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How To Set Yourself Up To Win Every Single Day

When you look at the day and week ahead, are you paying close attention to your natural energy peaks? How about your preferred activity or satisfaction levels? Right now. you have the…

Dance Studio Owner Business And Leadership

Inventory & Delegation Hacks Every Studio Owner Needs To Know

What are the things that are currently holding you back from reaching your full leadership potential as a dance studio owner? If you are a studio owner who wants change; if you…


The Studio Workaholic’s Wake-Up Call

In this six part podcast series ‘Work Less, Make More’, workaholic studio owner Annie Lesse Thistle discovers her true values and transforms her life to achieve a balance of work, family, and…


Sweet Studio Success With Candace Nelson (Part 2)

Candace Nelson, founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes, shares her insights on entrepreneurship, failure, and team building, providing the jolt of creativity and clarity dance studio owners need to take their studio to the…


Sweet Studio Success With Candace Nelson (Part 1)

ClintSalter · Sweet Studio Success Part 1 – With Candace Nelson Last month, Clint Salter hosted a live interview to celebrate the launch of Candace Nelson’s new book ‘Sweet Success’, and the…


Inside Some Of Our Favorite Dance Studios

In the Inner Circle, we believe that studio ownership doesn’t need to be stressful for you to be successful. In this special interview, our guests will show you how to stop running…


12 Things I Wish I knew When My Studio Opened

In the grand finale of the Studio Empire Formula, Hillary Parnell shares the 12 biggest business and life lessons she has learned as a 7-figure dance studio CEO (and wishes she had…


The Procrastination Cure (Studio Owners Edition)

ClintSalter · The Procrastination Cure (Studio Owners Edition) In the first episode of the Studio Empire Formula series, guest host Hillary Parnell talked a lot about overwhelm – and today she’s back…


Are You Paying Your Team Enough?

Do you think people should get paid for doing a job? Do you think people should get paid less for doing a poor job? What about people who do an exceptional job?…