Your Student Progression Plan

Progress. We all want it, right? Whether it’s progress in life (health, relationships or finance) or in our business (new student enrollments or introducing revenue streams, etc.) it’s a goal we all aspire to.

We all have within us a desire to grow and learn. And I can tell you now that this applies to your students, too. Sure, some recreational students might only show up to a once-a-week class for fun, but they’re seeking progress, too—maybe not in their technical dance ability, but possibly to open up their social circles or build confidence.

Progress is truly at the heart of what we sell as Studio Owners. When we offer a progress plan to our students, we increase retention and referrals. Progress means clearly defining your goals and then creating the action plan to achieve them. It’s about having that big vision of where they want to head—for example, to get cast in a Broadway musical—and seeing the steps they need to take to get there.

Is progression a conversation you and your teachers are having with your students? A dance journal is a great start: it’s a place they can declare what they want, map out their actions and, most importantly, keep track of their progress. Every 90 days, encourage your students to create goals and plans that they will then track over the following days, weeks and months. Check in with them every month or so. Having accountability will accelerate their progress.

By simply implementing this exercise you’ll see an increase in skills, knowledge, personal development, happiness and so much more.

Implement your student progress plan today!

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