Your Dance Studio’s Financial Fitness

What do you believe is the ONE THING a Studio Owner can do to quickly increase the profitability of their dance studio?

Think about it for a moment, because before you answer I want to share my biggest money belief, because any Studio Owner who shares this belief has a MUCH better shot at increasing their profitability (AND earning more from their studio!)

Here it is:

“If you’re changing lives, you should be paid for it!”

I’ve worked with many Studio Owners who don’t take a salary to run their studio.

And they tell me:

“Oh it’s okay. I just love running my studio!” or “I can’t afford to pay myself yet but maybe when I get a few more students…”

Here’s the thing – Dance Studio Owners change the LIVES of the students we work with. We help our students become more confident, more creative, and more disciplined human beings through dance.

And we deserve to get paid well to do it!

If you want to get paid well to run your studio, you must focus on

Adding more revenue streams, and tracking their profitability.

If you’re looking to grow your studio with new revenue streams and if you want to track your profitability metrics the right way make sure to watch this video training where I show you how!

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Start filling your summercamp classes now!

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Build a team that’s comfortable sharing feedback, motivated to continually improve & 100% aligned with your studio’s values & mission

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maximize the lifetime value & enjoyment of every student in your studio