Your Dream Team Toolkit

Empowering Your Team Through Connection

In this week’s value-packed episode, guest host Cara Poppitt is sharing her hottest tips and tools to help you empower your team through connection.

As studio owners, to empower our team it’s important to come from an authentic place in order to achieve the results that we desire while minimizing some of the common frustrations that we come up against when it comes to our TEAMS.

In this episode, Cara dives into:

  • Why it’s important to care for your team members in order for them to reach their potential
  • The risks that you come up against when being reactive, and operating out of fear in your business
  • What it means to really ‘see’ someone and the impact of small, simple acts in your business and life
  • The connection between delegation and empowerment in your team
  • The key questions you should be asking your team regularly (not just at their hiring interview!)

Cara also shares how to set clear and reasonable expectations with your team that will empower them to live up to their potential and stick with you through the ups and downs of studio life.

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