Getting Your Brand On! With Petra Foster

If you feel like you’re blending in rather than standing out then this episode if for you!

Today’s guest is here to teach you how to nail your branding, make more money in your business and finally how to sell your studio’s magic

Petra Foster works with small business owners every day and provides actionable strategies to build a brand that attracts new customers. Her passion is to change the mindset of business owners by showing that getting more customers is not just possible – It is also achievable.

In today’s podcast

It’s time to look beyond your logo and colours, and really tap into what your ideal customers expect and crave from you as a dance studio with Petra’s expert advice on:

  • What it really means to build your brand, and why it is so important to your dance studio
  • The keys to establishing a brand that is consistent with your goals and vision
  • Keeping your business brand fresh and relevant to your potential customers

She also gives her top tips for rebranding your business when the time is right.  

More about our guest, Petra Foster

Petra Foster is the client enrollment strategist, Founder of the Sales in 6 Mastery Method, which is the 6 step system that eagerly gets your clients to enroll themselves onto your premium coaching programme within 6 weeks or less with joy, confidence, and ease, in 6 weeks or less…

Without a huge email list, without a celebrity-style following, and even if you’ve been stuck charging low hourly rates or selling low-end packages for far too long. It’s her mission to show frazzled and frustrated business owners how to scale to $10k+ months without sleazy selling tactics.

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