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DSOA - LM #2 iPad Mockup

10 Tips For Your Best Recital Yet

Free access to 10 proven recital strategies from elite studio owners.

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Delegation Blueprint

Take control of your studio, find more free time & start living your best life.

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The Automate & Delegate Quiz

Spend less time in the studio by automating and delegating your day-to-day tasks.

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Sold Out SummerCamp System

30 Days worth of content, workshop ideas, and battle-tested tips for a sold out summer camp!

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Student Revenue Maximizer

Early enrollment & revenue calculator to maximize the lifetime value & enjoyment of every student in your studio.

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90 Day Faculty Review Template

Build a team that’s comfortable sharing feedback, motivated to continually improve & 100% aligned with your studio’s values & mission.

DSOA – IC 2022 Studio Planner V03

2022 Studio Planner

Yearly, quarterly, monthly & weekly studio-specific planners to increase your productivity & time OUT of the studio!

DSOA – Fill It Up Class Formula V04

Fill it up class formula

The step-by-step formula to increase your number of new students, classes per student and the lifetime value of each student!

DSOA – Dancely Profits Guide V05

The Definitive Guide to Preschool Dance Profits

6 Pillars to a Profitable & Playful Preschool Dance Program

DSOA – IC Studio Profits Calculator V04

THE Studio Profits Calculator

Unlock the numbers you need to maximize your class capacity & revenue potential!