So you want more preschool students?

It’s Saturday morning and there I was at 9am – being a flower, sometimes a fairy, but I enjoyed being a lion most of all. Of course you all know I was teaching our preschool dance classes, right?

I always enjoyed teaching the little ones because they are all so unique. They have no filter so they say the funniest things and are generally full of smiles and delight!

Not only did teaching these classes give me a huge amount of joy (until they cried), these classes can be highly profitable for your studio when you have the perfect preschool class formula. It’s made up of three key things:

  1. Program
  2. Promotion
  3. Pedagogue (Also known as teacher, I just wanted to have three P’s!)

When you have the right program, a killer promotion plan and an enthusiastic, patient teacher then all the stars align and you’ll start skyrocketing your preschool student numbers.

Building preschool classes has been a huge topic of conversation among our Studio Success Formula and Dance Studio Owners Association members, so much so that I organised a masterclass for them with Claire O’Connor. Now, if you don’t know who Claire is, she’s the Founder of Baby Ballet. Her programs for preschoolers are taught to over 11,000 children in 70 franchised locations.

During our masterclass, Claire shared with our members a number of great business strategies that have taken her business from one studio to a million dollar business. She’s shared how to keep two-and-a-half year olds engaged all the way through to the best preschool student attraction strategies that are working today. If you’d like access to the masterclass as well as other business growth tools and resources that will help your studio then check out to see how you can join our community.

In the meantime, now might be a good time to do an audit on your preschool programs, promotions and Pedagogues (teachers). These classes can be the most lucrative in your studio and can bring a huge amount of happiness to your business too!

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