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Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You’ve been planning on running a summer camp all year. It's a great way to get some much needed extra income for your studio and it’s a great opportunity to keep students engaged with your studio between terms.

You look up one day and realize, “Oh crap! It’s already May!” 

You throw together a curriculum, scramble to schedule teachers and make a last ditch effort to get the word out only to recognize that parents have already committed to vacations and summer activies outside your studio.

The Dance Studio Summer Camp Nightmare

One week before camp is supposed to start, you realize you only have 3 dancers enrolled. You’re forced to cancel the whole thing.

You let the parents of those 3 students know that  camp is cancelled and you offer a discount on a month’s worth of classes to make up for it.

It’s even harder to let your teachers know, though. Now they have to run out and get a second job to make ends meet this summer.

How do you avoid this nightmare scenario?

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The key is to do all the heavy lifting well before summer arrives.

Planning your summer camp in advance puts parents at ease knowing that their child will have a reliable activity in the summer.

It gives you time to properly market your summer camp and make sure those classes are full.

It gives your teachers a source of income they can count on during the summer.

Who doesn’t want happy staff, satisfied parents and excited students?!

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The DSOA is proud to unite the highest caliber of dance-studio-specific training, resources, support, and strategic coaching in the world.

Our world-class Inner Circle coaching team — featuring Clint Salter, Shannon Westveer, Hillary Parnell, Cara Poppitt, Jodi Shilling, Olivia Mode-Cater, and many more — works closely with members to define strategic visions and crystal-clear roadmaps tailored to their studio goals and measurements of success.

Together, this collective genius has fine-tuned the systems and practices to make every aspect of running a dance studio more profitable and more enjoyable!

That’s what we're here for. To help studio owners attract more students, feel confident as the studio CEO and feel less stressed.

And this Sold Out Summer Camps Guide is here to do just that! So if you want to take advantage of this comprehensive FREE Summer Camp Guide, snag it NOW!

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Inside, you’ll find several resources to get you on track for the most successful summer in your studio’s history.

  • 10 proven, battle-tested tips for a sold-out summer camp
  • Pro Tips to make your life easier
  • 30 days worth of content ideas to promote your summer camp

Ready to enjoy a stress-free and super successful summer?

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Check out what other studio owners had to say


"We have 17 summer camps this summer (more than ever) and moved from 3 days to 5 days. We only have FOUR spots left for the whole summer with waitlists in multiple camps. Woohoo! We have 72 dancers ages 3-10 enrolled in those camps.”

Carolyn Simpson Wells,
Dance by Design Studios

“My first LOL camp of 20 is SOLD OUT!!! Adding another one!! I’ve never had a summer camp sold out this time of year! — feeling grateful.”

Angela Mannella-Hoffman,
Moore than Dance


“I’m at the end of day one of Summer Registration. I’ve filled 112 slots and can cover all my summer expenses. I still have plenty of openings in all but one camp. Plan great summer activities… our dancers are starving for classes and parents are looking for activities.”

Kathleen Kelble, Pembroke School of Performing Arts

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FREE Sold Out Summer Camp System

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