox as a free professional development opportunity that will help you get to the next level.

You’ll learn new conflict resolution tools and sharpen key leadership skills (like delegating tasks and encouraging accountability). Plus, you’ll be able to reflect on what’s currently working in your studio, identify anything that’s not, and create a strategic plan for the future.  

In addition to signing yourself up, consider reaching out to a fellow Studio CEO you care about who might be navigating choppy waters right now.  

Meet Your Detox Leader

Olivia Mode-Cater


Hi! I’m Olivia Mode-Cater, Director of the Dance Studio Owners Association, and I leverage a lifetime of firsthand experience in the dance world to help you conquer studio drama, earn the money you deserve, and rebuild your confidence as a leader.  

My work has been showcased in Dance Teacher Magazine, Dance Business Weekly, Dance Studio Life Magazine, the Business of Dance Podcast, and the Transform My Dance Studio Podcast.  

I’ve had a lot of practice resolving conflict, setting boundaries, and building bridges in the dance world. I started early by helping behind the desk at my grandparents’ dance studio as a kid– and now I’ve held multiple leadership positions in the dance world.  

My grandparents focused on creating community first, and the result was a studio with a caring, compassionate culture that felt like a second home to everyone who walked through the door.  

I’m here to help you build an environment like that for yourself, your dancers, and your staff– because you all deserve the happiness, connection, and creative freedom that a non-toxic dance studio can provide.

I’ll be joined by industry powerhouses, Alisa Finney and Jodi Schilling

Alisa Finney Headshot

Alisa and Jodi have weathered all the storms in their own successful dance studios and are passionate about coaching other studio owners to build the studios they deserve. 


Price: $0

No need to pull out your credit card this time – Dance Studio Detox is FREE OF CHARGE.

Mark Your Calendar:

Dance Studio Detox is ONE DAY ONLY. 

It’s on July 22nd, 2024, from 12 – 2 pm ET.



If you want to start next season with a clean slate and create positivity, empathy, and togetherness in your studio, do not wait.

Sign up now!

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