Strengthening Your Faculty Through Collaboration

Discover how to strengthen your dance faculty through CONNECTION and COLLABORATION with Inner Circle Studio Growth Coach, Cara Poppitt

By nurturing a studio environment that fosters connection among team members, studio owners can encourage effective collaboration and build a strong foundation for the business. Prioritizing connection enhances trust, rapport, and a positive atmosphere that makes both staff and clients feel valued and appreciated.

In this series premiere, Cara Poppitt emphasizes the significance of connection when leading her team and shares how being connected with her team facilitates the exchange of ideas and support while contributing to the overall success of her studio.
Cara’s leadership approach demonstrates how the power of connection can solidify a sense of belonging and inspire team members to work towards a collective vision in your studio.

“Connection is the core of all business, and when we really connect to our vision and our team, we need to be comfortable with ourselves and tap into our confidence.” – Cara Poppitt

In this episode, Cara shares the tools to:

  • Reflect on your mindset when entering the studio and ensure you are showing up with a clear intention to serve your people and strategize.
  • Invest in your team members by providing them with clear vision, systems, and processes to help them succeed in their roles.
  • Lead by example in all aspects of your business, including punctuality and professionalism.
  • Work on building your confidence and self-worth to better connect with others in your business.
  • Create space in your mind and daily life for thinking and strategizing about your business.
  • Be mindful of your values and how they align with your business goals.
  • Avoid common leadership mistakes such as judging others, not paying attention, using technical language, and giving unwanted advice.
  • Empower your team members to make decisions and contribute to the business by asking them for their input and ideas.
  • Ask for permission before offering advice or feedback to team members.
  • Continuously work on improving your leadership skills and mindset for the benefit of your business and team.

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