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Keep your mindset positive, your team motivated and your sanity in check in the face of this “new normal.”


Leverage your current financial assets and create stability out of uncertainty with a reliable financial and legal plan for the future.


Launch and attract new students into your online studio with zero-cost marketing strategies, consistent high-quality content and a supportive online community.

Keep your studio family happy, engaged and NOT asking for refunds with crisis communication, branding and messaging strategies that work best in times like these.

Leverage the very latest, cutting edge Facebook ad strategies to attract even more of your ideal online students. 

Take purposeful action by leveraging this time to create buzz around your eventual studio “reopen” so that when that day comes, you and your studio are positioned for maximum success.

* Immediate access to all 8 hours of DSRS content


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Save Your Studio & Your Sanity: 

How to Keep Your Virtual Team Engaged, Keep Your Studio Afloat & Keep Your Sanity in Check on Lockdown 

With Kim McSwain, Renowned Choreographer & Dance Teacher  

Kim McSwain is widely known for her master classes with top studios in the convention and competition circuits. Kim has studied dance and performed all over the U.S. and her students have received countless awards and scholarships. Many of Kim’s students have moved on to dance with celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Pink, Justin Timberlake, and Janet Jackson. We can’t wait for Kim to share everything she’s learned on the Dance Studio Rescue Summit!


What You’ll Learn

  • Motivational hacks for harnessing your creativity and staying sane while managing your virtual dance studio from home. 
  • Time management skills and techniques to keep you productive and putting one foot in front of the other during uncertain times. 
  • How to motivate and connect with your team members virtually to ensure they continue delivering an incredible experience to your dance family.


Retention over Refunds: 

Communication Techniques to Retain Your Students, Lower Your Refunds and Build Trust with Your Studio Family 

With Phil M. Jones, Best-selling Author, Multiple Award-winner & One of the Most Sought After Speakers in The World  

Phil M. Jones is a best-selling author of Exactly What To Say, Exactly How To Sell, and Exactly Where To Start. He started his first business at the age of 14 and is the youngest recipient of the British Excellence in Sales and Marketing award. To date, over 2 million people across 57 different countries have benefitted from his lessons on how to communicate in a way that cultivates clients for life. We can’t wait for you to experience Phil’s session on the Dance Studio Rescue Summit (it’s going to be a game-changer!).

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What You’ll Learn

  • How to communicate about your online class prices without sounding defensive or greedy, even if you’re charging the same as in person classes. 
  • Communication tips and best practices to not only keep your studio family engaged, but be a calm voice of reason during this time of panic. 
  • How to easily and ethically “sell” your summer camps and fall classes, despite the uncertainty of our current circumstances.
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Studio Success Mindset: 

How to Cultivate a Mindset of Strength, Resilience & Empowerment for You & Your Studio Family  

With Liz Imperio, Director & Choreographer  

After 24 years in the convention circuit, Liz Imperio has become one of the most sought after choreographers in the business. She was recently named Honorary Artistic Director and was commissioned to set new works celebrating the 50th anniversary of Giordano's Jazz Dance Chicago. Liz is known for her masterful skills as a motivator and dance teacher throughout the world; from K-Broadway in Japan, to Dance Life Studio in Sweden to Harmonic Studios in Paris, among many others. Liz is very proud to be a partner and founder of her own Los Angeles-based production company Liz Imperio Productions and we’re very proud to have her join our Dance Studio Rescue Summit lineup!

What You’ll Learn

  • Steps you can take TODAY to strengthen your studio and leadership skills. 
  • How to support your students and teachers through this transition time and empower them to thrive despite the current circumstances. 
  • How to start viewing this crisis as an opportunity for growth and use this time wisely (so that when the rebound happens you are ready to soar!). 


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* 32% off, one time purchase

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Laying Down the (Virtual) Law: 

How to Run Your Virtual Studio Dance Classes Safely & Legally

With Cory Sterling, Founder Conscious Counsel  

Cory Sterling is a business lawyer who leads with his heart (not just his head). As the founder of Conscious Counsel, Cory has hosted legal workshops all over the world and in just 2 years has earned more than 85 five star reviews on Google. A true explorer, Cory’s mission is to serve his clients while traveling, expanding his perspective and growing as both a lawyer and human being. Cory believes that life must be enjoyed and brings that energy to every interaction he has. We can’t wait for you to witness Cory in action on the Dance Studio Rescue Summit! 

What You’ll Learn

  • Which legal documents you need to successfully and safely operate your virtual dance studio.
  • How to protect your studio and yourself with a waiver for your students and dance families to sign. 
  • The media release your faculty members need to sign so that you can legally leverage their classes online.


Conquering COVID-19: 

Survive & Even Thrive During the COVID Crisis by Delivering Consistent Content, Communicating Clearly & Collaborating with Your Community 

With Hillary Parnell, Dance Studio Owner & Studio Growth Coach at DSOA  

Hillary Parnell is an entrepreneur, mother of 4 incredible boys and consummate do-it-yourselfer. She’s the founder of the Academy for the Performing Arts and Preschool for the Arts with over 700 students and 50 employees. Hillary has been featured in Dance Studio Life Magazine, been awarded the Think Apex Award for dedicated service to her community in addition to numerous other community awards. Hillary has cracked the code on creating a business that practically runs itself and now she helps other studio owners do the same thing! We can’t wait to see what she’s cooked up for the Dance Studio Rescue Summit.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How to structure your virtual dance classes and other content so that your dance studio family keeps coming back for more.
  • The exact virtual communication schedule you need to keep your families engaged, informed and enthusiastic about continuing to dance with you. 
  • Why online community building is the #1 thing you can do right now to set your studio up for success during this challenging time (plus Hillary’s proven community building recommendations and strategies).
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Certain Finances in Uncertain Circumstances: 

Leverage Your Current Cash Flow and Create a Reliable Financial Plan that Provides Stability in these Uncertain Times 

With Robert Gauvreau, Founder & Award Winning Business Advisor at Gauvreau & Associates  

Robert Gauvreau is the founder of Gauvreau & Associates CPA, a firm that specializes in providing entrepreneurs with the financial clarity they need to achieve extraordinary financial results. He’s the best selling author of The Wealthy Entrepreneur and has helped more than 500 entrepreneurs get their financial numbers on track. If anyone knows how to mitigate the financial effects of this crisis, it’s this guy, so we’re thrilled he’s joined the Dance Studio Rescue Summit! 

What You’ll Learn

  • Current cash-flow resource planning: Where to put the money you already have so that it yields the best financial outcome. 
  • How the Dance Studio financial model has changed and how to evaluate your financial future moving forward. 
  • How to craft a financial plan that leverages the new opportunities presented by this crisis, and how to execute that plan.


Pandemic-Proof Facebook Ads: 

How to Attract New Online Students by Leveraging the Latest Facebook Ads Strategies

With Tracy Morgan, Marketing Strategist & Facebook Ads Coach at DSOA  

Tracy Leigh Morgan is a 25+ year marketing strategist with experience in both online and brick and mortar business in the retail, tech, hospitality, publishing, non-profit and service industries. Known as the Facebook Ads “Fairy Godmother” in the online world, Tracy coaches business owners towards smart and accessible audience building, helps them optimize their digital marketing budgets and ensures offer/audience alignment. Tracy has TONS of experience starting and growing businesses of all sizes and we’re thrilled to have her join the Dance Studio Rescue Summit!

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What You’ll Learn

  • How COVID-19 has changed Facebook advertising over the last few weeks and what’s actually working for other studio owners right now. 
  • Which content is getting the most traction and engagement on Facebook so you don’t waste time creating content that ends up flopping. 
  • How to set up or restructure your Facebook ads so you get the best return on investment possible during this lockdown.


all of these sessions!
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* 32% off, one time purchase

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7 Days to a Virtual Studio that Slays: 

How To Launch & Promote Your Online Dance Studio in Under 7 Days

With Kody Thompson, Founder of DanceSites & DSOA Website and Tech Coach  

Kody is an award-winning entrepreneur, international speaker and founder of the hugely successful web development company Sites At Scale. He started his first business with just $250 worth of business cards. 5 years later, Kody turned that $250 investment into over $1.5M in profit. Since then, Kody has built over 1,000 websites and has generated an excess of 500,000 leads for his 500+ clients. This guy knows online marketing and lead generation like the back of his hand, which is why we’re thrilled to have Kody join our Dance Studio Rescue Summit lineup!

What You’ll Learn

  • How to create an irresistible online offer that successfully attracts new students into your virtual dance studio. 
  • The 4 core web design elements you need to get your students’ attention and (key word:) keep it when you’re running virtual dance classes. 
  • How to restructure your business model to fit the new virtual studio space in a way that increases profit and lowers expenses.


Studio Pivot Playbook: 

Why Now is the Best Time to Pivot to a Virtual Studio & How to Seamlessly Make the Shift  

With Shannon Westveer, Dance Studio Owner & Studio Growth Coach at DSOA  

Shannon Westveer is the co-owner of All About Dance, located in downtown Chicago. With more than 700 children in regular attendance, each child gets to experience the art of dance with a focus on self-confidence and positive values. Shannon has taken this philosophy worldwide and started a dance camp in Haiti, where she and her team have spread the love of dance to over 150 Haitian students. Shannon is known as “Studio Guru Galore” and we’re thrilled she’s joined the Dance Studio Rescue Summit! 

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What You’ll Learn

  • How to “go virtual” with your child and adult programs, plus lots of real world examples of exactly how Shannon did it in her studio. 
  • How to keep your team engaged, connected and motivated to play a strong role in your studio, even if your physical doors are closed.  
  • Mindset shifts to empower you to step up and face this challenge with effective leadership, compassion and optimism (the actions you take NOW can lead to reckless refunds OR customers for life).
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Studio Pandemic PR: 

How to Make Sure Your Studio Story Gets Picked Up by the Media, Noticed by Your Community & Inspires New Families to Join Your Studio  

With Sabina Hitchen, PR Strategist & Founder of Press For Success

A former high school teacher and education curriculum designer, Sabina Hitchen founded a public relations agency in New York City specializing in the growth of small businesses and entrepreneur-founded brands. She simultaneously co-created the education-based business community she runs today: Press for Success: PR Prep School. Sabina’s online classes and brand-building tools have supported business owners all over the world, from NYC to California, Ireland to Argentina and New Zealand to Hong Kong. A highly sought after media expert and speaker, Sabina’s story, expertise and businesses have been featured in Forbes, USA Today, Fox Business, CBS, ABC News and beyond. Sabina is a master of helping entrepreneurs strategically, successfully and confidently get publicity for their businesses, and we can’t wait for her to share all that juicy PR goodness with you on the Dance Studio Rescue Summit! 

What You’ll Learn

  • The types of stories the media are looking for right now and how to craft your studio’s message in a way that creates buzz and remains authentic. 
  • How to approach the media and present your studio’s story in a way that stands out, gets noticed and (most importantly) gets featured. 
  • How to harness the momentum of the media coverage coming your way and leverage it to increase your studio’s retention rate and exposure among new potential students and dance families. 


Ethical Branding in Times of Crisis: 

How to Create an Online Brand So Hopeful, Authentic & Inspiring Your Ideal Dance Studio Family Couldn’t Ignore You if They Tried 

With Chris Smith, Keynote Speaker & Founder The Campfire Effect  

Chris discovered the power of storytelling back in 2004 when he began his commercial real estate career. Realizing that his success had much more to do with his ability to listen, serve and tell a story than his knowledge about the industry ever could, Chris founded kCross and his proprietary methodology, The Campfire Effect. Since then, he and his team have worked with a variety of businesses from start ups and small businesses to  emerging tech and Fortune 500 companies. Chris believes he was put on this earth to help others get clear on what their brand stands for, the stories they should be telling and how to build a culture people can connect with. We can’t wait for him to share his passion and expertise on the Dance Studio Rescue Summit! 

DSOA – Studio Summit Header-13-min

What You’ll Learn

  • Why differentiating your business from the competition is far more important in times of uncertainty than in times of prosperity and the type of message you should be conveying during crisis mode. 
  • How to leverage the power of authentic storytelling to build brand equity with your studio family and trust amongst your team. 
  • Why you should be creating more content than ever in the history of your business and the specific type of content you should be putting out (HINT: A lot of businesses are getting this wrong right now).


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That’s why we created this summit afterall… 

To empower dance studio owners tackle the COVID-19 crisis from every angle, hedge their bets and have the BEST chance of coming out on top when this thing is all over.

When you purchase an All-Access Pass, you’ll get a front row seat to studio-specific, timely advice from world-renown experts on how to manage this crisis. 

We’ve got expert speakers hitting this thing from all sides, including: 

  • Motivation and mindset techniques to get through lockdown
  • The virtual studio launch and tech tools you need to get started 
  • The legal and financial ramifications this crisis has presented our industry and how to adjust
  • Pandemic-proof new student attraction, marketing, branding and retention methods


Just 1 new piece of information or cutting-edge strategy could mean the difference between a studio that survives COVID-19 and one that collapses in the chaos. 

I don’t want you in the latter category!

When you purchase an All-Access Pass, you’ll get all the Dance Studio Rescue Summit recordings, to watch, rewatch and implement at your own pace and your own time.  

* 32% off for a limited time


I truly believe that incorporating these virtual business systems is the BEST way to mitigate the COVID-19 damage on your studio and come out swinging when it’s all over. 

Sending you and your studio family love, light and lots of luck during this trying time. 

Clint Salter

Dance Studio

Rescue Summit
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* 32% off for a limited time (no monthly payment required). 

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