Failure + Learning = Flearning…And It's A Powerful Thing – With Jane Grech


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Read all about Jane’s experiences with failure, and how she has turned it around.

Hello, dance studio owners. It’s Jane Grech here, dance studio growth coach for the Dance Studio Owners Association and leadership expert for the Inner Circle.

In addition to the fun work I do with the association, I also do manage my own dance studio. I have for 11 years. I’ve got quite a big school here in Adelaide, in South Australia. Just the other day, I was driving in the car and I was giggling to myself about some of the mistakes that I’ve made as a business owner. I’m not gonna talk about all of them in great detail because I’ve only got a couple of minutes with you at the moment.

There are a lot.

Certainly when I first started, I didn’t go in with my eyes wide shut or anything like that but there weren’t tools and resources like there are now with the association. Part of the fact that online learning has grown has really opened my eyes in the last five or so years. I’m very grateful for that. But also, there’s been a lot of mistakes made along the way, by me and by others, and what I’m here to tell you today is that that’s okay.

Mistakes are all part of the journey. Learning as much as you can and applying it is fantastic, but don’t be too hard on yourself if things don’t work. I think sometimes we can be and we might look at a failure within the business as a failure of ourselves because sometimes the line between us as people and our business can be blurred. The failure in the business is just that. It is learning and failure. Put together, we refer to it as “flearning.”

A term we use in my dance studio all of the time, both in the studio with the students and with my team, flearning.

It’s not a term I came up with. It’s from Mia Freedman, she’s an Australian journalist, and she coined the term in her latest book, “Work Strife Balance.” But what a great reminder that failure often equals learning. It’s those lessons that we often look back on and we might giggle about or maybe even be a little embarrassed about. But that’s okay.

It is part of the journey and sometimes we do need to make those mistakes.

It’s how we respond to them.

Do you dwell on them or do you use it as a learning opportunity, bounce back, and move on? One of the things that I was giggling about in the car when I was thinking about some of the flearning that I’ve had as a dance studio owner was particularly in the early days I would react to things. I’m a little bit embarrassed about, perhaps, some of the times that I reacted in ways that I probably wouldn’t now.

Perhaps I got an email from a disgruntled mum, dance mum, or there might have been something with an employee. I reacted in an emotional way. What I wanna encourage you to do, some of my flearning has been to respond instead of react.

Responding takes thought.

Reacting is often a little bit of a knee-jerk reaction and sometimes can be a little bit careless. The worst part about this is that it can actually exacerbate the problem, almost ignite new problems, whereas a very carefully considered response will work to put out any fires gently, kindly, and with the least amount of stress for both parties involved.

We’re not looking at creating drama. There’s enough of that in the world already. What we’re looking at is trying to find win-win solutions. What I’ve found is that when I do respond instead of react, that I am much more likely to have a positive outcome for everyone. It might be that you get that email and you tap out a reaction. Just don’t send it. It’s quite healthy to tap it out, or you get a phone call and you think, “Well, I’m gonna ream them about that because that’s wrong.” No, no, no. Take a moment. Take a few moments. Sometimes a couple of hours, particularly with email.

As long as you respond within 24 hours, well, that’s great. They don’t need a response straight back. Take a moment and perhaps in some really what I like to call curly situations, have somebody else that you trust read over your response. Don’t be offended if they then remove some of the emotion. You wanna try and keep things calm and centered and clear and form a response rather than a reaction. If I could take my time back to the beginning of my dance studio owner journey, that’s probably my biggest failures and learning.

I hope you can have a little bit of time to reflect about how you’ve reacted or responded to events and how, maybe, you would do it differently in the future. Remember, we’re just works in progress, all of us. We’re just doing the best that we can each and every day and as long as we’re continually learning from those experiences and seeking to get better through feedback and reflective practice, then we’re doing a great job.

Remember that being a dance studio owner is one of the most wonderful things in the world. It has unique challenges, but that’s why you’re part of an association that supports you. That’s why the work that we do with you and with Clint is so valuable.

But also, remember that the way you’re touching children and adults’ lives through dance is very unique and very important.

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