Reach Your Maximum Potential with Kate Histon


In this episode we are focusing on YOU. Our guest for this episode is Kate Histon. She is an extraordinary woman who focuses on helping people operate their optimum capacity while reaching their maximum potential.

She has over 2 decades of experience in the dance industry and over a decade experience as a successful teacher and business owner. She helps her clients learn how to merge creative expression with business acumen and to teach them how to challenge self-limiting thoughts and behaviors and replace them with strength and confidence.

In this Episode, you will learn advice and step on:

1. How you can transform the stress into empowerment

  • How to be honest with yourself
  • Knowing personal strengths and weakness
  • Harnessing one’s strengths and delegating to others who are good at a particular task thus empowering yourself and others
  • Not complicating things, keeping it fun and exciting
  • Finding people who can help you
  • Lowering stress levels

2. What you can do when you feel like you’re losing purpose or unsure of your direction?

  • Be clear on what your expectations are
  • Be realistic
  • How to meet your personal and business expectations
  • Getting back to the core of what your culture/school is about. Asking the question, why are we creating a school in the first place? Why you do what you do?
  • You will never receive a praise without a criticism
  • How to manage negative feedback

3. Effective communication and how to handle conflict

  • Creating a structure that handles complaints
  • Allow people to be heard
  • How to not take it personally

4. Balance in Life

  • Be physically fit
  • Get at least twenty four hours to disconnect from your routine
  • Get out from the stress zone
  • Enjoy social time
  • Have a switch off time

5. How to deal with fear and turning it into confidence

  • Understand and accept that change is always around the corner
  • Listen to your fear


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