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​​​​​​​Breakthrough Strategies For Achieving Record Student Attraction, Enrollment, Retention, And Studio Growth

In The Masterclass You'll Learn

In The Masterclass You'll Learn

  • The “Attract” sequence that gets new parents and students flocking to your studio in droves!
  • The “Enroll” sequence that not only gets students through the door but has them signing the enrollment forms the first day they come in.
  • The “Stay” strategy that has your students staying at your studio for longer.
  • The “Refer” strategy that has your students and parents turning into raving fans who bring their friends to you.

Are Your Ready To Smash Your Studio Goals This Year?

Hey there Dance Studio Owner! You’ve come to the right place if you’re truly ready to break through the struggle and overwhelm of trying to grow your dance studio.


Because I get it. I’ve been in your shoes and it’s NOT easy. And when you go about “figuring it out” alone, it can feel IMPOSSIBLE, where you feel lost when it comes to:

Creating marketing campaigns to attract new students.

Putting together a rock solid enrollment process that converts those new student trials, into actual enrollments

Getting the students that you work so hard to get into your studio, to stay for years to come.

And creating the type of environment in your studio that makes your students and parents fall in love with your studio and spread the word.

And in the Studio Growth Masterclass, I’m going walk you through EXACTLY how to achieve record studio growth this year by implementing strategies that are working RIGHT NOW for student attraction, enrollment and retention.

But you need to register to get access!

Here’s What You’ll Have After Attending The Masterclass

A proven strategy for attracting new students

These are tried and tested marketing strategies that are working NOW. No more guesswork on your end. These are strategies that are producing major results for our Studio Success Formula members.

Our 11-Step Enrollment Process

This is the exact system we implement for every studio owner we work with because it’s simply the BEST process that exists for student enrollment that requires minimal work on your end.

The ‘secret sauce’ for record retention

The majority of your revenue will come from KEEPING your students. So I’m going to show you how to get your retention up over the 90% mark.

My “go to” studio strategy

If you’re ready to become the “go to” studio in your area, then this strategy will get every student and parent that walks through your doors, literally addicted to your studio, and raving about it to anyone who will listen!


If You’re Ready For Record Growth This Year, Then Register For The Studio Growth Masterclass

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