Special Edition – The Best Of Productivity

This week we are wrapping up our ‘Best Of’ series with the advice you’re going to need to:


Our featured guests are all sharing their wisdom for being your most productive in business and life, and have shed some light on how to avoid distractions so you can achieve more for less.

Expert #1 – Paul Henderson
Paul Henderson knows first hand what it is like to work in the studio environment and is no stranger to the unique demands of the dance studio owner. In this chat, Paul shares his insights on automation in your admin as well as how systemization has helped him and his wife Tiffany to scale their thriving business and say goodbye to their admin stress.

Expert #2 – David Allen
Next we are joined by David Allen – bestselling author and creator of ‘Getting Things Done’. David generously shares his decades of research in a practical way that will help you create the perfect to-do list, prioritize your tasks and finally be able to “switch off” when you have finished working for the day.

Expert #3 – Dave Crenshaw
If the word ‘chaos’ describes your studio (or perhaps your life) then you can’t afford to miss what productivity expert Dave Crenshaw has to say in this brilliant clip that gives you actionable tips to de-clutter your head and conquer chaos.

Expert #4 – Todd Herman
Finally we have the unstoppable Todd Herman – creator and CEO of The 90 Day Year. Not only does Todd give insight into creating productive routines and strategies that really work, but also  Why YOU need to wake up early, and focus on the 3 core activities that drive your company (this is Todd’s approach to his own work and is such a lightbulb moment!)

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