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DANCE-STUDIO_ABOUT_IMAGES_07 Hi, Clint Salter here and I’m the founder of the Dance Studio Owners Association. Firstly, if you’re new here…WELCOME! Whether you’re just about to start your studio, been doing it just a few years or have been operating your business for many years, I know you’ll find value in spending some time with us.

Our mission is simple – to give you the tools and resources you need to grow your dance studio. Our focus is on providing you with proven business growth strategies that will help you close that gap from where you are today to where you want to be – building that dream studio you have always wanted and deserve.

I’m probably not too different from you. I started my dance studio because I was a passionate dance teacher and I loved children. But…I had no idea really how to run a business.

So, when I came to the decision to open a studio it wasn’t a tough one. But, to be honest, I didn’t know what I was in for. My good friend and I decided to do it together as I was only 16 and she was 18. I looked after all the business side of things like marketing and student enrollments plus some teaching and she did most of the teaching. I quickly realised that if this studio was going to grow and not kill me… then I needed to bring in some help.

I was wearing so many hats in the studio and most days I would just hope that everything would work out. Do you ever feel like that? I never had a plan or strategy in place on how I would grow the business those first few years and it wasn’t until I met my first business mentor did things start to change.

Over those next 12 months working with my mentor who had successfully ran and sold a dance studio I was able to grow the business. Using what had worked for her, we were able to move into our own premise, operate 6 days per week with a teaching faculty and office staff and I was having two days off. From 30 students in a community hall to a thriving studio with hundreds of students, classes at capacity and multiple revenue streams in the business… life was good… and I was only 21.


I ended up selling my half of the studio after 5 years to move on to be a celebrity agent at the largest management company for media and television personalities in Australia. During this time, I also created an online magazine for dancers and performers as well as what is now Australia’s 2nd largest national dance competition. I ended up selling that business after 4 years as I was asked to become the Touring Manager for Jersey Boys the musical which saw me tour internationally managing a team of 56 people.

After finishing up on Jersey Boys and having some time for myself, I received phone call that (I didn’t know at the time) would change my life.

It was a dance studio owner named Sarah from Sydney who I had worked with when I had my other dance business. She heard that I was back in town and wanted to know if I could help her with her dance studio. Sarah was tired, overworked, overwhelmed by admin tasks and didn’t know how she could get out of the rut.

I’d been working with studio owners unofficially for many years before I got that call from Sarah. Having lunches with them, helping them with marketing ideas, helping some prepare their studio for sale if that was their plan and educating them on recruiting the right teachers.


What Sarah was explaining to me on the call is something that I had seen a lot from running my online magazine and the dance competition. Studio owners burning out, feeling flat and not having any more energy to give, feeling like working long hours, dealing with demanding parents and the constant competition for students was the only way.

I said YES to Sarah as I felt like I could really help her and her business and I wanted to prove that running a dance studio doesn’t need to be exhausting every day.

After working with Sarah for 3 months, we turned her studio around and today she has a thriving business, has time to spend with her family and has built a team around her to support her vision.

That was a few years ago and, as I said, that call changed my life. Today my team and I impact the lives of over 10,000+ dance studio owners globally each week through the association, our programs, podcasts, newsletters, trainings, speaking engagements, live events and resources and we’d love to be able to help you go to the next level in your business to transform your studio!

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