How To Have It All With Christina Guidotti


Today Clint is speaking with a young lady who has been instrumental in not only the growth of his business but his growth as an individual and today, she’s sharing tips of how studio owners can have success in their business and life which may seem out of touch for some of you listening. Clint’s guest today is Clint Salter.

Christina is one of Australia’s leading experts on belief, conviction and commitment in the areas of sales, leadership, productivity, achievement and fulfilment. As an authentic, powerful and inspiring speaker, author of two books, mentor and trusted professional advisor she partners with individuals, businesses and organisations to create life-changing and sustainable outcomes.

Christina shares with us:

– How to manage a business, family, relationships and more with dropping all the balls.
– Tips for accepting things that are out of our control and how to not get stuck in drama.
– Her way of setting goals which set you up for success.
– 5 steps to success

To find out more about our guest today Christina Guidotti, check out the links below:
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